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8/14/13 12:06 A

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Sigh... sometimes I don't even get to look at my computer until this time of night. I miss good conversations. It was a chock-full day! We are having a garage sale on Saturday, so today I made the kids go through ALL their stuff and purge purge purge! They did it rather cheerfully, surprisingly, and were more than willing to get rid of the vast majority of their old toys. I am SO thrilled to be getting so much junk and clutter out of my house! After my week of projects and organizing/purging, and now today with the kids' stuff... I feel light and free!

The kids and I are heading camping tomorrow morning, just until Friday. A short, fun little trip while we still can. It's back to work for me soon, so I am cramming the fun in while I can!


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8/13/13 2:51 P

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Some days are just for grousing. It's nice out and once again here I sit looking out when I should be out. Inside jobs were just not meant for me but I always did the "right thing" and what was expected instead of what I wanted and it's too late now to change horeses midstream. Whah!

I'm going to walk to the natural foods store today (2 mi r/t) and see what new and unusal veggies they have, get more glucomannan and new curry powder- mine's been in the cupborad too long and isn't as curry-ish as I remember it. I may or may not come back from lunch.

I have pretty much no leave left either and I have an appointment schedule Thursday and another next Tuesday that will take the eniter afternoon. I'm supposed to schedule a procedure for my back and one with the regular doc so I can get my scrips refilled- like she can do anything- I need them. Nothing has changed, just a way for them to make money every 3 months.

The hub leaves today! Yea! I get my nice quiet house back with no mess. I now can pull out my little freezer meals. My groceries will last (and not be gobbled up because they are there). I have my own half of the bed! (dog and cat can sleep on his side). 6 weeks of bliss! No TV, no music (his dumb iPod). I do wish he'd be home to fix things, walk the dog, do the shopping- I have all the household stuff to do myself now but hey, I can't have everything.

Now to decide what I'm going to do after work. . . what will I eat? ? ?

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8/13/13 1:00 P

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Maw, I don't think you'll regret having the surgery done sooner.

Woubbie, grouse all you want, I'm feeling the same way! Sometimes you just have to get it all out. And speaking about those machines - they squished me so bad at my Aug. 1 mammo that I was still sore a week later - to the point where I had a hard mass that finally went away after putting heat on it for a couple nights. The one I had yesterday didn't make me sore. But it's another reason I'm thinking about spreading them about a little more. This one was 14 months, I may go to 18 or even 24.

OK, done complaining. I'm going to make it as good a day as possible, all things considered.

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8/13/13 12:50 P

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Hello Everyone, I'm home & everyone is gone. I find myself emotionally drained today. I did the clean up in the kitchen & got the coffee machine descaling. I'm in bed & just resting & thinking pleasant thoughts.

Emotional drain is something I didn't identify early in life. Now I know the difference between physical tired & over-use & emotional drain of wonderful events. I've taken care of so many people over the last 3 weeks that I'm now just taking care of my needs today. That means staying in my night gown, staying in my bedroom & rest, sleep, meditate, watch t.v., drink water & not commit to anything.

I do have my calendar programmed for 5:45 pm to take my bath, wash my hair, clean up the rental room, vacuum, put the slide projector & all slides away. By 9:00 pm the house should be organized & ready for the new roomie to move in tomorrow.

I do need to remember that everyone makes their own decisions. I can walk away & not bring their drama into my life. I also want to remember that if I spread myself too thin, I need to walk away. When I hear my friend & family say over and over . . "I'm just stubborn . . . . ." and then continue to complain about ____________________ and not do anything to help themselves; that's their decision.

I'm streamlining the walk away and not take on any responsibility for their 'happiness'. LOL!
This is a challenge for me. I'll stay home today & not accept any phone calls, turned off my iPod & just float in my own happiness. It takes decades to learn when to stop.

On point for food today. On point for water. I still have my supplements to finish. It's my decision to be healthy. It's my decision to do what's good for me. I'm a very lucky woman. YIPPEEEEE! Connie

Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
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8/13/13 12:25 P

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Ugh. As if one intrusive and painful procedure weren't enough. And tell me, why aren't all mammography machines designed for facedown position, so that gravity works WITH you not against you? If men needed these done on a regular basis you can be darn sure they would change that, and pronto.

Sorry, Kris, I'm just grousing about every single thing today! I hope your biopsy goes smoothly and you come back with a clean bill of health!

I've been putting off and putting off my own checkup for months now. I just HATE to burn a precious vacation day on one more chore instead of actual leisure, and at this point I'm technically out of days anyway. Once both kids are back in school and I get a whole new slew of vacation days from my new Opco I'll get it all done in September. I'm not having any obvious problems so it's been kind of easy to just coast.

Well, break's over. Paper calls me!

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8/13/13 12:08 P

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Just saw the knee doctor and scheduled knee replacement surgery. Yikes! I was ready for it when I scheduled the appointment, but since then I got a corticosteroid shot that has worked miracles. According the the surgeon, the shots could buy me maybe a year, possibly two, but that's it. And since I have met my high deductible for this year, it really makes sense to go ahead and do it. I was really surprised that he didn't question my weight or anything else. Apparently the xrays were pretty conclusive.

Other than that (which took all morning), I need to take Tater to the shelter to get a bath (diarrhea and poop in his coat), but other than that I'm going to hang around the house and try to kick this cold.

8/13/13 11:55 A

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Fitkris, I have read and heard quite a bit recently about the controversy around the frequency of mammograms and the supposed over-diagnosis of breast cancer, and I have mixed feelings. My doctor told me that she really thinks my call-back is because of overlying tissues (which has happened before), so I'm sure a lot of the follow-up on an initial mammogram is just for clarification or better-safe-than-sorry treatment. I dunno. I'll call today to make my follow-up appointment, but I have to drive an hour + each way so scheduling will be challenging!

I can't think that regular exposure to radiation is good for the body - especially when it is in the same place year after year. My mammo was done on films this year but I swear that the last time they did it (same place) it was digital, so there has to be variations in the way tissue is captured.

Anyways... I'm at my desk and it's already hot and stuffy in here. I have a rotating fan in the hall, a short rotating fan in the window behind me, and another window open on my right side. When my boss gets here I'm hoping having his office open will increase the air flow more! Busy work to do on my desk and then I'm leaving early for a dentist appointment at 3:30. I know I have to do all that maintenance stuff, but I sure like a nice, quiet day with no running around after work!


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8/13/13 11:28 A

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In reference to yesterday's comments about my upcoming biopsy, the mammogram that I had the first of August was my first digital one, and I think these newer machines are showing things that previously weren't readily apparent. So I think many of us women will be having follow up mammos and biopsies that we didn't have before. My sister and an aunt both have had biopsies recently (both fine). Haven't decided if this is a good thing or not, and there is some controversy about how often mammos are really needed. My mother had breast cancer so I don't want to take any chances, but does exposing yourself to radiation year after year increase your risk of cancer? I believe studies show a slight increase.

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One of the most important keys to Success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don't feel like doing it. - Unknown
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