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8/30/12 11:36 A

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I quit talking negatively to myself because I don't fit into what society tells me I should. I quit trying to be what SOMEBODY has always told me I should be like, look like, act like. I want to be me, do me, live me, breathe me. I don't want to curl up in a ball crying because I think there is somethng wrong with me because when I have an opposing thought I am mentally off kilter.

I was born with an inate right to be me. emoticon

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7/11/12 11:28 A

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First and formost I am very proud of every body here You guys are phenominail! YOu are amazing! I am proud of all of you!!!!
Second the reson I am quitting because I don't want to be my mother. I love my mother dearly....... but She is a bitter woman who hids in her room and is just punching the clock waiting to die. She has given up on living her life.
One day I was having a bad day and was going to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror I looked just like her same bitter expression same beaten down look and much older than I really am. that was my turning point. Now I live healtyer. and find ways to be happyer. Case in point Instead of B*tching about how even though I bought my own cake I didn't get it but you know what I had a wonderful time. I laughed I had a great time. I hung with family and friends. I didn't even remember the stupid cake until the next day and thants okay! this is the change in my life i need and this is why i am quitting my old life!


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7/7/12 8:38 A

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Way to go all! Excellent things to quit! emoticon

There will be times when its tough going and youll question whether you can do it or not. There will be times when it seems fruitless and theres absolutely no progress whatsoever. Thats when you take a deep breath, dig down deep, and persevere.―Nancy Sathre-Vogel
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7/5/12 8:25 P

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I am quitting so I can be healthy both physically & emotionally!

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6/25/12 8:23 A

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i quit making excuses and lost 5.5 lbs last week . Yeah me

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6/8/12 4:32 P

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I am quitting that for me to be happy and healthy I need to do this and that, and even take on this or it won't happen. If I did all that was necessary I would not have time to live my life.

I am going to do the 30-day trial. For 30 days I will try to change a bad habit, or try a new thing and if at the end of the 30 days it does not suit me, I don't have to do it. I can quit and try something else. If it fits in with my new way of life, fine, if not out it goes. Somethings will work for me and others won't even if they work for others. We are all different.

Sandra / Cara

'It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not' - Anonymous

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6/3/12 2:00 P

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I want to quit feeling like crap. I have gone through depression in the last year and a half so I want to quit feeling, sad, bad, tired, lonely, fat, hungry and angry. I want to quit bad habits and form new good habits. I want to find the old me that it looks like the new me ate. I want to feel good.

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5/15/12 11:43 A

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Weve always heard that you dont quit. Quitters are losers, theyre weak; they have no backbone.
I though, beg to differ. I think some quitting is exactly the right thing. Some quitters are winners; they are strong, brave, and tenacious; these quitters are not the ones that give up, but rather the ones that stand up. They stand up and say ENOUGH! I wont be pushed around, bossed around or tossed around for one more minute! . They come out from their cave of depression, take off their sackcloth of shame, bathe in the water of freedom and self-acceptance and put on their new robe of strength and confidence. They have been beaten, degraded and lied to. And they believed it. They began to believe that their tormenters were right and that they deserved every ill word and disgusted glance; they begun to hate themselves. But deep in their hearts resonated the truth of their Father, that they are- loved and so they are worthy of love; worthy of respect. And in that truth they found their strength to rise and fight back the demons, the snakes, the jackals; the liars.
I am one of these. I am a quitter. And I am a winner. I am a warrior. I have been beaten, crushed, bruised; I have been held down, but I refuse to stay down. I quit believing the lies. I quit believing that being a certain size, a certain weight, a certain way, would be the missing link to my happiness, my fulfillment. I quit hating myself because someone else cant accept someone who is different and I quit punishing myself for being different instead of accepting the beauty of my Creator. I quit trying to conform to what they want, I quit vying for their acceptance and now only seek the approval of my God. I quit ruining my body with my drug of choice in order to avoid the pain. I quit being ashamed of who I am, I quit hiding from the world and I quit hiding from myself. I see now that I cant truly start to be the incredible woman I was created to be until I quit.


This team is for other quitters, and for those trying to quit. It's certainly not a one time deal; I will have to quit over and over again until I get it right, but I won't stop quitting. I want this team to be a place of encouragement, support and love while you and I are on our journey of quitting. There is no judgement here, so be yourself and let us help you quit too!

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