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6/18/13 2:54 P

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Suzanne, sounds like that mom needs some soft-spoken guys in white jackets to gently take her away and medicate her...

My Tuesday at work is turning out to be quiet but full. Everyone left and is on the road, but the admin person and I are still here. The guy who went off on me on the phone last week sort of apologized yesterday, but I didn't say much. I am just glad he's out of the office and on the road - and I hope his credit card works on this trip!

I did a load of cooking last night so tonight I can coast. I have an investment club meeting after work and then I'm going to hang out with the Schnauzers and relax.


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6/18/13 2:19 P

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haha exotec. maybe you can harness your 'kiss of death' for good. buy monsanto products and they'll soon never be seen on the shelves again!
budgetmaw: i use the wood pellets for cat litter, cuz we also use them for the horses' bedding. i actually find that it doesn't smell. you have to dampen it to get it to swell and turn into sawdust before use. and perhaps in different places they use different wood. maybe we have something like cedar in ours for odour control. who knows? but, it's $4 for 50 pounds of the stuff and it lasts like crazy.

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6/18/13 1:43 P

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Just another busy working day. Had to drop off the younger son very early at the school for a trip to Cedar Point (lucky thing!) with marching band. So I get out a few minutes early today - woohoo!

Suzanne, maybe your "mom" can use those skills to run for governor of Alaska or something. Is she a "pit bull with lipstick"?

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6/18/13 12:03 P

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I don't have a real game plan for today. I have some things I OUGHT to be doing.
Perhaps I'll do some of them!

I can't really plan anything for "out", because my pulmonary specialist admonished me to go back on my (prescribed) furosemide (Lasix™), and I'm semi-bound to "that little room" while I'm on it. Unfortunately. She relented to let me take it 3 times a week instead of daily. Thank the gods for small favors, I suppose.

@ *MAW ~
I used to use a litter made from crushed/ground citrus peels. It was amazing. It was absorbent, and very mildly citrus-y when dry...but when it was wet, all you smelled was a wonderful citrus perfume....sort of like how the trees smell in bloom. The kitty didn't object to it at all. The granules were also a bit larger, like pellets. I wasn't able to find it after a while - when I'd gotten really hooked on it. Naturally. It's the "kiss of death" for me to get attached to any sort of commercial product. I can't tell you how many great food items I've touched, to their subsequent demise.

I suppose I ought to go see about doing something I *should* be doing, instead of what I'd *rather* be doing!

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they've forgotten we're really just animals ...
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We did not create the web of life; we are but a strand in it.
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6/18/13 11:42 A

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I had to get the boys to their workout at the gym by 8 and my daughter to my dad's by 8:30, and then back to pick up the boys by 9, so no early morning walk for me today. Luckily, it's overcast and breezy so I managed to get the walk in after the chauffeuring. Hope you all have a great day!

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6/18/13 10:51 A

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It's an overcast, dreary day here. I just can't seem to get 'back in gear' so-to-speak. Ever since I got back from my trip to CA, I've had several 'annual' exams set up/done, little projects to finish, juggling my budget, and trying to get back on track. My trainer has been booked up too. So I haven't been able to book some of his time to help get me motivated again. At least yesterday, I set foot in the gym! lol I picked up their monthly classes schedule and to see if my trainer happened to be there. I was going to start working out today, but its going to rain and I still have a couple of things to do at home to finish (rearranging my cupboards, trying to put sliding closet doors on in my bedroom, and doing the floors). So, again, I'm putting the exercising off till tomorrow. Ugh! I am not even completely back on my LC eating either, but I AM getting there. I'm hoping that tomorrow will be my 'kick off day' to both. Will start by doing Induction again and just working out on my own. I already know what to do at the gym and I know i will feel better once I start! Just have to DO it!!! Wish me luck! lol Feeling unmotivated right now! :(

Have a great day everyone!

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6/18/13 8:54 A

Suzanne - I had to laugh about the screaming mom.

I am thinking about finally adding some exercise in to my program today. I have to stick with Richard Simmons because if it isn't fun, I won't do it.


George S. Patton-You're never beaten until you admit it.

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6/18/13 8:39 A

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Meeting my friends at the playground today. same old same old, lol.
Last night a mom on the other team lost it! she was screaming at our coach, screaming at our was weird. These boys are 10. They do not really need their mommies defending them anymore.

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6/18/13 8:27 A

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I'm going to work! I hv to scan all the deodorant in a bunch of stores! I hate these kind of surveys!

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6/18/13 8:25 A

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Have to go get some compressed pine pellet horse bedding for my cats. That's what the shelter uses as litter. It is less dusty than kitty litter and gets tracked less. And it's a lot cheaper than kitty litter. However, it's not much good at absorbing odors.

I had planned to go there after my doctor's appointment this morning, since I'll be in the neighborhood. But they called late yesterday to reschedule, so I'll have to make a special trip. Oh well. I do try to keep my trips to a minimum, both to save money on gas and to reduce my impact on the environment.

Nothing else planned for today except giving my new family some love and attention!

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