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5/26/12 1:57 P

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When we get a hold of our issues and exam each one, is when we open ourselves up for progress toward why we over eat or make bad choices regarding food or any other addiction we run to. People often say; food addiction is not like alcohol addiction we need food to live. But I must say food addiction used wrongly is like alcoholism in so many ways. The addiction of want, the addiction of escape, the addiction of self hate. The hold it has on you, the hold we allow it to have on us.

My self addiction, was loving food and I still do. Like an addict of sex or drugs, it became my dependant lover. I love food, I love to cook it, I love to touch it, smell it, taste it, share it and be alone with it. I run to it, I cry and even celebrate with it. It gave me what others couldn't, it gave me immediate gratification, pleasure and comfort.

I celebrated and loved people with it as well. I showed my love for others with it. Loving it the whole time, letting it know how much it meant to me. I would wait to share my love with watching their every move. Waiting for the compliments and the woes and awes. It gave me self worth.

Boy has this been a journey to know that; food is not my drug of choice and that I can have an understanding for it. That I alone control my life and my power is with in me. Food will take life away from me, but is my healer and serves a purpose too. Bad and unhealthy food is the enemy, not living food. Living food is life, living food is the one I love. But never more than myself and my life. I love that living food gives to me today, what bad choices took away from me before.

OK Yvonne you plugged me in and got me going :))

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Walk through your journey with a loving open heart and as well mind. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
Laugh, if at nothing else yourself.

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5/26/12 10:56 A

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Within my profession, I use some of these techniques she mentioned. Now only to do that with myself :) Many times I will say "it doesn't matter." I need to change that thought to "it does matter what I eat and I need to really explore this." I do consider myself lucky that I don't do that often (turn to comfort food). I am in a good space now. Just certain times I will eat food that I don't really want. Luckily I have got it to the point that I don't eat too much of it :)

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5/26/12 8:50 A

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Very thought provoking article.

I like the idea of looking at emotion as energy in motion and also the notion that we eat so as to not experience the emotion. Gives me something to think about. I tend to eat when I am bored and also associate eating with celebrating and parties. Now it makes me think that maybe gorging myself at parties and social events is just a way of comforting myself. It gives me something to do besides socialize and lets me retreat to the world of food instead of the world of people. By nature I am more of an introvert. I love hanging out with my friends and people I know well in groups of 10 or less. I am not comfortable around strangers and often feel out of place at social gatherings where there are people I do not know. For example weddings and big parties. Getting food and eating food keeps me from having to engage with people I do not know it also gives me something to talk about- "isn't this food great?".

Eating when I am bored is more procrastinating. In reality I have no reason to be bored. There is always something I could/should do. Most of the time I am just avoiding it and eating gives me something to do besides what I could/should do. Making and eating food eats time as well.

I rarely eat when I angry or sad. I am very comfortable with anger. I know how to deal with it so I don't feel the need to push it down. When I am sad or depressed I retreat inward and don't want to do anything but sleep. Sleep, not food, is my escape. I am rarely depressed though. Most of the time my mood is pretty balanced. I get annoyed easily but I get over it easily too.

Thanks for posting! I look forward to her future columns. I think I am on her mailing list but don't always get to her emails. I am on a lot of mailing lists and can't get to everything.

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5/26/12 8:02 A

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Isn't it funny how those foods we crave when we feel down, upset or lonely are called "comfort foods", when what they actually do in reality is only add to our discomfort?

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