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MYOWNME's Photo Posts: 34
9/22/07 10:01 A

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Errrg, I had a binge!
It was the Yom Kippur fast, and I gust knew that this was going to happened!
I am not religious or anything but here in Israel itís a holyday that really isolates you, everybody are at home with families, everything is closed.
Anyway, my therapist thought that itíll be best if I donít even try to fast because it might bring on a binge, and so I didnít, but this holiday gust brings such huge food awareness, in a matter of hours a binge built itself up, I tried everything t could to prevent it, I ate healthy and good during the day, I bought my favorite fruit as healthy snacks I tried to keep my self busy as best as I could, but eventually it still happened, I went to the kitchen in the middle of the night and ate almost all the sponge cake my mom brought.
This month was my first B/P and restricting free month in almost 5 years, I was doing so good.
I know its gust a slip and ill be right back on the program, I know its only natural to slip up, but still, this gust feels sooo bad and guilty.
well, at least i didn't purge.

Edited by: MYOWNME at: 9/22/2007 (10:08)
Choose life!


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