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8/11/14 10:34 A

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Opps! I'm sorry Sunshine--I didn't see your recent post! Well, I actually did see it, but thought it was an old post. It seems like most post were made here two years ago and the group suddenly (and mysteriously!) went dead! LOL! (It's actually not that mysterious...groups at Spark sometimes run out of steam or go silent when summer comes around and everyone goes outside and forgets their on-line groups.)

Your posts was fantastic, because you gave all these details about the diet, but you missed speaking on the one thing that seemed to be on your mind right now: where you said "Having a hard time, week one" in your subject line of your post. You didn't go into that. What's going on? I probably can't be of much help yet (I'm the leader of this group, but I don't know the diet yet. I know I "have" to do this diet, because it was my doctors orders, but I've yet to have the time to read the book.) But other members here can help you, I'm sure, till I get my "sea legs" about this diet.

I was THRILLED from your post to learn that popcorn is a good source of fiber....but isn't popcorn a "carb"? Is it allowed? I love popcorn. Can you tell me if the book recommends regular "stove top" popcorn, or "air popped" popcorn? I tend to use air popped, but it is kinda dry.

Have you tried the kind of fiber the good doctor (Dr. Hyman) recommends? Can't remember what they call's letters like PBX or something. I used Musinex fiber back in 2011 to try to lower my cholesterol, and it seemed to work.

You obviously know a lot about the diet. I'm hoping we have lots of former members here who do. I need the support right now till I learn the ropes.

I had tried my best to find this book on-line, but apparently it was published only for a short time: "The Blood Sugar Solution in 30 Minutes", it was called--a condensed version that hits on the basics of the diet, for someone like me who doesn't have a lot of time. I needed that book! Ha!

Well, glad to meet you, Sunshine! Thanks for your first post (and sorry I didn't see it earlier!) And please let us know about how you are struggling in week one--you forgot to go into that and I know we all want to help in anyway we can. ----Terry


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8/8/14 7:46 A

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A cup of grapes has 15 grams of sugar...I don't touch them as only a few will raise my sugar test and be very careful if grapes are your snack. Cherries are foods that lower blood sugar

White and Wheat bread can both give you a sugar surge. Eat toasted Rye bread only or pumpernickel as both digest slowly and wont spike your body's insulin. You wont feel so tired either! Toasting lowers the glycemic index a bit and also a source of magnesium, and helps with blood sugar control

Fiber and water should be a diabetics best friends in my book. Water helps dilute the sugar and fiber...well...Fiber helps you lose weight, and here's why. It fills your belly, it can act like a sponge, it's slowly digested so it makes you feel full.....Soluble fiber is type of fiber that dissolves in water to form a gel like material. It can help lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Soluble fiber is found in oats, beans, apples, citrus fruits, carrots, barley and psyllium.

Nuts, beans and vegetables, such as cauliflower, green beans and red potatoes which are good sources of insoluble fiber. Popcorn. It's a great source of fiber and one of the healthiest foods anyone can eat. It has protein, minerals and vitamins… no butter or margarine, no salt..sprinkle with Parm or Romano which has protein or cinnamon to flavor.

I watch my starch intake which has helped me stay potatoes have t\less starch in them than the white variety.

Almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, Brazil nuts, pecans and walnuts contain healthy fats

Some vinegar in your diet may improve your blood sugar
Nobumasa Ogawa, Ph.D., of Tokyo University in Tokyo, discovered that the acetic acid inhibits the activity of several carbohydrate-digesting enzymes, when vinegar is present in the intestines, some sugars and starches temporarily pass through without being digested, so they have less of an impact on blood sugar. Just two teaspoons of vinegar, taken with a meal, may help you keep better blood glucose control, The easiest way to get the vinegar is by using an oil and vinegar salad dressing, vinaigrette dressings drizzled over steamed veggies.

Cereals are high in sugar and sodium...puffed rice and Kashi 7 whole grain puffs have no sodium and no sugar...use berries to sweeten.

Wild rice has more fiber than brown rice and you can get more protein from wild rice and less carbs and less calories. If you are watching carbs for dieting or insulin resistance problems, or diabetic Wild rice may be a better choice. I add mushrooms, onions and garlic....Mushrooms are a low calorie and low glycemic index food and sometimes I pair Wild rice with green beans of the low glycemic index foods. Eat as many beans as you like. A cupful of green beans has only 43 calories

Hope this helps you.....I don't omit grains totally and I find that resistant starch is the key ...the soluble fiber seems to help stabilize your body's blood sugar levels ...I eat black, white, navy, lima, pinto, garbanzo, and kidney beans, oatmeal, Grits, Wild Rice...and none of these raise my blood sugar.....

Hope this helps you....

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7/24/12 2:30 P

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To help satisfy my rice craving we have plenty of brown and wild rice in our house. We also use the Quinoa. The brown rice i find in the frozen foods section of the grocery store and it microwaves in about 2 or 3 mins depending on the brand so you dont have to wait the 40 minutes in the cooker.

For cheese I am trying "almond cheese" it is made with similar ingredients as Almond milk. It doesn't melt well but it does shred great. We have a cheddar and a Jack cheese. I hope this helps you some.

Next time try a mango :-) or frozen grapes for the cold treat.

I tried to start each week as I read it. I dont know if that is right or wrong but it is how i did it.

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7/23/12 8:57 A

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I fell off the wagon a little bit and had little of rice, slice of cheese, and a small serving of mango natural sorbet.

I am really beating myself up about it.

Having a hard time with this no milk, no wheat or grains, no sugar, etc.

Any pointers?

Also i think i should start week one over any suggestions? I havent read the entire book i am at the part of week one and i have read the entire chapter is that how it goes?

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