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2/15/13 7:19 A

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If it's done the right way I think it would be ok. The parents should be on too to learn how to help their kids too.

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2/14/13 8:23 P

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Yes because there are a lot of over weight kids out there and maybe if they see this then it might get them up off the couch and watch what they eat.

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2/13/13 4:42 P

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I think the reason they're on it this season is just to try to put some emphasis on childhood obesity in America. Not a lot of people pay attention to it, but over 60% of America's children are over weight. That's a shame! You can blame it on the parents that bring them home fast food chicken nuggets after work instead of cooking something healthy at home. We NEVER ate out when I was a kid ... we couldn't afford it. Also didn't have video games to play, I spent my summers and after school hours outside playing in the yard. And I'm only 28 ... that wasn't too many years ago. Kids don't these days. It's "stick them in front of the TV for hours, they'll stay quiet". It's just ... sad. I think most of it comes from "kids" raising kids these days.

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2/11/13 10:55 P

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That sounds so much better; the other way would be far too stressful for the kids....but this way, everyone in the family has to get involved or it's not going to work.

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2/11/13 4:59 A

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That does sound like a better way to manage the children on the show. I've stopped watching the program because it was just far to much drama and stress for me. Thanks for updating us on how they are handling it!

~ Cathy

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2/11/13 1:38 A

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You've all raised some good points here. have you watched the biggest loser this season with the kids on it? They don't stay at the ranch and do the excessive exercising. They are at home with their families and the coaches check in with them and encourage them and give them support. I also liked that a healthy food specialist visited their homes and families and helped them know how to eat healthy and taught them the basics of nutrition. The kids aren't in it for the prize--they cant be kicked off, and they don't weigh in weekly. So far, i think it's been handled very tastefully. but there could be factors i'm not seeing.

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2/10/13 9:38 A

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This raises so many issue's when you bring children/teenagers into the mix.

I like the idea of helping children know who to look after themselves with the correct exercise and food choice's but to be on television doing this I am not sure it would be the best step forward.

There is so much in the press nowadays about childhood obesity yet to me not much seems to be really done about it that is accessible to all.

I can see a family format one being better, where everyone is involved and not based so much on the weigh ins but on health and nutrition, different format completely.

Interesting thought this.

Big Hugs Dee xoxox

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2/9/13 9:25 A

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Not really a good idea. When my kids would get chubby by the end of winter, I would cut back on treats and find ways for us all to exercise more. All the kids were gorgeous and healthy with good weights till the divorce and then hubby's weight went through the roof and kids had issues. A healthy (mentally and physically) family is the best thing for children and the apple does not fall far from the tree.

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2/9/13 4:48 A

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I would say no.

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2/9/13 12:59 A

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Wow. This is such a tender subject for me. I was put on a diet at a young age because the doctor thought I had "sugar issues". I remember eating very special foods while the rest of the family ate normally. I like what she said about getting the whole family involved and I think they have done biggest loser family edition before. But................................

I really feel this belongs at home. I do not feel it is the right learning arena for teens. However, if my child came to me begging for help it would be hard not to give in even knowing that judgement skills are not high at that age.

Makes me glad I don't have kids. I think they should focus like Richard Simmons and jamie Oliver. Working on school food programs. Jamie's program was very positive and effective.

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2/8/13 9:33 P

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i remember jack lalane. all i did was watch. did not exercise as a kid.

i walked to school almost a mile back and forth all weather

IN A SKIRT. in the winter

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2/8/13 8:54 P

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I would be afraid the children would feel pressured to go above and beyond what is healthy for them. I've only seen Biggest Loser a few times, and that was years ago, but some of the things they expected the people to do were, in my mind, a 'little much' for people who had, up until a few weeks before, been basically living a sedentary lifestyle.

We take months to gradually build up our cardio, ST and core exercise, but they are supposed to go from '0 to 70' in a few weeks. They are also put on a very restricted diet, which may cause physical damage to a young person.

And what about all the children and teens watching the show? What is this going to teach them? Don't we have enough anorexic and bulimic kids out there already?

And what if one doesn't do as well as expected? Will he or she feel like a failure for the rest of their lives? Aren't these kids under enough stress just for being different from others, without putting added pressure on them?

No, I just think this is going to be a big mistake. There has to be a better way to teach kids to eat healthy foods and do exercise. If the makers of the Biggest Loser really wanted to help these and other kids, it should be done in a private way, incorporating all the aspects of healthy living in a private setting...not on worldwide TV.


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2/8/13 7:20 P

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I really have mixed feelings about it. The show can be so very emotional when adults are on there that I wonder if I could survive it. When I weighed 300 pounds, a friend wanted to nominate me. I begged her not to! I knew I'd cry and be sent home!!

I would hope that if children are going to be on the show, it would have an entirely different format. That the children would be protected and their innocence would be encouraged.

I would also be concerned that they are on TV at such a tender age and later in life may regret that they put this private journey out there for the world to see. I'm not certain that I'd allow my child to do it if I were in the parents' shoes. What a tough decision to make! For some, it may seem to be the only choice. I told you I had mixed feelings!

~ Cathy

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2/8/13 7:11 P

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Did you see Becky Hand's blog about Kids being on "The Biggest Loser"? Here's a link if you want to check it out:

Let's discuss it ... what do you think? Should children be on "The Biggest Loser" show? Let us know what you think!

~ Cathy

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