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12/30/10 3:22 P

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I have a lot of problems with Kauai's food.
There was the scandal with getting a low hygeine rating from the health inspectors, but then there's also the hypocrisy of their advertising.
They are always harping on about being close to nature but they use battery farmed chicken. I know that has nothing to do with calories but I think it's important all the same. I much prefer Sumo for that reason.

Also Kauai's quality is really inconsistent.

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11/29/10 1:14 P

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Same here Sheila. I do breakfast out cos egg, tomato and toast I can count (I dont eat the bacon) I switch it for more tomato.
The system is out to get us, even a McDonald salad is a killer in calories. See Wimpys new special....yeah bottomless chips for crying out loud!!!

I'm all for coffee calories. Occasionally I have breakfast. Its not only a great money saving, its also calorie saving.
I'm not addicted to eating out fortunately but DONT MESS WITH MY COFFEE OUTINGS!!! That makes me cranky emoticon

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11/29/10 2:19 A

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Hi there
Once again - I'm so glad that I am gluten-intolerant and so I tend to avoid take-away options and always leave the wraps and bread alone.

I had a look at the Kauai site and the table irritates me because the headings have slipped to the left - and I don't like working in kJs when calories are more memorable for me - and used in SP - I get fed up with having to do the arithmetic all the time:(

I don't know what to suggest other than skip the starches - have the grilled options and leave the roll. I do that in the Spur - grilled chicken burger, hold the roll! Sometimes they actually break down and give me more salad instead of just paltry garnish :)

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11/28/10 11:57 P

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i know this is a bit of a continuation on our discussion about where to eat out in sa, but i have made a bit of a crazy discovery that i thought i should share.

now, personally, i aim to eat meals that are about 200-300 calories. this way, i have the opportunity for lots of snacks and small meals. i tend to get cranky if i don't eat often, or if i eat meals that are too big and i feel too stuffed. and no, it has nothing to do with my blood sugar, just my temperament. of course occasionally i will make my enchiladas and be very happy, but most of the time i try to keep the portions small.

okay, now, we were saying just last week that kauai should be a good option for eating out/take away. what is great, is that kauai gives nutritional information about their menu:$sitepreview/kauai.
as does global wrapps:

why are these wrapps so calorific?! is there no safe place to eat?

mi vami, where i usually get falafel in pita, always seems like a healthy option. but i went there on friday with a friend, and when i got home to track what i had eaten, it was over 500 calories! that's as much as a big mac (540 calories)!!!

i am feeling a bit frustrated at the moment. i love to go out for lunch with friends, and will be doing it even more often when i am back at work in january - where can i go to get a healthy meal?? i love going for sushi, but that isn't always an option. i bring my own lunch to work most days, but on days when i can't? am i doomed to over eat??

where can we go in sa to get our healthy alternatives?

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