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Digest Diet

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TOPIC:   Thoughts on Digest Diet? 

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11/3/12 7:26 P

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So far I think it's great. It deals with simple whole foods that aren't too hard to find and you can repeat meals to make it easier. I'm stretching the first four days to 7, bc I was picking on nuts, plus I needed more time to get the next phase ready. I've lost 7 since Monday. I made it through Halloween w/o binging. I'm not feeling hungry and I'm not craving anything!!!

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Posts: 2
6/3/12 12:16 P

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It's great, and I lost the weight I wanted. I just wanted to lose a few pounds before an event (hah), and it worked for me. You have to like dairy and (really important) you have to exercise as directed, or it just isn't as successful. The first 4 days are pretty dictated with soup and smoothies. Then you add back dinner as directed. Then after that week, you are eating healthy easy recipes. Super nutritious food, didn't get hungry, and it lasts only 21 days. Then you can repeat the middle and ending phases until you reach your goal. I make the dinner recipes for my family, and we all like them. I like fresh, varied food, and this diet has it. Get the blender out to make the "shakes" and good luck!

SIESHU's Photo Posts: 1,244
5/29/12 7:07 P

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Hey there.. I was just curious what your thoughts were on the digest diet? My mother ordered the book and she's anxious to get started. Did you find it successful? Easy? How does it compare to the SparkPeople way of doing things? I want to encourage her, but I don't know what it's about.

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