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9/13/12 7:47 P

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Bonnie, I totally agree with you 100%. I was sickened today when I was in a store, and all the Halloween decorations were up, and some fall and Thanksgiving decorations too, this I can give a little leeway to since we are in the fall season......but there right dab smack center of the store was all the Christmas decorations, for gosh sakes it's September 13th!! When I was a kid, the arrival of the Christmas season began on Thanksgiving morning when Santa would make his way up Market Street on a float and then climb into a window of Gimbel's Department Store!!! We would all be so excited and have our letters to Santa in our hands that the mailmen would collect and promise to deliver to Santa and his elves at the North Pole!! In school marked the beginning of advent season, preparing for the birth of the Christ child and my Mom would make a small manager from cardboard and fill it with strips of hand written notes, and each day my brother and I would pick a piece of "straw" and carry out the assigned advent prayer or small task, or good deed. Advent was a big build up to us, it meant the birth of Christ, and all the preparations and prayers, plays and hymns we sang meant something to us. I'm saddened that this no longer is practiced in quite the same way as when I was a kid. Christmas wasn't all about presents we got maybe 3 or 4 whatever our parents could afford, we were happy, we went to Church had our entire family over for dinner, and we were happy to be with each other!

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9/13/12 3:26 P

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I can see Christmas shopping. I Christmas shop all year long. if I see something that I know a certain person will like and it is on sale I pick it up. But to see decorations and stuff out before Halloween is unnecessary. Bring back the good old days. I asked my niece when she was 3 or 4 what Christmas was and she said the day Jesus was born. Good for her. I asked her brother when he was about the same age and he said when you get presents. I was disgusted and told him Jesus was born that day. He said yes, but we get his presents. Can you tell he is the second child?

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9/13/12 1:56 P

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I agree with everyone here. But fall victim to the commercialism too. I must admit, I have just begun my shopping for CHRISTmas. We are trying to spread the money out a bit.

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9/13/12 1:16 P

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Way too early to do Christmas. When I was a kid we didn't put our tree up until Christmas eve. We do put it up a littler then that a few days before Christmas and we use an artificial tree as my dh doesn't like the smell of real. Boy do I miss that smell.They need to wait until after Thanksgiving. Let other holidays pass by.

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9/13/12 1:13 P

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I agree that it's too early, but I don't think they'd put the stuff out if they didn't think there were some customers to buy it. One of my coworkers always seems to come into the office on a Monday before Halloween and brag that she has finished her Christmas shopping, and her tree is always up before Thanksgiving.

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9/13/12 11:22 A

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Before Halloween is ridiculous. I'm not ready to think about Christmas until the Monday after Thanksgiving and I really don't want to see Christmas displays alongside Halloween costumes and candy. We don't even do traditional Christmas shopping so the displays and ads have no effect on us.

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9/13/12 10:58 A

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It actually started in July with Hallmark and the ornaments. It is sickening to see all of this commercialization for nearly 6 months of the year, and of course the meaning is lost on most. The greed of it all is disgusting too, and it seems to be all about who can get the most and the best. I enjoy giving gifts to some people who enjoy and appreciate the thought in the gift, but most don't appreciate anything you do for them, unless it is big and expensive. I'm more particular about who I buy gifts for, and I enjoy and prefer to give to charities who really need the money. Those that truly do good and make a difference in peoples' and/or animals' lives.

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9/13/12 10:32 A

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People forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas and the commercial products are put out to early.

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9/13/12 10:19 A

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The thing is that stores will only do what people accept. So if people start buying up those trees and other Christmas items when they are put out, then stores will continue to do it. People get really stupid for some reason when it comes to the holidays; we've all heard the stories about people macing somebody over a toy or the latest electronic gadget and we are quick to blame the stores. Fact is, it was a person who brought the mace into the store and who allowed his or her desire for some item to dictate their actions. I don't know what is wrong with people, but we need to seriously look at ourselves when any holiday season becomes more about an item than about being kind to one another.

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9/13/12 10:06 A

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I think they carry it a little too far with the early advertising

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9/13/12 10:04 A

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I had to go to Walmart and buy a new mouse for the house.(computer) While there I had to take a trip to the ladies room. There I saw dozens and dozens of Christmas trees. I asked the person back there, these aren't going on the floor yet are they? And her reply was by the end of the week. I can't believe it. It isn't even Halloween yet. When I was growing up, Santa came on Thanksgiving Day in the parade. The next day is when the "season" started and he was at all the stores. We would get up and wait for hours for him to arrive at the store. Ahhh those were the days. Your opinion on this fiasco?

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