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TOPIC:   Article: How to Find Time for Exercise 

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ABQUEST's Photo Posts: 1,965
6/7/09 11:17 P

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Good for you! I am trying to integrate more also.. I have started to walk more, and take the stairs...also try to do standing crunches, whenever I'm at the it's a start!


FB_000's Photo Posts: 1,271
6/6/09 2:22 A

FB_000's SparkPage
Thanks for the article. I'm finding that integrating any activity during the day helps to be more consistent with planned exercising. I get anxious not moving around, so I actually do the exercise I'm supposed to do.

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ABQUEST's Photo Posts: 1,965
6/1/09 11:17 P

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I'm having a hard time to find TIME to exercise...anyways I found this article interesting...and thought I'd share.

How to Find Time for Exercise

Exercise is often a low priority and something we just never get around to. To stay healthy, have more energy, and lose or maintain weight, its important to find time for a regular exercise routine. To work it into your schedule, you first must commit to an exercise routine and think of it as something that must be done. Here are ways to make time in your schedule for exercise.

Step 1
Experiment with your schedule to find out when you can get some exercise time in. Make it a routine. Once it becomes a priority and a habit, it will be easier to keep up with it.

Step 2
Get some exercise while doing errands. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away from stores so that you have a longer walk.

Step 3
Exercise on your lunch hour. Find a good place to walk or join a nearby gym. If you are home with young children all day, try to find a gym with a babysitting program or classes that the kids can attend while you are working out. Make sure the program is something that the kids will enjoy and look forward to.

Step 4
Wake up earlier. Walk or jog outdoors. Or find a room in your home where you won't wake everyone up to do aerobics or a treadmill routine.

Step 5
Walk whenever you can. Take a 15 minute break at work and walk. Walk around the field at your kids' games. Walk your children to school or to errands instead of driving.

Step 6
Plan fitness activities for your family on evenings and weekends. Go for a walk, ride bikes, swim or play a sport. Join the local YMCA, gym or community center. Take classes together.

Step 7
Do yoga, sit-ups, resistance training or stretching while watching television or talking on the phone.

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