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9/18/17 11:27 A

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Carol - Good, and disciplined, system!! A lot of good points to consider and incorporate!!

SparkingGrammy - always good to go with the basics, that never grows old!

I've wandered from numerous of my "systems", and am using the rest of this month to get myself better organized in a lot of areas. (Summertime is when my life goes on the downhill slide, with all of the outside work that constantly needs worked on and steals time from other responsibilities, and fall is when I try to get back in order again!!)

I need more discipline in the grocery shopping area, I've been buying way too many snack foods that are not on the list, and I haven't been taking time to do the inventory check before shopping and end up with an excess. And I like the idea of "prepping" the foods once I get home.

Southwestern PA (Eastern Time Zone)

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7/30/16 1:30 P

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I realize this is an old post, but I need to make a plan for grocery shopping from making a list to shopping to organizing what I bought and prepping when I get home from the store.

Only I can make it happen

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9/27/12 10:33 P

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Great plan! Thanks so much for sharing. I love the idea of a regular list. I'm thinking I need to incorporate that into my system.

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9/27/12 11:44 A

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my giddy aunt - I thought I was organised but you've well outdone my process!

So... I shop once a week now (used to be once a fortnight). We eat a variety of things over the space of a fortnight and I keep a permanent shopping list on the computer with a list of everything I need for the fortnight.

When shopping day comes, I get my list and check my cupboards/fridge/freezer. If I haven't already got what I need, it goes on a written list that I take to the shops.

I have a pad in the kitchen drawer which I use to keep a note of unusual things that crop up from time to time that aren't on my main list.... new bootlaces for hubby, that sort of thing.

I use the same one supermarket all the time so I know where everything is (so I can get in there and get out again as quickly as poss!) and also so I know they'll have what I want, and I know what their own brand stuff is like. I try and buy own brand wherever poss (i.e. when I like it) so that saves a fortune.

I do like to buy organic vegs from the stall in town if I happen to be there...

From time to time I change things that are on our permanent menu, like I just cut out bacon, prepackaged sliced meats and sausages cos of the nitrites in them, so I'll be cooking a joint and using some of it for sandwich meat, and making my own sausages (without skins... should be interesting...). Everytime I change something like that, the main shopping list gets changed and I work from the updated one.

Well that's it! Have a great day!

Annie from the UK.

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9/1/12 7:57 A

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This topic came up on another team I visit. What a great discussion so I thought I would give us the opportunity to learn from our fellow sparkies.

It's a long post, but here is my process. Please take a moment to share your tips with others. This is a journey for all of us and every idea we share is a spark for someone else.

It's a process for me. It has taken a while to perfect a system that works for me.

First I look at our family calendar to see who has to be where and when. Then I put my menu together based on that.

Every Saturday I get the Sunday paper. I make a list of what is on sale at Aldi, Publix, CVS and Kroger. I make sure I know who has the best sale price. I also clip my coupons.

Then I take my recipe cards and build my list. Then I take the running list off the fridge and add it to the list I am building. There is a rule that I am firm about. If it isn't on the list, you don't get it. It was hard to get the family on the right page with this, but I stuck to my guns and they went without once and now they never forget to get it on the list.

I take my list and shop my cupboard first.

Then I put a C, P, K or A outside the item on the list so I know where I will get that item. I put an additional C if I have a coupon.

My coupons get sorted by store and clipped together. (sometimes I will make a separate list for each store, but I don't always have the time)

Then I hit the road. I am a woman with a mission. I am armed with my list of what must get purchased and my list from each store. Then I take my assigned dollar amount to each store and spend it to the penny including the coupons. So if I have 40 for Publix in cash and 10 in coupons, I will spend 50 in food items. This allows me to keep my house stocked and most of the time, I only have to purchase milk, bread, meat and fresh veggies as must haves. Everything else is just taking advantage of a great price and stocking up. So I guess I only pay regular price on the must have items.

It has taken me a long time to get to the place where I am fully stocked on pantry items. I try to keep one or two of something on hand. I don't want to hoard. Otherwise your space is packed and it might expire. Then I am wasting and not saving.

Great discussion! I love this topic. I have so much fun on my Tuesday shop day. I am amazed at how much stuff I can come home with each week armed with my weekly 200.00 and coupons.

I hope you all have a great plan that works for you. It really makes the difference.

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