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7/8/13 12:31 P

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I work from round 11pm-8am so I have that third shift thing going on like a vampire.

My meals are usually 5pm which I count as dinner. I do my exercise from about 730-930pm give or take. I have my lunch round 130-2am and breakfast round 6am. I usually insert 2 snacks in there somewhere. Once after exercise always but sometimes the second snack falls by the wayside if it feels like I ate too much that day.

I sleep from about 9am-330pm and I like to be organized and on a schedule so that extends to meal breaks! You just have to go by what works for your schedule and sometimes you have to just adjust until you figure it out~

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2/24/13 12:30 P

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I don't think that the time on the clock matters. The important thing is planning your meals and snacks and staying within your healthy alotment. You can shift the times around to meet your needs. If you aren't getting up until 12:00, then that is when you are breaking your fast and starting to feed your body.

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2/23/13 11:47 A

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Thank you very much for you input and suggestions. They are greatly appreciated!

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2/21/13 6:36 A

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Absolutely! I, too, have always followed an "out of the box" routine even though I worked a regular '8 to 5' office job during my entire career. Born an early riser ... never lost that desire to get up at 3 am. Now (retired) my wake-up time has become between midnight and 2 am. And I wake up HUNGRY every single day! Breakfast is my absolutely main meal of the day which is good, because by 3 pm I'm winding down and ready for "the rack":) Luckily, my husband seems to also enjoy the "early to bed" routine, so there's no hassle there. Our extended families have learned to check in around noon to be sure we answer the phone.:) We still follow a regular eating schedule ... just a "few" hours earlier than most others. But it works!

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2/20/13 9:40 P

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I have worked jobs most of my working years that were never anything close to the 8 to 5 M-F. I have worked overnight shifts, shifts starting at 2 AM, some split shifts with 4 hours then a break for 4-5 hours and back for another 4 and just about every combination you can think of-some times rotating shifts that changed weekly even day to day that could start at 5 AM or end at 6 AM. What I found to work for me is it didn't matter what the actual time was. I never looked at the time and thought "oh, this should be lunch because it is noon" or "Wow, I should be having breakfast at 8 AM" even though in actuality it was the end of my shift. So I just planned meals according to the order I would have them regardless of the time. It takes a little thinking out side the box to not be dialed into or feel compelled to follow the clock to eat-just follow a normal progression of meals, paced to the rhythm of meal, snack, meal, snack, meal, snack..or what ever combination you usually follow. You will be surprised how quickly your body tunes in the rhythm of everyday routines. Forget the clock-follow your own inner clock.

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2/20/13 1:30 P

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i work nights... so my meals are bout 12hrs different from normal schedules... my dinner is at 8am and breakfast is at 7pm my snacks are on the job... something easy to munch on

it doesn't matter what the time frame is as long as you space your meals out... this rising at 6 eat 7... lunch at noon... just does not fit many schedules....

when you see a menu or eating schedule ... just adjust it to your hours...

in north carolina

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2/20/13 9:06 A

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If your schedule is by choice, you might want to think about getting some natural daylight as soon as you wake up, maybe 15 minutes or so. A little walk would be ideal, but just sitting on the porch is nice. Light does more than we know to all our hormones and if you are not seeing real sun, you might be putting your body into hibernation mode-and slowing your metabolism. Sun is also a mood booster. Cindy

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2/19/13 11:22 P

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When I worked nights I had to change my time around too. I considered the start of my day when I woke up to get ready to go into work around 10 pm. This is when I ate my "breakfast" I tried to eat really well then because I knew I might not get a real meal break during working hours. If I did get a break it was more like a snack or light lunch. I ate my dinner when I got off work. So dinner was at 8am. I would have a light snack before I went to sleep around 1pm. I still have a hard time sleeping at night and I haven't been on the night shift in over two years! I hope that helped!

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2/19/13 10:32 P

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perhaps treat noon as your breakfast time, a snack around 2 30-3, then lunch (make this your heaviest meal) at 5, another small snack at 7 (piece of fruit and cheese) and then around 9 have a small meal like a salad, nothing heavy, but plan it out so you get all your calories in and not going to bed with a stupid with heavy type foods in it

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2/19/13 10:19 P

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What is the best way to eat between noon and midnight? This is my sleep schedule and I would like to know (calories and such breakdowns) what you suggest for each meal and time for snacking. I am no longer working, have always been a night owl and would greatly appreciate any feedback from someone who can relate to my dilemna.
Thank you in advance for your input.

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