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emoticon !! Please do not reply. This is an informational message!! emoticon

One for All and All for One!
In any language is a slogan used to evoke a sense of unity and solidarity.

Slow and steady wins the race and with this tried and true 2-day a week commitment you will not only LOSE weight, but keep it off FOREVER!

Stay positive and always remember our slogan: One for All and All for One! emoticon

We recognise that one size does not fit all and therefore requirements are flexible and people can adapt them to their circumstances. Therefore we have the 'Fast 500' and the 'DEEs'.

This team is a fun way to enable you to reach your weight loss goals with only 2 days a week different from your normal lifestyle.. so it's 2 days a week @ 500 calories per day max. for girls (600 for boys), then enjoy 5 days living as you always do. Pick your own 2 days .. I choose Wednesdays and Fridays. I think most choose Mondays and Thursdays, but simply pick the days that suit you best.

OR emoticon Don't hit the PANIC button just yet!! There is the alternative no pressure DEE or Day of Extra Effort -

Simply pick 2 days a week and make them your 'Days of Extra Effort'. Whatever you do on these 2 days, just try your best!!

Everyone is different and we want to make this fun, not a trial!!

Here's how it works: BTW, this is Not Applicable to those doing 2 DEE!!

1. Read the "Fast Guide to the Fast Diet" at:

If you can't go to youtube, the context of the 2-Day Fast Diet is:

i) Write your weight down before starting. Take your waist measurement and other bits and pieces if you want, but waist measurement is important. This will give you an indication of how you're progressing when you weigh yourself once a fortnight and use the measuring tape once a month ... is enough ... don't get fanatical as this is a not a quick fix.

ii) Restrict 2 days of your week to 500 calories per day for girls (600 cals for boys), best done on regular days. Leave your weekends normal and the rest of your week normal as well... apart from the 2 days. Do what is easiest for you - most of you will have brekkie, skip lunch, and then a light evening meal. Me? Well, I never eat brekkie (I know, I know, don't lecture me about it) so I have a light lunch and lighter evening meal with one snack in the afternoon. Everyone is different.. do your own thing, yeah!

iii) No hard and fast rules, but it's better to stick to proteins and vegetables on the 2 days as carbs are too high in calories. I avoid spuds, bread, rice, and pasta. Hey! It's only for 2 days a week and they're not even consecutive days!!

iv) Of 'COURSE' you'll get hungry on the 2 days you choose to restrict your calorie intake. Wouldn't it be fun if you didn't... sorry can't help you there and if I could, I'd be a millionaire, yes! Just get used to it and keep thinking that every pang is another drop of fat off the butt or the hips or wherever it drops from your particular bod; and it's not EVERY day! We are all Musketeers, and we are here to help and support ... ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE!

v) It takes about 6 weeks to get 'routined' and then it's a 'rest of your life' easy to manage lifestyle. You will lose about half a stone in this 6 week period whilst working out your 500 or 600 calorie 2-day a week schedule.

2. If you want to lose weight the easy way, join our Team; simply click the "Join This Team" button at the top of the team page to become a member.

3. We are all working to the same end - so ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE! Interact and always help each other, share your tips, low calorie meals, ask questions and get support while on your 2 lo-cal days, as well as the rest of the week. Support is key to reaching any goals, so the more you share, the better! Finding lo- cal meals that keep your tummy satisfied is the key to success here and is always a work in progress.

I KNOW we can do this together!! ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE!

emoticon !! Please do not reply. This is an informational message!! emoticon

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