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TOPIC:   Nissen Fundoplication 

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LESLEOTR's Photo Posts: 30
3/12/13 1:15 A

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Thanks for posting this info, my gastro has suggested this surgery to me as the next option. I have Barrett's esophagus, acid is well controlled with Nexium 2 daily and Zantac 300 bedtime, but I have about 100 incidents of non-acid reflux daily, no known cause.
Please keep us updated as to your progress, healing, setbacks etc.
How much weight have you lost with the new diet?
Again Thanks for the info.

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GLORIAMAJDI's Photo Posts: 884
3/8/13 8:11 P

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I had this surgery back in November. Let me start by saying, it is MAJOR surgery, even if you have laparoscopic. My sphincter would not close at all and I would wake up in the night choking on food. My gastro told me that if I didn't get the surgery, I could get esophageal cancer, pneumonia or worse, pulmonary fibrosis. I have had this since I was four years old. That is when I had my first upper G.I. (I am now in my late 40s). I was on asthma inhalers, had voice problems, etc. from the severe reflux. So I finally (after a long while) decided to go ahead and have the surgery. I am very lucky and had a great surgeon. I have heard all kinds of horror stories about it and I have also heard that the surgery can easily come undone. Many people say that they would never go through it again. After the surgery you will not be able to eat normally for a long time. I was off from work (desk job) for three weeks after it, and wasn't ready to go back then, but I had to, so I went back for a couple of half days and then took off another week or two. By the end of that time I felt a little better about going back but I had to plan my food very carefully, and I still do. Also, you might never be able to burp again so you won't ever be able to have any kind of carbonated beverages again (some people do regain the ability to burp), and you might have a poochy tummy from gas if you can't burp. Now that it has been over three months since I had the surgery, I can say that it did work for me and I am glad that I did it. But expect not to feel well for a while after and also expect that it could take a year or more to heal and to be able to eat "normally". I still can't have steak or any kind of bread products and nothing that I can't chew to a watery pulp or that isn't easily swallowed. Some people can't swallow much at all for several weeks. Apparently it is a common problem for the surgeons not to give their patients much info about this surgery and they all act like it is an easy surgery but that is totally not true. The early days were a real struggle but I have figured it out now and do okay - I just have to carefully plan my food in advance. There are some health forums and blogs on-line where you might be able to read about other people's experiences. Also, please feel free to send me an E-mail or add me as a friend if you would like because I would be happy to answer any questions or further share my experience with you. Good luck!


"I always prefer to believe the best of everybody, it saves so much trouble." Rudyard Kipling

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." Scott Hamilton

"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln

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DANI990104's Photo SparkPoints: (1,612)
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Posts: 33
3/6/13 5:09 P

DANI990104's SparkPage
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Looking for personal stories on Nissen fundoplication. I have a hiatal hernia and my esophageal sphincter is not working so I will need a nissen fundoplication.

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