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7/9/10 11:45 A

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Sometimes the astrological "weather" is rough and stormy and at other times it is calm and sunny. Often how it affects our personal charts shows how challenging things will be for us personally. Currently there is very tense astrological weather, particularly June-August this summer, and right now we are in the midst of eclipse season to boot.

Often when we have difficult transits we resist the transformations they are pushing us toward and this makes our live much more difficult. But if instead of resisting we buckle down and do the work that iss being asked of us we often get an easier ride when the storm hits, since we are prepared. It sounds like you have been doing your work and so are better able to handle the current difficult transits than perhaps some of the other people around you right now.

Seriously, the "weather" right now is as stormy as is has been since the 60's and basically lasts from 2008 through 2015, and this summer is one of the most challenging times of that period.

- Nikki -

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7/9/10 10:02 A

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Hi ARIANAH73, The transiting planets will effect you
differently because of the placement of the planets in your own natal chart. Where the planets are now above us make certain aspects to the placement of the planets at the time we were born, this is what "causes" events in our lives. Pluto is in Capricorn right now, I bet if you have your chart done you will have some planets or house cusps that are being affected by that.

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7/8/10 10:30 P

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Hi! I was wondering if anyone could answer this question. It requires a little background: I know next to nothing about astrology. Well, I probably know more than the general population, but not enough to speak with any intelligence about it. But the acupuncturist I intern with always knows when Mercury is in retrograde, etc.

My major shift in my diet came the day after Easter. I figured that I was feeling sickened by all the processed and high fat/sugar foods I always loved because I had overdone it the day before. But when it didn't go away, and the only things I could eat for the next 2 weeks without feeling nauseous were fruits, veggies, and other whole foods, I started worrying. I asked my acupuncturist. It turned out that Pluto had gone into retrograde about that time.

Apparently Pluto in retrograde is often a very difficult time for people, but I sailed through as though I was being carried along, and lost about 20 pounds during that time (and the nausea did go away, so don't worry).

I'm not sure what is happening astrologically right now (7/8/10), but apparently the past week has been particularly difficult for a number of people around me. But in the past week, I rediscovered my motivation and am going for my goals harder and am feeling genuine joy doing it.

My question (wow, there was actually a point to that novel?) is why times that are particularly difficult for others seem to be high motivators for change in me. Also, does anyone know what's going on right now? I've heard several people asking if Mercury is in retrograde right now (it isn't, right?)

If you made it to the end of this post, kudos for your persistence! :)

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