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12/21/11 8:53 P

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Hey thank you everybody! All those suggestions help a lot. I can't wait to go shopping! Thanks for the tips on cutting boards too. :)

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12/19/11 6:55 P

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Henkles are nice, I have a few also cuisinart knives are nice. If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshalls or Homegoods store near you they all have nice name brand knives. You also might try kitchen and bath places.

As for the cutting boards, I have wood and bamboo. I do like my bamboo, it is 18x28 and has a trench on one. I love it, it is my favorite board. Make sure you get food grad mineral oil and treat ALL your wood type boards. Apply mineral oil to all surfaces, I use my hands and slop it on. It should have some EXCESS oil, let them sit over night and all the oil has soaked in. This seals them and prevents bacteria from getting in those cuts. you will be able to tell when you need to redo them after a few months. I can rinse them right off and let it sit in the drainer, no water soaks in

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12/19/11 5:09 P

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That was a really good question - thank you for making me think emoticon

The replies have given some really good information, especially re brands.

I'd just like to add - you need to actually hold the knife before you buy it, if at all possible, so you can decide if the weight and balance are right for you.
This should be no problem if you go to a good shop,

Also - before you go to buy - decide exactly what you want the knives to do.
For example, a "paring knife" or a "vegetable knife" - and these terms seem to be interchangeable with "all-purpose" knife: these can be different for different people. DH and I use entirely different knives for all our preparation and cooking!
The length of the blade can be important as well, especially combined with what you want the knife to do.

Also remember, as well as ceramic, there are "plastic" knives particularly for cutting lettuce and salad leaves.

And I would definitely agree with some other replies - different boards for different purposes. A wooden board is lovely - but you have to give it a good scrub between uses. And also watch what you use for cleaning it.
The sets of boards - I think there are usually 5 boards, with different colours of rims - are usually hygienic, and easy to use/clean.
I have to admit the my "good" wooden board gets kept for a cold meat platter, or something similar, rather than everyday use - I really can't be bothered with all the scrubbing needed for wood.
But that is a very personal choice.

Good luck with finding the right tools for you.

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12/19/11 3:22 P

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Yes, thankyou for this question and the answers.

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12/19/11 2:09 P

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Good knifes are one of the most important tools in your kitchen. I have a number of different brands I would recommend.

My all time favorite knife for cutting fruits and veggies is a Kyocera Ceramic Paring Knives. I think a ceramic knife is a must have!

For a Chef Knife I love my Global knife.

This weekend my mother in-law bought me a Swiss Classic by Victorinox which is recommended by America's Test Kitchen. I will be trying it out this week and will let you know what I think.

I also have a couple of Cutco and J.A. Henckels. If you buy Henckel make sure you get the ones that are made in Europe. My Grandparents got me my set as a wedding gift and it was one of the best gifts I received.

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12/19/11 12:38 P

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Don't cheap out on your knives.

I was once gifted with a set of carbon steel knives from Sabatier. They are wonderful. They are also not cheap. They also sell stainless steel knives. Carbon steel will get black, may even get some rust on them, but if you care for them and use them the rust is not a problem. never put it into the dishwasher. They sharpen well on a steel and keep their edge better than stainless.

I understand that Henkle is a good brand, high priced, found at Williams Sonoma. My personal opinion of WS is that it is an expensive Bed Bath and Beyond but that seems to be pretty much me. Here is Henkle's site

Actually Bed Bath and Beyond has a pretty nice cutlery section in the store with some really nice knives.

Chicago Cutlery is junk. Ditto Forschner and the junk branded by Wolfgang Puck.

Whatever you get, get quality for your money.

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12/19/11 12:38 P

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I love my ceramic knives :)

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12/19/11 12:37 P

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Thank you for asking this question about knives. I am curious what some of the suggestions will be.

As for a cutting board, I use the flexible ones because I use 1 for my veggies and DH uses 1 for meat, 1 for poultry and 1 for fish. We get the set that has different colors so we can keep them straight. I'm a veg and he is an omnivore.


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12/19/11 12:20 P

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I need new knives & was thinking I'd hit after-Christmas sales, but I have no idea how to pick a good knife. Can anyone recommend a good brand or what I should look for? Should I get a whole set or just a couple good basic ones? I have a set of 3 I've been using but the smallest one is the only one that works well still, the others are falling apart.

I did find a good cutting board already. I was really needing a new one. I was using this tiny plastic one that was melted on one side and I found a much bigger wooden one for a good deal so I'm excited to start using it! It takes up half my counter but it'll be so nice for chopping veggies and other stuff.

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