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1/25/10 8:38 A

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Shelly, C. tell them you don't want to be involved...I hate gossip...either about someone else or if I learn I was gossiped about. It is one of the most destructive things in life. Thanks for a good blog.

And I definitely strive to walk the walk...I don't "talk the talk" so many people do that but show no fruit...Jesus said we will know them by their fruit.

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1/24/10 11:27 P

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Shelly, I think someone must have posed a similar question to Jesus because He taught us the answer to it when He said they would know we are His by the love we show to one another. When you truly love someone, you cannot gossip about them, or lie to them, or steal from them, or lust after them, or release anger toward them. Love protects us from sin. Great topic, sister, as always!


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1/24/10 6:56 P

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Those words are so true. Thank you for sharing them and giving us something to think about and act upon.


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1/24/10 6:06 P

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Shelly, thank you for sharing your words and thoughts. It really does make me think about my actions and what I am saying to people. I always wondered how certain people were always able to smile & be happy when things weren't going well. Well, now I can testify that it is simple to do when you align yourself with God. I just can feel the weight lifted from me in a tough situation when I pray and trust God. I am definitely not perfect, and at times I have imbibed in listening to gossip and maybe even adding my 2 cents' worth. But I honestly despise gossip and try not to judge anyone. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to judge but I try very hard not to anymore. Thanks again for sharing!

Cori :-) (Iowa)

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1/24/10 5:36 P

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Gossip isn't one of my problems. Getting impatient while at work, yup.

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1/24/10 11:56 A

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When I did work most times I did not fall into gossip but I did slip every now and then. Most times I was the last know about stuff going on.

1/24/10 10:14 A

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When I did work. Gossip was huge.. I thought that I was back in high school again.. I couldnt believe it. When someone would try to put it on my lap i would"C. Tell them you don't want to be involved in the conversation and talk away, or return to your work? .....I have to tell my 10 yr old daughter when she is on the phone that I do not want to hear gossip that its not right.. her friend may get upset but I dont hear anymore of it

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1/24/10 9:00 A

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As you read my words please know I am not judging anyone. My words may be strong, but my heart is soft.


You are at work and someone is gossiping, do you:

A. add to the gossip trail and add you own details?
B. Stay silent but then agree with them?
C. Tell them you don't want to be involved in the conversation and talk away, or return to your work?

Do you walk the walk, or talk the talk? No matter how hard we try we all fail at this sometimes, even the best of people sin, and fail in representing God. Maybe not in this situation, but some other situation. Take a moment and think about how you need to change your actions to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

I was watching Joyce Meyer one day and she said, you can not allow life's circumstances determine your happiness. I was like what? Did she just say, you should not allow life's circumstances to determine your happiness? That is impossible NOT to do. I mean isn't that how we base our decisions on when or why we are happy? I mean, ok I wake up with a head ache, I don't jump for joy- right? What she is saying to do is impossible. But I am here to tell you it IS possible.

I believe God wants us to be a witness for other people. When you are going through a horrible situation what happens to you? Believe me, your actions, the things you say, all the things you do are so critical during these times. It is within those times that your true spiritual identity and reality speaks, and believe me, people are watching people are listening. That neighbor who doesn't believe in God that you asked to go to church, he was watching you after you lost your job. He even listened to your words. Did you tell him that you believed that God would help you find a new Job? Did you tell him you were praying to God to help you through this? Did you show him through your actions that no matter what happened you believed God would take care of you? You see in God's eyes those words, those actions are more, so much more important than inviting that person to church. Do you know why? Because your words, and your actions during a negative situation are the things that would bring that person to church. You see, we need to let people know we believe in God, and then through our actions lead them to God.

You can tell people what the bible says. You can preach to them why their actions are so wrong. You can even tell them they will go to hell if they don't change their ways. But in the end, that person will only remember how you acted when your world fell apart. Will someone see you standing through it, or falling apart? Will they hear you tell people you are angry at God or will they hear you say you are praying to God?

How do you live your life and not allow life's circumstances to affect your happiness? You first need to realize that you are giving the devil a lot of power lining up your happiness with your life's circumstances. You will always be miserable as well. Don't give anyone the power to affect your happiness, especially NOT HIM! The only way I have been able to not allow my life circumstances to control my happiness was to stay extremely close to God and to trust Him, no matter what was happening around me. This can be done in numerous ways. By going to church, reading the bible, reading spiritual books, watching christian movies, listening to a christian radio station, being around good people, studying the bible, talking to God, taking a bible class, and praying (other things as well). All these things keep you close to God,and helps you through your difficult circumstances.

I do not always succeed at this. I can go out to eat and have the food affect my dining experience. So I am not saying I am above anyone. But I have lined up my will with God's will for my life. I know that whatever I experience through Him I can make it all right. Through Him I can Honor Him. It starts with surrendering to God and ends in victory!

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