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7/5/13 9:16 P

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Ran errands mostly and visited w/ my mom on her job on her lunch break.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
George Eliot

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7/5/13 7:18 P

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Sorry about your fridge Maw, but look on the bright side- it worked for 22 years! Appliances don't last like that anymore, I have a 7 year old DW that needs to be replaced already and I don't do that many dishes. And, the new frdges are SUPER COOL! Not long ago I had to get a new W & D, the others tht weren't that old either crapped out and it would have been almost as much to repair them so I got the nifty red LG models- I actaully like doing laundry now.

Did you give the repairmen a kitten?

I keep chickens and I regularly go 3 weeks with the eggs- fresh eggs don't peel worth a darn so I let some sit a lot longer.

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1. Stop wasting money- Save money

2. Exercise- do something every day

3. Get organized- mise en place

4. Write a letter by hand at least once a week.

Every day this side of the sod is a good day-
not sure who said it

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JLKL1980's Photo Posts: 1,151
7/5/13 5:35 P

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Maw - that's too bad about your old fridge. The items that need to keep things cool - like fridges and air conditioners always seem to go out in hot weather. At least in the winter, you can put your food in a cooler outside - if it's cold enough, but not in the summer.

Hopefully, you will be able to find one still on sale from the July 4th sales. Sometimes they stay on sale through the weekend.


George S. Patton-You're never beaten until you admit it.

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7/5/13 3:07 P

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The repairman was here. He said my fridge is 22 years old, and is a model that had enough compressor problems that he learned how to do compressor repairs by fixing them under warranty. Said he's never seen one as old as mine that still had the original compressor. But now it's over. He said I need to get a new one - and he doesn't even sell them! I'm hoping there are still 4th of July sales on major appliances.

I am definitely NOT handy, though I have learned a little bit lately. I'm definitely not up to fixing refrigerators!

JLKL1980's Photo Posts: 1,151
7/5/13 2:56 P

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Things were crazy for me around my house last week. Mostly it has been car and truck issues and the bother of taking them in and waiting in the lobby while the vehicles get repaired.

I took some low carb reading material. If only reading about low carb restriction could make the weight loss happen more easily. Oh well, I'm just being a whiner.

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July! emoticon


George S. Patton-You're never beaten until you admit it.

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NOWYOUDIDIT's Photo SparkPoints: (24,060)
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7/5/13 2:23 P

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emoticon I married my "un-handy" mother/husband. My dad was handy- I thought all men were? I fix what I can- and then hire other men. It stinks!

Joyfully~ Eliz in Minnesota

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FIINALEE's Photo SparkPoints: (3,907)
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7/5/13 2:22 P

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I have my farm fresh eggs for 4 weeks before I've used them. I've never been sick or thought they had a smell. I'm happy to scramble them & add some cheese with some garlic powder & fresh ground pepper. Yummmm! Good luck. Connie

Hugs to Surround Us All as a Group! Connie, in WI
The pleasant thought for me today is _______________.
Show Up Today . . . Set your shoulders . . Put On a Smile

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LUCYSUNFLOWER's Photo Posts: 6,645
7/5/13 1:13 P

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Maw, I have had two refrigerators die on the 4th of July weekend two years in a row! The one I bought when I bought this house died (after seven years of use) on the hottest day of the year right after garbage day... I had rotting meat triple bagged in my garbage for a week and I was sure that the stench followed me in to work and would earn me a visit from a crime scene investigation team after a call from the neighbors. A coworker actually gave me their old fridge and it turned out to be identical to the one that died. It died a year to the day later!! Now I have a third one like it and so far, so good. I hope you can get yours repaired - they just told me to pull the sheet up over mine! I was twitchy about it for a long time and kept almost nothing in the freezer because of Dead Meat flashbacks. I think I'm okay (normalish) now! LOL

I'm having a day off - walked the boys, worked out, and now I'm headed out for a massage, and then a long overdue haircut!


"Normal is not something to aspire to - it's something to get away from." -- Jodie Foster

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." --Albert Einstein

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WOUBBIE's Photo SparkPoints: (59,218)
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7/5/13 1:07 P

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Day off today. Kids are still sleeping at 1pm!!! Lucky buggers.

Mostly playing WoW this morning so far. Gotta get off my butt though and accomplish some things for the day.

DH is at school, but before he left this morning he let me know that the thermocouple on the water heater needs to be replaced, so he's stopping after school to pick one up. So, cold shower it was! Meh. If we were camping we'd be glad to get even that, so I'm not going to complain. I'm just glad DH is so handy. A lot like my dad (no coincidence there, I probably chose my DH partly BECAUSE he knows how to do all this stuff! I have no patience with men who have to hire someone to screw in a lightbulb).

We do nearly all the work on the house and the cars ourselves (he's the skilled one, but I'm a solid second and an excellent "helper". Dad taught me well!) Unfortunately, having mad mechanical skills does NOT always go hand in hand with having motivation, nor with being a good "finisher". Thus, parts of the house still haven't been touched in over 20 years of living here. Getting there, though, getting there....

Have a great Friday, all!

Pray for Ukraine... Slava Ukraina!

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SUZANNEYEA's Photo Posts: 4,342
7/5/13 12:21 P

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I might actually be able to get out and see a movie today! I want to see The Heat. It starts at 1:40 and James is still napping. The timing would be perfect. But, I have to see if dh is free this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed!
I need to go check our fridge. My niece was trying to get a glass of water and I think she pushed a few buttons. I heard it ringing.

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7/5/13 11:35 A

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What a day this is turning out to be. The ice packs in the fridge didn't keep it cold enough, so I spent some time cleaning out the fridge. Fortunately I was able to get someone to come over this afternoon to try to fix it. Then to the library to meet a woman from South Korea that I will be tutoring in ESL. Then back home to clean up the kitchen before the repairman gets here. The fridge guy is supposed to get here between 1 and 3, and the a/c guy (checkup only - it's working fine, knock on wood) between 2 and 4. Then to the Y for a swim. Doesn't really sound like much, but that's because you haven't seen my kitchen! Or my whole house, for that matter. I can close off the bedrooms so they don't need to be cleaned up, but I do have to do something about the kitchen and living room.

Didn't do much yesterday except go to the Y and swim and sit in the hot tub.

I have glads that came up for a second year. They're not supposed to do that. You're supposed to dig them up every fall and replant them in the spring. I didn't do that. Some of the flower stems are almost as tall as I am. They're doing much better than they did last year. Same with the dahlias, which are also not supposed to winter over. I'm not complaining.

Have a great day everyone, and a great weekend!

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