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TOPIC:   It's FRIDAY!w ohooo!!! 

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KYLIECAT1's Photo Posts: 590
6/21/13 9:04 A

KYLIECAT1's SparkPage
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I have to work weekends so Mondays are my day off ! lol. To tell the truth I have been having trouble sticking to my calorie limit even the upper lol. but I am really doing much better now we have been posting back and forth on this team ! Its great to have feedback. To know there's someone out there who is listening ! and that I also want to support and feel an obligation to! So this is my plan I plan to stay inside my upper calorie limit I have a job that requires me to be on my feet all day although my WW leader says that your body gets used to that amount of physical exertion so it wont burn calories unless you push it above that . I have low blood sugar so I need to have something every 3 hours, That being said I want to find out about my own body and how it handles calories so the first thing to focus on is consistency.I cant very well tell at what level my body will burn calories if I over eat ! Then If I can stay consistent with the upper level and still not lose then I need to cut it down like 50 calories per day per week until I hit the spot where I am losing , Its important to get protein because if you dont you feel hungry all the time ! its really hard to get in protein I think because I am always under too !Also my ww leader says if you dont get enough calories then you will stop losing as your body thinks its in starvation mode !

"everyone is made out of the same cloth ,its up to you if your the table cloth or the dish rag" Patti LaBelle

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MONANW's Photo SparkPoints: (9,217)
Fitness Minutes: (2,007)
Posts: 327
6/21/13 6:48 A

MONANW's SparkPage
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I am so thankful today is friday! I am praying today goes by fat and painless. I had a prety god week. I have benn under in calories the last few day, yesterday by 100. I have only exercised 31 minutes though. I need to do better there. I am planning on startin back at Zumba next week, so I should easily meet that goal next week. My son is having a friend spend the night tonight and I promised them pizza. Thinking I may eat a slice. I havent decided yet.
I have a question: when following the calories suggested by SP do you try to stick to the lowest number, between the two numbers or the highest? I have been sticking to the lowest number, it sure isnt a lot of calories :/ My husband pointed out to me hat there was no way I was meeting my much needed protien each day. He talked me into trying is protien shake....YUCK! It was nasty. The second day I tried it I used skim milk (8oz) and only 1/4 the amount of mix. Tasted much better, but I found I was unab le to finish the rest of my calories that evening.
I hope you all had a great week and I hope today is the best!

Life isn't about waitnig for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain.

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