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8/25/09 10:14 P

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Thank you for sharing. What a wonderful reminder of what the bible tells us:

"Do not judge lest you be judged. For in the way that you judge you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you. And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?" (Matthew 7:1-4)

God Bless team, Chern


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8/25/09 8:26 P

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I have had trouble in judging as well. I am not proud of it. Thanks you for sharing this story. It is a good reminder. emoticon

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8/25/09 6:39 P

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thanks for sharing

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8/25/09 5:37 P

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Yea, judgement has been a big issue for me in my life. I grew up in a very negative thought family and both my parents were very judgemental. Most likely because they felt less then so they put themselves above by putting down others. They both were very educated and my dad had a great job. We had money etc. but that really did not matter. Today, if mom didn't have money she would be a bag lady on the streets. I am being serious she is basically a bag lady with money. Don't know why I just shared that but in any case... God has really dealt with me on negative thinking and judgement more like worked with me to heal. I still can go south though and have to really reign myself back. Judgement just makes us feel better compared to the other person. I recognize I have enough to keep clean in my own back yard!

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8/25/09 4:18 P

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I won't share the whole, long story here, but God gave me a very serious revelation concerning my stepchildren's natural mother, who had abandoned them when they were nine and thirteen. Through my stepson's fear for his mother's soul, he asked me to pray for her salvation. How could I refuse? I mean the kid, then 14 or so, had more spiritual insight than I did. So I did manage to pray: Lord, I align myself with your word that says you are willing that no man should perish, and I ask you to save her soul. There. Wasn't that BIG of me? Hah! Shortly thereafter, God impressed upon my heart to find her phone number (no easy feat since she moves a lot to avoid paying child support) and to tell her He loved her and that she was forgiven. Huh? WHAT?! God, you've seen those babies cry their hearts out. You've seen the wholesale destruction of their self-images because of her betrayal. She doesn't DESERVE forgiveness!!! *hrumph* And you know what God did? He agreed with me! *another HAH!* But then He impressed something else upon my heart very, very clearly: Neither do you. Another huh??? You don't deserve forgiveness. Nobody does. Sin is sin and I am a Holy God. Her sin does not stink before me any more than yours does. The same terrible price of my Son's blood was paid for both of you. If you break one letter of the law, you break the whole law. And you did. Forgiveness is what "I" do because of my love for you. And for her. It is not extended because of what you do or do not do. It is extended because of who I am. Wow. By instructing me to pass on a love note to a sinner, God taught me an awful lot about ME, about my own pride and arrogance cloaked as a mama bear's fierce protection of her cubs. He taught me not to judge. We are ALL sinners, and ALL saved by His precious grace.


There is nothing we can do to make God love us more; there is nothing we can do to make God love us less. -- Philip Yancey
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8/25/09 12:58 P

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How many times do we say or think those thoughts or say those words? (or similar words/thoughts)

I was talking to my mom this morning & she told me about something she read in a book called, coffee break with God.

There was a lady at an airport waiting for her flight. She was sitting next to a man, whom she was sharing a table with. She had bought some cookies at a coffee shop, which were in a bag. Soon after she sat down she heard a noise, which sounded like a bag moving. She looked down and saw that the man sitting next to her had reached in her bag and took a cookie and was eating it! How rude, how could he? she thought. A few moments later after she had reached in her bag for a cookie that man had the nerve to take another cookie! The woman shock her head with disbelief. She looked over at the man again, this time the man had broken the last cookie in half, sharing the last cookie with her, smiling as she took it. The man left to get on the plane he was waiting for. A few minutes later she got up and walked toward the line which had formed for the plane that just arrived. As she reached in her purse to give the airline attendant her ticket, she was caught by surprise. There was a bag from the coffee shop which contained her cookies. At that moment she realized that the rude person she made that man out to be was in fact a kind hearted gentleman. He was not taking her cookies at all. The fact was SHE was taking HIS cookies instead. The man that had sat next to her, was so kind in fact, that he shared his last cookie with her.

How many times have you wrongly judged someone? How many times have you allowed yourself to be wrong? Allowing the possibility that maybe you don't know enough of the facts to conclude a judgment. We were not put on this earth to judge, but, even the best people we know make judgements at times.

Allow God to judge and go on your way. Easier said then done. Of course we all have had times when it is so easy to do this. Have a sibling who is unfaithful, so you think, a co- worker who has stolen, so they say, a mother who made the wrong decision, you know you are right, how could she have done that? Not judging becomes at times next to impossible. In these times we must go to God in prayer. In these situations it matters so much more to God that we do not place judgement upon them. Why is it more important for us not to place judgement on someone in personal situations? I believe because God knows how much harder it is for us not to judge people when we are emotionaly involved. Sure God wants us not to judge that person who is on the news, in that magazine, or on the radio. But, when our own judgments effect OUR OWN OUTCOME, oh, it matters so much more to God that you do not judge. Just as God wants us to pray for each other, God is especially proud of you when you pray for an enemy, or a person who causes you grief, stress, or irritates you.

A renewed mind is what enables us to not judge. To renew your mind, it takes time. Renewing your mind takes work, a lot of work. I am trying to renew my mind so that I can become a better person. Part of renewing my mind started with learning more about the beatitudes. I have started to work toward this goal. Renewing my mind involves learning more about how God wants me to act. The beatitudes teach us how God wants us to respound to situations in life, and the kind of things we need to do. I am also reading, The battle field of the mind, by Joyce Meyer. It is an excellent book that I recommend for everyone.

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