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7/13/13 1:36 A

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I can't stand spiders - yuck!


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7/12/13 6:01 P

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I don't mind spiders as much as earwigs or millipedes. Yuck!


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7/12/13 8:54 A

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I agree, spiders are the worst!



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7/12/13 8:43 A

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CW - there is no spray that will kill spiders as though it were a community. Spiders have to be sprayed on an individual basis because they are not communal, except those little baby spiders that pop open and a million of them are crawling up and down webs just before they figure out they need to go someplace else. Those you can spray like a community. I learned this when I dispatched a pest control company.

Also, I don't know about the rest of the country any more, but those spiders that jump at you are nasty recluse spiders, which can cause a lot of pain and destruction of the skin and tissues that it bites into. I had a friend that got bit by one on her lower arm. She didn't think anything of it, other than how bad it hurt when it bit her. She is not afraid of any spider and will pick them up with her bare hand to throw them outside. Yuk!!!! Anyway, within an hour, the bite site was red, swollen and burning more than at the start. She put something on it and went to the doctor on an emergency basis. It was determined that it was the brown recluse spider. They knocked her out and cut out a huge portion of her arm where the bite site was. She was miserable for days as it healed and because they had to cut away skin and muscle, she had a nasty scare in a fairly round circle for quite awhile. I haven't seen her in years as shes in WA and I'm in FL so don't know how it looks now, but I figure it's still there. The venom of brown recluses kill the tissue. As it kills tissue, it "bleeds" down in farther, killing more tissue and just keeps going until everything is destroyed or you stop it by cutting out some healthy tissue in order to get ahead of it. Can you imagine what would happen if it bit you near an organ like your eye? Yuk!!!

Theres also the Wolf spider that jumps. He's a mean one, too. But I don't know what his bites do as I've never heard of anyone that was bit by one, but I know they bite and jump.

We have a "new" spider here in FL. FL has everything from every other country in the world here. Boas, you name it, it's here because there was at one time, if they haven't stopped it already, where the rich would come, buy an "exotic" animal, rodent, snack, insect, and make pets of them, then when they were bored with them, they hauled them out to the glades for the gators to deal with. Now the glades have more boas and varieties of snakes, insects, spiders, and killer fish than the rest of the world. Anyway, this new spider acts like a brown recluse in that it will chase you to bite you, it can inflict a nasty bite, but it's smaller than a black widow, looks like a white black widow, and has something red on it's "butt" that looks like a red hourglass shape. I saw one one time. It was in a web, I ran as fast as I could, which at the time was a lot faster than I can run right now, but believe me, if I am running from a spider, I don't care about pains in sides, I'm running like super human speed. I hate the buggers.

It used to be if I saw one, even if it was almost microscopic, I would scream like a woman in an old horror flick. My husband would come running and he'd get a glob of toilet paper wadded in his hand and I would have to direct his hand to the spot on the wall cuz he couldn't see it. Now, I can kill those little ones cuz I discovered one time when I was all alone, I had to react or sit there and scream for no use. I was able to kill the little ones.

I had a garden spider in my bathtub one time. The thing was huge and when I walked into the bathroom, it raised it's two front legs up to spit at me. I asked the neighbor guy if he would kill it. He was chicken of spiders. No help. I grabbed my hairspray and managed to spray it right in the face of that spider. It shriveled up and died. I must have sprayed it several times, nearly emptying the can onto it. I think it took a shovel to peel it's dead carcass up off the bathtub floor.


Anyway, don't believe a pest control person that tells you his spray will keep the spiders away. There isn't a spray that will do that. The only thing I know that comes close to that idea with spiders is to take a strong soap water, spray the building and the plant life down with it, then rinse well. This will kill the bugs the spiders are feeding on. The spiders that are there will get killed because they also get sprayed directly. No new spiders will come back because there are no bugs dwelling in the plants or trees so no reason to hang around.

Have a great day! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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7/12/13 7:55 A

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Me too. Especially those huge spiders that look like they have hair on them. They make my skin crawl and hair stand on end. Oh and these new spider cricket thingies--they kinda look like spiders and jump like crickets-oooh I hate those. Can't stand the little suckers! :-)


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7/12/13 5:27 A

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Spiders! I can't stand the little buggers. I had my house sprayed for carpenter ants which I thought were termites and this spray was suppose to cover spiders as well. Well I think it just produced more. I live in the "woods" so I'm pretty used to having them but they just freak me out. I also think I was recently invaded by the daddy long leggers. Now when I was a kid, I used to play with them all the time. Now I can't even pick them up to rid them.

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7/12/13 5:22 A

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What insect makes you the most uncomfortable, if any?

Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Try not to compare yourself to others...this is about YOU...and YOU are worth it!! :))

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