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8/2/16 4:55 A

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I stopped biking 6 or 7 years ago. I just couldn't stand the pain from biking anymore, so I know how it can end up with biking. I had been in pain from biking for almost 10 years at that point, at least.

The activity that works best for me is seated exercising and short walks. Sometimes I can take longer ones, but I plan my routes in such a way that I have plenty of places to sit down at. I try to walk short distances, but often, rather than long distances and seldom. I am into hiking and nature photography, and my physiotherapist is very glad I am hanging out in the forest a lot, since it's great for stability training, even if I only walk for 5 or 10 minutes some days, and for hours on good days. But I admit walking (especially in the forest) means I need a lot of support. I use boots that keep my ankles in place and I'm considering getting knee supports to keep my knees stable.

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4/12/16 6:51 A

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I like to work out with coach Nicole's videos. The seated exercise ones, seeing that I can't stand or walk very well.
Also, I try to walk on my balance bike (I live in flat country, so no hills to deal with) as often as possible, and do some biking, but my knees don't like the biking a lot, so that's becoming more and more of a problem.
Having said that, I'd really, really, REALLY like to learn Krav Maga, but need to find out if they will have me, seeing that I'm in a wheelchair. And I need a new and better wheelchair first, because the one I've got now, is not working for me.

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3/6/16 11:52 A

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my rheumotologist suggested using the recumbent bike to build up my quads (for support when standing) and then to move onto the elliptical when I'm ready. I can only do it for about 10-15 minutes at this time and then walk for another 10-15 minutes. That wipes me out for the rest of the day. I'm looking forward to water aerobics at the local Y when we move into our new house in early summer. In the mean time, just trying to get up and walk regularly even if it's around the office or around the apartment. We also have two dogs and they require regular walks.

8/6/15 12:04 P

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I live on a small ranch, so my "normal" chorse are pretty much all the exercise/activity I can handle. I would like to try more though, get into better shape. I know that the more weight I lose, the better my joints will feel. Has anyone every tried Tai Chi? I also keep being tempted by the TV commercial for the tread climber....says it is supposed to be easier on joints?

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4/14/15 5:07 A

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Activities that work for me.... That's never an easy question for anyone with wobbly joints and a tendency to tire quickly is it?

I go for a "push round the block" in my wheelchair most days, it's only half a mile but it's getting easier, if I feel strong I do 2 laps.

I also do about an hour of muscle toning and stretching as prescribed by a physio.

And, because I'm a total nutter, I play wheelchair basketball. I know, daft sport for someone breakable but it's fun, I can re-locate my fingers when they pop out and my chair is modified so that it protects my bendy back properly. The buzz I get is enough to keep me doing the exercise every day so I'm fit enough to play!

4/21/13 11:49 P

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i have belonged to a small gym for a while but they didn't have a pool. I am joining our wellness center tomorrow and of course had a few questions i hoped you could help with. .... What kind of bathing suits do they wear? Do you wear it under your sweats? Anything else i should know before i go bustin up in there?

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11/14/12 6:44 A

I just joined this team and saw that no one had replied so far.
For me it works to walk and ride a bike, but in an alert kind of way. I have two large older dogs emoticon , so I can't go to fast and that suits me fine.
I had immense trouble with standing and walking, I even needed a wheelchair emoticon at some point, but years ago I changed pain killer medication and this combination saved my life; from a couch potato (everything hurt and I was incredibly tired) I suddenly could do a lot more things. I have to be careful, but I can do a great deal more these days.
My main problems are my knees. So I can't do high impact aerobics, squats, jumping jacks and other exercises.

One other thing you may consider before taking up aerobic exercise is problems with proprioception.
It makes me a bit of a clutz (bumping against doors, spilling your cup of hot tea) and I have to guard against putting my feet (for instance) in the same position for too long. I suspect this proprioception issue is why I have problems with complicated cardio exercises.
I once heard a occupational therapist mention that being in the water is not good for people with severe hip problems, because when you leave the water, the sudden weight might dislocate the hip joint.

I'm not a native speaker so pardon my english.
Have a nice day! emoticon

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5/11/12 10:43 A

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We all know that EDS challenges us daily with pain, fatigue, and mobility issues. We also know that exercise is an important factor in controlling weight and improving healthy living. Still, I know that once I've found an activity that I can actually do without exacerbating my chronic condition, I tend to "beat it to death." It's an obsessive/compulsive thing, I'm pretty sure!

I love my water aerobics, and I've managed to work them into a habit, but with summer coming and travel looming, I know that I'm going to have to be a bit creative within my limitations for getting in daily exercise. The usual options, all of which work so well with others, don't always apply to us. Have any of you tried and succeeded with other types of aerobic activities? I'm not going to argue against any suggestions (we all have individual differences in our abilities and limits), but I'd love to see myriad options for healthy activities so I don't get in a rut or give up on good habits. emoticon

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