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8/15/11 11:13 A

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I go to the Planet Fitness in Craighall, and must change. It is disgusting! Besides the fact that there are no weights between 12 and 16 (one set) and 18, it is filthy. The people training there (and personal trainers) leave weights everywhere, there is finger grime on some of the machines, the shower floors are always dirty - the kind of dirty that is ingrained in the showers themselves. The disinfectant chemicals that they splash around don't touch the ingrained dirt.

If you are considering this gym, I can't emphasise strongly enough... don't!


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8/2/11 10:36 A

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I used to go to H&R (now Virgin Active) until I became a mom.
Thereafter I was incredibly conscious of how my body had changed and how loose certain parts were. Because my self esteem took a knock, I started noticing more and more how people went to the gym just to be seen. Many of the people there are maintaining body fitness, not losing weight and I felt like everyone looked me up and down as I dragged my body in there.

In 2006 I tried Planet Fitness in Parklands, The reason I joined was because I was living in Sunningdale at the time and it was so close! They were also open 24/7 so my plan was that I could go late at night when they weren't busy and wouldn't get seen etc etc. My friend and I used to go together at about 9pm 3 times a week. Things were going well for a while and I found their service to be alright. A year later my friend decided to go back to Virgin and go in her lunch break during the day. I didn't want to go to the gym alone and just let the 2 year contract I'd signed up for run its course.

In 2009 I heard about CURVES. I was attracted to the advert because of the LADIES ONLY part. Called and made an appointment with one of the ladies at my local branch and went in. I fell in love with the place after about 10 minutes. Brilliant machines. Great "smart system" and FREE coaches with you around the circuit every visit. Other gyms always charged me to have a trainer with me on the floor to assist or guide.

I have been bad at going regularly this year but I earned my '100' free shirt in June this year after swiping in 100 times :) YAY ME.

The trainers are amazing. They are regular women like me. They are also very knowledgeable and know how to guide you in the right direction to meet your goals. Yet... they are also incredibly understanding and like to lend you an ear when you are feeling down or hopeless. For the R300 a month I pay.... it is AMAZING what I get.

Truly.... I would recommend CURVES to any lady over 25. Younger ladies might get bored while the rest of us cackle about our husbands and kids while we huff and puff and laugh our way around the circuit every work out. It really is like a book club where you sweat and jump around instead of drinking wine :)

My Curves has also started incorporating Zumba dancing with the circuit which is SOOOOO FUN! You don't even realise how hard you have worked until it's time to swipe out and the smart machine shows you how many calories you burned during your session.

Anyway -- enough gushing... My answer is "I go to CURVES' :)

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1/26/11 4:20 P

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I got to Sports Science. I LOVE it there. The atmosphere is great, and the gym is a gym. The emphasis is on fitness and wellness rather than social networking and gym culture which I found quite irritating when I had a membership with Virgin Active.

The staff at Sports Science is very helpful and well trained as well. The gym also isn't often overly busy.

One thing that really does bother me about it though is the crappy operating hours, where often the gym closes early for rugby etc. and on the weekends closes early in the evening.

Obviously if you're on Vitality it's also a hell of a lot more expensive.

Well that's my 2 pence worth. :)

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1/16/11 12:13 A

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I think you made a good choice.
I'm with Virgin too and for us it was the variety of activities and equipment - plus the amount of equipment available. The staff their is very helpful and friendly. I remember going to Planet(so much closer to us) to check it out and it felt like I could just not belong. I remember the guys in the weight section also staring us down the two times we went there. Going to Virgin it was a very different story - Hence the choice.
Being on Discovery myself, we pay a good price. By end of last year I was a "high user" as their computer spelled it out in red. While hubby got a letter telling him to lace up his takkies, or else he;ll start paying the full price!! I guess I'll have to drag him there with me this year.

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1/15/11 1:52 P

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I'm at Planet, Claremont - because (and I don't mean to offend any other organisation - it was the impressions I got in 2000!)

they were offering a Special and my DD2 wanted to see what it was - it was R17 a month but for highly inconvenient times - she was at Hotel School.

Then the Salesman offered me National Premium Family membership for myself, 2 children over 18 for an excellent price and he pointed out all the loopholes in the contract, e.g. No Expiry Date, No Escalation!

They have 2 pools - one is a lap pool the other is mostly for Aqua and for learning. It is also kept warmer - a huge selling point for me.

Sport Science Institute seemed far too Sportsman oriented and gym members were there simply to cover the overheads! Some classes were incredibly dull - not a giggle to be heard

Virgin was either not here then - they hadnt baled out the group that was collapsing - or they were very new - oh, they didn't have a pool at that time, then they moved further away - double the distance from my house to the gym compared with Planet.

I am also on Discovery and if my contract is ever cancelled or rescinded, I shall exercise my right to relocate to V which is now in a fancy new building at the end of my road :D

Basically I am still at P because of price (3 adults for peanuts) and I can't afford to lose that contract. However V has a far bigger selection of classes and times!

We also have more than our fair share of gorillas who hog the equipment and make life unpleasant - that's why I do the classes and use the Squash Courts to practise my dance steps!

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1/15/11 12:53 P

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haven't had much activity on this group in a while, and i was actually wonder which gym people belong to on this group.

i shopped around for a while, and eventually went with virgin active. i have discovery vitality, so i was going to get a discount there or at planet fitness. but there are more virgin actives in my area, so i can change gyms and get a bit more variety if i get bored. also, i like that virgin life thing - i'm not always too sure about the accuracy of the scale and body fat % machine, but i do enjoy having them.

plus, the planet fitness near me seemed to packed full of muscle bound men who hogged the machines and made the women who ventured there feel uncomfortable. at least at virgin, i can do my weight circuits and i never feel like anyone is watching/judging or trying to pick me up.

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