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11/27/10 11:37 P

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I carry a bag of apples and give these out selectively. Homeless TAlk runs a creche and puts out messages to say that you should not buy from a vendor with a baby or child as they are just avoiding using the creche to make more money

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5/25/10 1:56 A

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You guys are right, I donate my extra veg to a shelter for the homeless where they are kicked out if using, and fed and trained if they are not.
But what has me worried is the many blind people begging too. Have heared about children blinded in India on purpose so that they can earn more money for the begging cartells over there. Now that has me cluching my heart.
We have one blind gogo who takes turns with her little girl and little boy. They are well fed and speak good english. They always ask for something specific like 'pens' or 'water' or 'books'. And they only beg for a couple of hours a day. At least they seem more honest. But who knows.
No more giving for me, will give to the Zim outreach in my church in future.
I have been really hungry-poor before, after my dad passed away and my sister was studying. Mom was a teacher, not really enough R to keep a child at Tuks, and I was at my first job. We all clubbed in.
That is why I have a heart for people who battle. Remember eyeing the leftovers at the resturant that was part of the Wildlife centre where I worked but being to embarrassed to.

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5/24/10 11:11 A

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I saw that, its pretty shocking and really sad. I don't personally give anything to beggars, not because I am not sorry for their plight...I am, however many years ago when I was a divorcee raising two small kids and having barely enough for ourselves, I gave a "starving" beggar a large banana. By the time I was back in my vehicle, I saw that same beggar go back into the shop and try and get money back for the banana. Obviously not hungry, but needing some fix or the other. That day, I vowed not to ever give cash/food again to beggars. Any spare cash I have goes into a contribution box for the needy right in my own congregation. I trust what happens to my money there.

I will NOT run emotionally from compliments and hide in fat layers for protection.

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5/24/10 10:09 A

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Yes - it was heartbreaking - even Dereck Watts was choked and close to tears. And how can someone "buy to adopt" knowing these facts? The child would not have proper birth registration and the problems are perpetuated.

Now - for the tough part!

When, oh when, will people *stop* handing money to beggars? If there is no income, then they won't be drawn to those spots to hold out their hands. It is exactly the same as people buying stolen goods - if there is no outlet, then petty crime will not be profitable.

I do NOT give money to anyone in the street. I have a few personal charities - people who need, but are doing something constructive to help themselves and their families - e.g. the cloakroom attendant at my gym who has 3 small children under 12 and whose husband recently died. Now she has been retrenched along with the rest of the country's attendants from that gym.

I have seen many of these "beggars" toss food donations away because that is not what they want! I personally knew a woman who earned more by begging than by being a salesperson at a flea-market and so she challenged me to give a valid reason for not staying on the streets - and living in a Shelter as it is cheaper than paying some **&&%^%$ landlord - her words, not mine - I am a landlord!

I cannot help everyone, but I do my bit. And I hope that Joburg police boss really will do something constructive to sort out the problem - they've done nothing to keep the City safe!

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5/24/10 9:57 A

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Hello All Sparky Southafricans!!
Did any of you watch the segment on Carte Blanche on Sunday about the babies beggars rent for R20 a day to use for begging? These were mostly Zimbabwean women.
If you use a baby you can get up to R500 a day without a baby R100 only.
A woman took some of the babies to a house of safety and found them drugged and malnutritioned. Some had fevers. Some wore plastic bags for nappies.
This broke my heart. This is a kind of human trafficing that I saw daily, feeling sorry for the mothers with the babies. It is something that I may have supported by giving money to the beggar at the robot.
Sorry this in not a happy spark message, but I am horrified and worried. What are we doing to our children?!
A beginner bricklayer in my part of the country, or the woman who cleans my house for 5 hours on Tuesdays gets R100 a day.
One woman wanted to sell her unborn baby for R10 000.

Please lets all pray about this, the plight of southafrican children. And if I ever give something to a beggar again, it will be baby food.

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