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11/10/09 3:54 A

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I am so glad this has helped Gaby. I took some pictures at the end of Oct. They reveal muscle I have gain, check them out if you feel like it.

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11/9/09 7:19 P

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Thanks so much for this...I copied it into a regular email to myself so I can keep it handy!
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11/9/09 6:49 A

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Thanks so much for your comments. It took some time writing this thread. I am grateful for copy/paste, but I don't type very fast. I also have a ton of mistakes to correct, so it still takes a chunk of time for me. I am not complaining. I love sharing things with you guys. I am willing to spend any length of time, doing whatever, if I feel it will help someone on this team emoticon It is rewarding when you take the time & you see it helped people. emoticon I am starting a new workout, and also will be adding more protein, and complex carbs into mt diet. I plan on sharing what I have learned, and what changes I see in about three months. It takes about three month on average to see real results.

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11/9/09 6:05 A

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Thanks for sharing!!! emoticon Dorice

I praise you because of the wonderful way you created me.Everything you do is MARVELOUS!!! of this I have no DOUBT!!!


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11/8/09 9:55 P

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Glitter girl, I did NOT RECOGNIZE you with your new picture here. MERCY me, you look ALOT YOUNGER than I thought! NICE PIC. BTW.

Thanks for this post!!!

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"If you want to do something, you'll find a way, if you don't, you'll find an excuse."

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11/8/09 9:42 P

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Quite an interesting article. I am going to check it out. Thanks.

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11/8/09 9:37 P

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Great info. Thanks, I found all of it very informative & I'll print it to share.

Have a BLESSED week! : )

Kiko : )
"Be blessed, and/or be a blessing."

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11/8/09 9:29 P

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The first thing I want to say is God is the most powerful tool. You can't buy it, you can't wish it, you can't make it. Your faith and total reliance upon him is going to give you what you want. This element is the most powerful and important thing of al!!!

I had a very successful summer of losing weight. I did a lot of cardio, weight training, (lifting weights) and reduced my intake of fat. As I result between June and October I lost 35 pounds. I think it is powerful to share what they did and how it helped them. I did the things that spark people tells you to do. But I will write about things I read about, hopefully this will help you more han me stating I did cardio, weight training,and reduced my fat intake.

A lot of people say they want to lose weight. It is the most common way to stay they want the # on the scale to be a lower. However, what most people really means that they want less fat on their bodies. To reduce stomach fat there are 4 things that MUST be part of your lifestyle. I am saying that because if they don't become part of your lifestyle the fat will simply come back. When any part of your body becomes smaller it does not mean they fat cells disappeared. It only means that the fat cells became smaller. If you start sitting more than you are exercising, if your old lifestyle returns, and or you return to your high fat, surgery diet, all those fat cells will plumb up once again.

I was going to put the article I just read into my own words, and type it out. However, as I began typing it I remembered some of the things I did was not included in that article. I know what worked for me will work for you. I will share with you from my personal experience.

The 4 elements that will reduce fat on ANY part of your body are the following 4 things. Diet & nutrition,cardio, and weight training (lifting weights) I am clumping diet and nutrition, because they go hand in hand.

Eating whatever your taste buds desire and deciding you are too busy to exercise are the biggest reasons fat settles and remains on your stomach.

You need to focus on staying within your calorie range. You need to find out how many calories your body needs to lose your desired amount of weight.
The web site calories count will come up, (there is a lot of good information here, so I encourage you to look around.)

Look for the word tools under the word calorie count

Click on tools.

In the drop down box look for the word calories target.

After you have clicked on calorie target, you will see, CALORIES NEEDED FOR GOAL WEIGHT

The web site will ask you four general questions in order to give you the amount of calories you need to eat to lose weight.

It will ask you your current weight, etc. it will also ask you your goal date. Or you can instead find out the date it will be in order to lose ____ amount of pounds.

After I found this information out it really fueled my desire to obtain my goal! I then focused on eating and not eating all the things I knew I should and shouldn't be putting in my mouth.

Sugary foods
Junk foods and soda contain sugar and when your body is converting those sugars into energy and it's not used up, it will later convert to fats.

Fried foods
Deep fried foods like crispy chicken, french fries containing oil, fats and more calories.

Fast foods, restaurant foods and processed foods like canned foods contain great amount of sodium. Excess sodium is actually bad for stomach because it can cause bloating. Where sodium goes, water goes as well.

Flour heavy foods
Typically foods containing white flour like white bread, white pasta, pizza, waffles, tarts, pies, pancakes, donuts. White flour is converted into glucose fast and as you might know, glucose is sugar. Same principle as with sugary foods.

Saturated fats
These fats are not only unhealthy but also packs more calories. Sources include butter, cream, cheese, lard, bacon and red meat(go for leaner cuts if you do).

The more fiber you eat the more full you will feel. That is because is digested at a slower rate. Have you noticed that when you scarfed down half a bag of chips, yThey include: whole grain foods and complex carbohydrates like 100% wholegrain oats, sweet potatoes and whole wheat bread, vegetables like broccoli, green beans and asparagus, lean protein like skinless chicken breast, egg whites and fish, healthy fats like olive oil, flaxseed oil, fish oil, avocado and walnuts. I started eating these things on a regular basis and lost fat throughout my body, but mostly around my stomach.


The only real way you are doing to eliminate fat is by sweating! (this portion was taken from Calories you burn must be higher than calories you get from foods. For example, if you are ingesting 1,500 calories everyday and you are burning 2,000, you are shedding off an extra 500 calories in your body. Fats are excess calories so this means you're actually reducing your overall body fat percentage. Doing a cardio exercise routine on a consistent basis would result in a flatter stomach with time.
The only real way you are doing to eliminate fat is by sweating!

When I upped the amount of days I exercised, as well as the amount of time I exercised, I started to lose weight and fat. It is that simple. The hard part is doing it. My goal was to burn a certain amount of calories each week. I started working out 4-5 times a week for at least on hour.

Weight training:

Lifting weights is an important part of reaching and maintaining your desired weight. The muscle you add to your body is basically calories burning tools within your body. The more muscle put onto your body, the move calories your body burns. Lifting weights will complete your weight lose package by wrapping it up with muscle tone, definition, and confidence! I know because that is what happened to me this past summer.

It did not happen quickly. Some of you have read things I have written in the past. I was here on sp a little over a year. I just kept gaining weight. I maxed at 221 in June'09. (I am 5'8") Then that same month I decided, that I wanted to live for what God died for me to get, THE LIFE, which is promised to al of us in the bible. Completely relying on God got me what I have now, less weight on my body, and more muscle, and a healthier lifestyle.
ou were sill hungry. That is because it was processed, or digested very quickly. The following is a sample of healthy choices to begin eating on a regular basis. this information, as well as a portion above was taken from

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