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1/21/13 4:54 P

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I understand what you're going through, even though I push myself as much as possible, I am stuck around 170-166, seems my body doesn't want me to lose. However, I still try the best I can and for some of us it's harder because of illness'. I have chronic pain as well as other medical issues, working out even just walking is killer in the pain department for me, especially the following day and sometimes I have to put the brakes on, but I will not give up and I hope you don't either. Good luck with your journey

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1/21/13 4:51 P

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I've given up over and over and over again. But something always makes me come back. Look at WHY you want to lose weight. Until the only definitive answer is "for myself", it's going to be hard. This is something you need to want in your heart. Something inside you brought you here to begin with. Find that and smile. We're here for ya! ^.^

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1/21/13 2:36 P

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I agree with all of the others, don't give up just yet. This is not an easy journey. I have been on the same road for many years now. There have been times when I was sucessful and then others when the weight has come back because I lost my focus. I am currently heavier than I have ever been in my life. It is all about slowly making changes. Even if you decide to park at the end of the lot and walk into the grocery store, it makes a difference. You may not see the results right away on the scale, but your internal organs can tell a difference. Slow and steady wins the race. Take it baby steps at a time. Maybe this challenge isn't exactly what you are looking for but take parts of it and change some things up. The scale and measurements are only two ways to tell if you are being successful. One of the best ways is how you are personally feeling. Your attitude about yourself might be improving. Just remember we all have bad days/weeks/months but we still learn from it and move past it.

I wanted to give up many times but here I am. I will admit I don't get to the gym or exercise as much as I would like to in my head but I am slowly making it a priority.

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1/21/13 12:01 P

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I know or gets discouraging. Remember we didn't put it on over night. So don't be so hard on yourself. Good luck.

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1/21/13 11:44 A

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*hugs* I am sorry you are having a rough time! I feel your pain as far as seeing no change or going backwards. I have a problem with viewing negative results as a reason to give up. I have little motivation to keep me going. BAH! Here I am at it again!

Think about your quotes! Giving up is forever! You can do this!

My resolution for this year is not to lose weight, as it has been in the past. This year I am working on being healthier physically and mentally. I am starting with small changes to my mind set, sleep, eating and exercise! If I can change my mind set and go about a healthier me a new and better way that works for me, I am hoping I will find success. Not in weight loss, but in a happier and more energetic me! I am the most out of shape that I have ever been! I am sad to see that I let my focus on weight and clothes size keep me from moving forward with a healthier me!

I am starting over and you can too! Do not focus on size and weight, focus on your efforts. If you do your best focus on the fact that you did something and don't worry about the results or lack there of for said efforts!

There is no I or U in T-E-A-M!

UNITED we stand and in GOD we trust!

1/21/13 3:01 A

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I came here looking for somewhere to say, I thought I needed a jump start but realize I don't. This is what I have been doing: exercising six hours a week (Zumba, aquaaerbics, swimming, walking on the elliptical). So what am I jump starting? I think I might like this program later when I get bored with what I am doing.
Keep reading though, because though I do quite a bit of exercise now, when I first joined Sparkpeople I really didn't. I was too tired because I didn,t get enough sleep. You can't lose weight if you don,t get enough sleep. So I made sleep a priority, and got that sorted out. That included adding gentle exercise. I found something I liked to do (Zumba!) and even though I am fat and clumsy, I started doing it. And I liked it. Water exercise was great because I could do things I couldn't do on land, like work up to running for an hour. I still doubt I could run for a minute on land.
I kept on Sparking, reading articles and blogs and checking out the success stories, and feeling like, awww, these people are losing weight but how come not me?

Well, you will not lose weight by exercise. You have to address your eating too. Now finally I feel totally ready to change my eating patterns and have started a new eating plan. Since then, I've lost quite a few kilos. Can't see it so much yet, I guess this is internal fat that's going first. My measurements are almost the same as before. But even if I never lose another gram, if I had not started losing weight, I am now healthy and active, my mood is great, I sleep well, and am positive and calm.
So if the tape measure isn't working for you, put it away. Keep exercising and Sparking and put what you see into practice and you will get results.

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1/16/13 11:34 A

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Quite honestly, I'm not keeping up with the Challenge, work, move, life waiting to get my treadmill set up, waiting to get home early enough, . . . HOWEVER I have been up and moving every day . . . I've done 5 to 10 minutes for strength or cardio for 3 days straight, plus 30 minutes on the treadmill for 3 days. . wanted to give up after 10 then 15 but made it to 30.

My goal this week was to be sure to do at least 10 minutes of "actual heart pumping" exercise a day. . . . so far I've exceeded these goals.

Have not gotten on the scale to see how I'm progressing, as my scale is still packed in one of the boxes, but maybe I'm better off leaving it packed for another couple of weeks.

Granted I not keeping up with the program, but at least I'm starting to develop my own program to follow.

REFOCUSED, Committed and moving forward!

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1/15/13 10:33 P

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This is what I have been doing...last week I set three easy goals: eat one big salad a day, eat one piece of fruit a day, drink 8 glasses of water a day. I felt good at the end of the week because I succeeded. This week I made my goal to do cardio for at least 30 min. and do one new cardio of some kind. It's been a crazy busy week and difficult to do so I will feel really accomplished at the end of this week when I have done it. Not worried about the weight, focusing on this weeks goal.

My long term goal is to buy a bike this summer and bike ride with my kids...and keep up.

Hang in there you can do it!

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1/15/13 9:04 P

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I generally don't lose a lot of weight when i do the bootcamp workouts. i tend to get behind, but the fact that i still commit to doing it helps me feel more encourages to start my next challenge.

it is also nice because i tend to avoid doing ab work or don't always do my strength training. i can't avoid it with this challenge.

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1/15/13 8:26 P

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Please don't give up!! emoticon I have been trying to loose 40 pounds for the last 3 years. I have tried every diet that has been introduce out their in the market. But, what I found out is that no pills or point counting is going to help me. You have to first put it into your mind and visualize yourself as the person inside of you. The beautiful self confidence person that I know you probably are. You're just feeling defeated right now. Just take baby steps. Do the 10 minute workout. Check-out all the recipe that they offer and the tracking keeps you in mind all day long. When I started I was 200pds. lost 3pds and then gained 2pds back. But, I know what my weakness are sweets. Therefore I set a short term goal of no sweets for a week and replace it with fruits and nuts. Right now I am craving for something sweet and I am going to have a raspberry protein shake for my night cap. Hopefully it will carry me until morning with drinking water. I know this is lengthy, but we have to support each other on this journey. emoticon

Challenging my weight loss

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1/15/13 6:43 P

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It is not about size! It is about health! Just eating cleaner and moving your body is helping! Measurements and weight aside, it can change your life. Do something, just don't watch the team! Check out Indygirl and Pixielicous blogs they have incredible stories and today both talked about plateaus! Please do something, this is from one chunky girl to another, it makes a difference little by little. More energy, more muscle, healthier heart, less getting winded, please don't give up! Little by little you can change!

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1/15/13 6:43 P

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I'm sorry that you are having a hard time. Let me tell you what helps me, maybe it will work for you. If you make it purely about losing weight it is very discouraging. I find that if you make a goal about being fit and feeling better it is a lot easier. I made a goal to be able to keep up with my friends on the basketball court. This was better motivation and I consequently lost weight without even thinking about it.

I don't know what your fitness level is but plan a trip to New York or Disneyland or something and make a goal to walk every day so that you can walk all over New York without getting tired! THAT is the kind of thing that motivates me without making me depressed.

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1/15/13 6:29 P

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I think it is time to drop the weight loss idea and just accept I am a chunky chick...I took my measurements for this mnth (same time as last month) and i have gained my hips added 3 inches and my tummy is almost the same size as my hips....I broke down in tears why bother anymore this is ALWAYS what happens....I can never do it.... it always backfires no matter if i workout a lot or a little....just don't see the point....

I am going to stay a member of the team but for now I just am going to watch maybe I will try again someday


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