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10/21/12 9:41 P

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I'm so glad that I found you gals!!!

I have noticed this EXACT same thing. I have to watch my calories like a BOSS. Under 1200 or I maintain my weight ... no matter how much I exercise. I have to practically run myself to death in the exercise department. I have always wondered if I had some underlying condition that was preventing me from losing weight --- but every time I convince my doctor to run the tests .... they all come back that I'm perfectly normal. BLAH! I'm so abby-normal it's not even funny, what do those silly scientific tests know.

I also have to be careful of "SPLURGE" days ... because I will lose all sense of self-control. I don't know why. My cousin is a personal trainer and keeps telling me that splurging one day week will not hurt me .... but it does. Because once I splurge -- I can't stop at just one day. It will turn into a WEEK of splurging and then I'm too ashamed to get back on the scale.

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10/18/12 9:20 A

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Same here. I absolutely have to eat below 1200 calories to lose weight, even when exercising regularly. Up to 1350 (or so, I'm stimating) I maintain--anything over than and I gain. Le sigh.

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10/17/12 2:21 P

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I have also gotten that warning but I think it is very generic and does not account for our small bones and low height. We just don't burn calories like those who are taller. I am mostly maintaining my weight when I am above 1200 calories. emoticon

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9/22/12 1:20 P

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I got that warning this spring when I was logging lots of heavy gardening time. I know it just wants you to make sure that you are taking in enough calories when you up your exercise that much above the recommended amount.

I also think about "Lost in Space" when I hear "danger, danger". I can just see the robot waving his arms around when giving that warning.

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9/21/12 9:15 P

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My first thought to 'danger danger'was Will Robinson.
Anybody know what I'm talking about? Let's get lost in space.

I don't think that's too much. I guess if they consider a push mower a non-Powered push mower if it was really Longgrass or superhilly it could be too much for some people but it looks like you're in great shape I wouldn't worry about it

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9/8/12 6:39 A

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I've never gotten that warning. I say Congratulations to you! But I don't mow grass, and I've never done even 60 minutes of cardio.

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SJT138 Posts: 25
4/14/12 8:54 P

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thanks for the replies I didn't think it was too much exercise either but I was curious if I was the only one seeing those warnings at the bottom of the fitness tracker

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4/14/12 1:52 A

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I think that a lot of the exercise over estimates the calories burned or maybe it considers that your are exerting to the maximum rate. I know that when I enter that I do an hour or so of general farm work that the calories burned shown on the chart are way, way too high! If if they aren't too high, then why the heck have I not lost pounds and pounds emoticon

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4/13/12 4:21 P

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I think a push mower can be dangerous if you aren't careful. Be sure to wear closed toe shoes.
But you probably are asking about the suggested calorie range and not general safety considerations. Personally, I was tired of the warnings posted after my hour-long walks. I don't believe my exercise level was particularly high. I was surprised to see the new nutrition calorie range after I adjusted my goals and calorie burn. Have you tried adjusting your numbers --- you can modify the calorie burn, goals, etc.?

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4/13/12 3:38 P

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so I cut my grass with a push mower 4 days this week (yes there's alot of grass) ranging in time from 35 minutes to 1 1/2 hours each time. Spark people says this is a dangerous amount of hard work. I'm eating between 1200 & 1500 cals a day & not doing any other cardio. Does anybody think this is actually dangerous?

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