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TOPIC:   back in the biz 

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CATHY1970-1's Photo Posts: 583
12/16/13 12:57 P

CATHY1970-1's SparkPage
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Good for you to take charge again.

I am sorry that you did not have the support of your family and friends when you were in acting before and I hope you have surrounded yourself with people that are more supportive this time around. Sounds like you have the right attitude anyways.

Your message was from 2009 so I would love to hear what you have been doing since then and how it has worked out for you.

I have recently decided to sign with my daughter's agent- my daughter is 10 and I am 43 - I acted as a teen in a theatre group but my grades were not good so my parents pulled me when you said 'time for me to be in control of me' I could totally relate. I'm taking a chance and am jumping right in there. I have only told those closest to me and have asked them not to say anything to anyone as there are so many skeptical people out there.

I hope all is going well for you.

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JONEC14333's Photo SparkPoints: (22,977)
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Posts: 360
10/10/13 10:41 A

JONEC14333's SparkPage
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Amen to the two other replies! You have the right idea! Break a leg!

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BPELTONEN's Photo SparkPoints: (29,825)
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Posts: 241
6/12/09 2:07 P

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Also not from DC but I think you've got the right idea. Going back to the basics is never a bad idea, just choose the class that covers the things you feel you need to work on. It can be intimidating after taking a break. I was completely out of the theatre loop for about two years and when it was time to get back in the game I was scared. But one step at a time! Theatre is definitely a marathon, not a sprint --progress can feel glacier slow, and we'd kill for some recognition!--but theatre is a lifelong thing. There's always room to learn and try something new and so there really isn't a finish line. That's what I think about when I'm feeling down about lack of success. It's not an excuse to not push yourself, but it might help relieve some of the pressure when you're not working.emoticon

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6/10/09 2:14 P

KRYSSY3's SparkPage
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Welcome, Mel_Unrau!

I'm also trying to focus on my "instrument," to get it in top shape again... maybe then I'll stop using that as an excuse as to why I'm not going out on auditions.

I'm not from DC, but classes are always an excellent way to find your way again. Whenever I need to reacquaint myself with my Muse, I take a workshop -- it feeds my soul. Doesn't pay my bills, but oh, well...

Good luck to you!


MEL_UNRAU's Photo SparkPoints: (89,686)
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Posts: 7,068
6/10/09 11:43 A

MEL_UNRAU's SparkPage
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Hi all...
I am new to the team and while it looks like you all aren't incredibly active on this forum, I thought I would give it a shot and see what it is like on here. I am a married, 29+, mom of a beautiful boy and am trying to lose some weight to get back in the biz. I stopped acting about 10 years ago due to incredible lack of success and support of friends and family. Well, time for me to be in control of me and so I am pretty much going to start over from scratch. I don't have a real resume to put out there (see incredible lack of success!). So, I am going to begin by taking some basic classes again. I was wondering if any one was from the DC metro area and if you knew which of the many many studios around here offered the best classes? I spoke with an old professor of mine and she suggested that I start with Acting 1 again, just to get my feet back under me. So, I am open to suggestions on how to get my feet wet again! Thanks in advance for your support!

Imperfection is important. If we were all perfect, then there would be no such thing as growth, and everyone would be extremely boring, which is, paradoxically, not that perfect.-- Dr. Matt

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