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6/4/09 11:23 P

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I play Soccer during the winter season - other than the cold setting it off, I just make sure I take my ventolin (my puffer that relieves attacks - not the once a day preventative - asked the doc about that and he said which to use) right before we kick off and have it handy on the sidelines for when I need it.

Yes playing sometimes gives me asthma - but in the long run it will improve my lungs and i'll be much fitter. Just make sure you are prepared - its worth it.

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7/29/08 10:00 A

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I run, bike and rock climb. I have exercise-induced and allergic asthma but an antihistamine before I go out normally takes care of the allergies.

I always carry my inhaler with me wherever I go and take a squirt if necessary. On the bike I find I hardly ever need it unless I'm going hard, running I take it more but only once per workout.

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7/27/08 6:40 A

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I play touch football. One of my triggers is exercise in cold windy weather. Another is smoke. If I'm particularly unlucky, people decide to light their fireplaces so I get to exercise in cold, windy, smokey weather (our city is surrounded by mountains and can have a temperature inversion, trapping the smoke etc).

I ALWAYS have my inhaler with me when I exercise. My teams knows my problem, so if I have to stick my hand up to come off, it is never a problem even if we don't have a substitute. If the weather is likely to set me off, I take a dose before I start.

My dad is also asthmatic. A couple of years ago, he told me to breathe through my nose to humidify the air and help my asthma. (It would have been nice if he'd mentioned it a bit earlier, I've been asthmatic since I was 2).

My husband comes from a city famous for it's gardens. For me it's an allergy nightmare, but has some lovely walks. Once again, I always take my puffer and I also have sinus medication that I leave there (my puffer is always in my handbag and one beside my bed) as I've forgotten it so many times and they don't have a 24hr chemist there.

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6/26/08 5:45 P

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Allergies can set off my asthma, but it is also allergy induced. One thing that I have found is really great in Hawaii is water sports. I LOVE canoeing and kayaking, and when I'm out in the ocean, it seems I don't have allergy problems....I'm not sure if the ocean helps with the pollen or what, but it has been very nice. I wish I could say I'm always free of allergies here....lots of other activities have caused asthma attacks.

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6/25/08 5:47 P

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I am new ... so just learning what sets mine off. I know smoke is a big one, and exhaust and smog... yuck. Was sitting at the light and started hacking and coughing and felt like I was gonna die! Yijkes

Anywas ... mine is running. I will not give up running. Hiking, mountain biking snowboarding, four wheeling in my jeep, riding quads. I just do about everything outside.

Just keep with it. It can be done. May take time, but it can be done .. with patience and time and with our inhalers and breathing techniuqes I guess ...

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6/24/08 2:41 P

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I usually go walking down the road for me up it is impossible to do till late at night for me. I am allergic to dust and can't handle the dust and humidity in combination together. I will send me into an asthma attack as well. My asthma is mostly triggered by my allergies which I take shots for so it is hard for me to exercise outdoors. I just bought a stationery bike to ride and I also do the walk tapes inside that help me out. Good luck to you.

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6/24/08 12:08 P

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Does anyone here do outdoor sports? I'm finding them exceptionally difficult with my asthma/ allergies. I used to jog about 10 years ago, but had to stop when I started getting hives. I am now actively treating with an allergist/ immunologist for allergies and asthma. Although I mostly exercise indoors, I like to try outdoor sports for variety when the weather is nice.

I got into rollerblading last summer and found it to be challenging and enjoyable. By the end of last summer I was able to do two laps at a time around Central Park. The only problem is that when I tried to pick ip up again in May of this year my throat immediately started burning and I was having a very hard time breathing. I had to take a short cut through the park at 100th street (cuts about 20 blocks and I hill off the run), AND still had to stop and sit on a bench for 5 minutes to catch my breath because my breathing was still so bad.

I went back out this Sunday, and although my throat felt like it was closing up within the first 5 minutes, I hung in there and completed the 10 mile run around Central Park.

My goal is to get in sufficient shape to be able to join a rollerblading Meetup group without embarassing myself.

Does anyone else have a love of outdoor sports that they refuse to allow asthma to distroy?

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