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3/28/10 4:21 P

Ok first take a look at and their nutrition articles. Yes they are body builders but what they are talking about works for anyone who works out. They even give sample diet plans. Rmember they are building muscle and keeping fat off.

Next go to someplace like And look for Fast Vegan recipe or cookbooks. There are quite a few floating around like McDougall's Quick and Easy with recipes under 15 mins to prepare. The reason I recommend Powells is because they have used books at a great price and ship anything over 50 bucks free. The time they made a mistake on my order and I would have had to pay shipping because I was under the 50 dollars, they emailed me and said they were so sorry the book wasn't in stock and I could keep the free shipping because it was their fault, unlike another large company I bought from with a name of a large river who made ME pay for THEIR MISTAKE. [still mad about that one] And they buy the used books and sell them in house.

You can also record the names, go to your local library and if they don't have them ask them if they can get them interlibrary loan. Then copy the recipes you use and like.

If you are going to work out, you have to eat. Your body needs fuel to feed itself. No you don't have to replace all the calories if you are seeking to lose weight but you still have to feed it to have the energy to work out.

If I am in the middle of a workout and the energy starts to drag, I'll grab a candy cane break it into small pieces and suck on the small pieces. [
vegan-candy-canes in case someone says where do you get them. I was lucky enough to find them at clearout in our local discount warehouse store] Why? Sugar equals energy and it is fast energy. The however is it meets my need to tear down muscle to build muscle and if you are strictly weight loss, you don't want to do that so you have to make sure everything is fed properly before you start.

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3/28/10 12:24 A

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If you find you can't continue with one type of workout, try doing something different, even if you just do a little bit. Sometimes a workout just becomes boring. Try doing some light weights, go for a walk or put on some music or a silly musical and dance around the living room. It's good to change things up once in a while. Maybe you just need some fun. Good luck to you!

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3/27/10 4:37 A

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Thanks everyone. I feel a bit better :) I still have alot of questions regarding the fitness side though....oh well

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3/26/10 11:54 A

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Aimeley, You sound desperate and frustrated right now because you don't know what to do. It is good that you reached out to Spark.

The first thing you need is a plan. It is amazing how much easier it is to stick to something if you have written goals and a plan to follow.

To make a plan you need to have information. Spark Recipes has many vegan recipes that you can follow. Also there are tons of cookbooks out there that will help you plan meals and snacks. If you want to lose weight, there are many books out there that are vegan based diet books. A few I can think of are "The Kind Diet" "Skinny Bitch" "The Engine 2 Diet" "Thrive" All of these books can be found in your local library or bookstore.

Good luck and keep going.

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3/26/10 10:24 A

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Also, Aimeley, lots of veggies--raw and/or cooked--beans--cooked and/or sprouted, and fruit--those should all be part of a healthy and fit vegan's diet. You could do cooked veggie with grains and/or beans to make it a full meal. ;)

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3/26/10 6:23 A

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Hi Aimeley,

Good to see you here. :)

Here is what is working for me (a fellow junk food lover). Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect right away. Five minutes of cardio is better than what you were doing. Log in to SparkPeople every day and participate and you will find yourself motivated to add new exercises little by little. You will join challenges that motivate you to incorporate more fruits and vegetables. And then slowly you will find lasting change happening. You are off to a great start!

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3/26/10 5:12 A

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I go through phases where I eat really well for a while then I eat badly but basically lately I have just been eating badly and have been in a weird mood and feeling unlike myself. Ten minutes ago I started one of my high cardio workouts and just went 'nup' after 5 minutes.
I think it's because my diet today consisted of pizza, white bread, soy chocolate and fruit. Obviously my normal fruit breakfast is good (with chia seeds) but the rest looks like crap doesn't it?
Anyway to cut a long story short, since I'm pretty new to exercising every day and really valuing it, can someone please help me with recipes and things you should absolutely be eating as a fit vegan (apart from tofu and tempeh I don't know exactly) and are things like protein drinks necessary?
I am just in one of those stages where I have no motivation or initiative to try things out and I know that if I don't ask for help I will stack the weight on again waiting to be motivated to exercise :(

I have always struggled with food. When I eat really healthily all I think about is eating junk food :P
Thanks everyone

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