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7/10/13 7:56 A

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Had a Dr apt today. She is keeping up with my weight loss with me so I can have surgery for my acid reflux later I hope.
The good news was I lost 6 pounds in one month and 3 days. Not to bad. Of course I wish it had of been more(we all do) but 6 is good amount of loss so i am happy with that.

This is the link to the Atkins website. even tho I dont fully do it the atkins way anymore I do still eat from the atkins food list/eat. I just count carbs different than they do.

Watch this about the atkins program.

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7/9/13 9:23 P

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down with a cold today. started to get a sore throat saturday night. so, had a sore throat all day sunday. tried to rest and get better, but, by monday, i felt like crap. so, monday and today were a wash. mostly slept. starting to feel better now.
but, my dh went to vegas monday morning and i was looking forward to getting lots done while he's gone and now 2 days have been wasted. emoticon very annoying.
on the plus side. i am so happy to be alone with my sickness. the house is quiet. just have to feed the animals and open the doors for them and everything's pretty much taking care of itself.
i do hope i am recovered tomorrow. i'll still have 3 days alone and hopefully won't be too far behind in the things i hope to get done.
well, back to reading a book and finishing my booster juice (oh yeah, i did pop out to get something for dinner and thought a big milkshake sounded good. i never have these things. it tastes wonderful. so cold and refreshing on my poor throat)

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7/9/13 8:40 P

Woubbie - that meal sounds delish!

Today was one of those "I can't get anything done that I need to" days. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get back into my normal schedule.

Russell - Good to hear from you. Stay out of the heat. Too stressful.


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7/9/13 7:58 P

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glad you are o.k. Russell! emoticon

Joyfully~ Eliz in Minnesota

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7/9/13 7:50 P

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Yay, Russell's okay! Glad you're back and glad you're feeling better. I'm thinking if you HAD choked the roommate unconscious the authorities may have traced the assault back to you, so I'm glad you opted not to...

I had a quiet day at work. Once again, for various reasons, the admin assistant and I were abandoned and were the only ones there. I admit to some non-productive gabbing, but I also kept the year end stuff moving, did payroll, and shuffled Very Important Stuff around.

Left early and now I'm hanging with the boys and trying to cool the house down. I have a pork tenderloin planned for dinner - keeping with the pig theme of the day - and I drooled on my laptop over the picture of Woubbie's lunch! I'll probably have an exciting side dish like, um, salad.



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7/9/13 7:00 P

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Just got out of the hospital. They gave me carby food, but not enough to keep me from getting a low blood sugar today. I had a turkey sandwich, 4 ozs. SF jello, and a few ozs of diet ginger ale ( yuck! ), in the first 24 hours. Then they ran some tests, and 4 hours later, I ate some fish, and broccoli, and 4 ozs of milk.

Their suggestion was to drink 1 liter of total fluids a day ( 35 ozs? ), and cut sodium to 1000 mg. My tests all came back good, and they think I may have just had a back muscle issue, and too much sodium, and water intake. I have been drinking 12 glasses a day for years, and now they suggest 4 glasses of total fluid intake. The sodium I kind of knew was a problem. I ate canned beans, and sausage every day. Some of my issues could have been from A-fib too, so basically rest,and eating healthy are the prescription.

I am now home, feeling relatively good, and thawing chicken to have with some tomatoes for supper, then going to get some rest. I did not sleep well in the hospital. My roommate kept it so cold I had to breathe through the blanket, or else it hurt to inhale. You could feel the cold if you got within 10 feet of the door. He'd been there for 3 weeks though, and I knew I was just in for a tune-up ( under 2 days ), so I decided not to choke him unconscious, and reset the thermometer. The nurses were used to him. I guess he is a regular visitor.

I am hoping that I feel even better when I get back on low carb. I have no cravings, since I just ate fish, and broccoli today, and then a salad when I escaped ( I had oil/vinegar dressing at home ). I skipped meat on my salad and had green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and fresh mushrooms. With chicken/tomatoes tonight, I should be back into ketosis.

I did lose 1.2 lbs while there, but I think it was due to being on a 500 calorie diet. I also feel sleepy, and hope my energy returns, so I can walk. I did do about 20 laps today at the hospital, but am going to take a nap already, so I have the energy to cook, and watch TV.

I am going to try 6 glasses of water tomorrow, and see if that is enough, and stick to very low carb. My biggest worry is that dehydration leads to gout attacks. Hoping this is just a bump in the road, and I can get back to normal quickly.

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- Albert Einstein

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7/9/13 5:26 P

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It's only Tuesday?!?

Still looks pretty darn good to me! I went to a Ditka's in Chicago years ago- don't recall what I had. I do recall another place somewhere in the midwest where I got an Iowa chop and boy howdy was it GOOD! Funny, I had a pork chop for breakfast this monring (and dinner last night) and one of the meats I cut & wrapped last night was a loin roast and a bunch of little porkchops. Anthony Bourdain is right, it IS all about the pig and darn it all, we have no pig emoticon. . .

Since the Hub fileted the fish he brought home last night, tonight I have to vacuum pack them- no gardening/sewing/reading or other wise screwing the pooch for this one tonight. Me thinks the Hub is going to get a lesson in LC cooking and he can make dinner!

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2. Get organized- mise en place as the French say.

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7/9/13 3:18 P

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I was just commenting on another thread how I loved pork chops but they were so expensive!! LOL!! I need a job with a few free lunches!! LOL!!
Lucky you!

Joyfully~ Eliz in Minnesota

my WOE is up to 50 g. carb, moderate protein, no sweeteners of any kind, high in good fats, and only REAL food!

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7/9/13 3:07 P

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Hi! I was going to post a link to today's thread on someone's blog and lo and behold there WAS no today's thread, lol!

Had a lovely lunch today. A bigshot vendor of ours invited three of us out for lunch so I requested Ditka's, which I've always wanted to go to but can't really afford right now. Had a really good pork chop in cherry sauce and a small caesar salad. It came with peach compote and mashed sweet potatoes as sides so I tried them as well. They were fine, but two bites each were enough. There's a picture here that seriously doesn't do it justice:

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