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6/9/13 4:11 P

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So many of us need this thread. I have been going up and down the same three pounds for a month now, of course I am happy to see it the lower but sad to see the higher. Like many I feel that I am doing something wrong but at the same time I just keep going. For me it don't help that my Dr feels that I am not losing like I should be giving my weight. I wish I could lose the way she feels I should but I still feel at times that she thinks its only a matter of burning off the calories that goes in type of deal but that don't work for me been there done that to many times.

This is the link to the Atkins website. even tho I dont fully do it the atkins way anymore I do still eat from the atkins food list/eat. I just count carbs different than they do.

Watch this about the atkins program.

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6/8/13 9:59 P

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Thanks for the thread. I've been dealing with a looooooong stall. Even though I KNOW the stuff you're all talking about here, it still gets frustrating. The reminder to keep focused on what's really important is useful, and I appreciate it.
I lost until I hit my lowest weight in months, then I gained a couple of pounds, then just stayed there. On the other hand, I've lost about an inch in the waist and a couple of the derriere, so I guess things are rearranging themselves without consulting me, huh?
This is not a diet for me. This is the way my body needs for me to eat. I just need to remember that when the "benefits" like weight loss aren't showing up as quickly as I'd like.
So, again, thanks for the reminder.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got.

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6/8/13 2:12 P

MONAD - The reply you made to this topic really helped my attitude during my current stall. Loved the comparison to the banker. ha ha emoticon


George S. Patton-You're never beaten until you admit it.

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6/8/13 1:29 P

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LOL! This is such a common issue it probably ought to be included in the team description blurb!

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Love thy neighbor. No exceptions.
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6/8/13 12:14 P

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Yes, there will be stalls, and they are really, really frustrating, but they are not a cause for alarm, provided you stay within your low-carb protocol.

BUDGETMAW is right, the best thing to do is just hang in there and look at the bright side: The scale might not be cooperating, but your body is hard at work figuring things out.

During my active weight-loss phase, I was surprised to see how my body tended to "rearrange" itself, which was evident in the inches lost. The weight doesn't come off uniformly across all areas. Sometimes you lose more around the waist, other times it's the arms or legs that "shrink". Quite amazing how the body figures out how to stay "shapely".

I like to compare my body to my banker watching my savings accounts (body fat).
If the banker sees me spending recklessly (rapid weight loss), she will "freeze my accounts" for a while (stall). After doing some calculations how quickly I will run out of money at the current rate, she might then put me on an "allowance" (smaller weight losses each week).

After all, my banker does not know that I am not planning to irresponsibly squander my savings until there is none left. It's kind of a trust issue.

Right now, my body has put me on a spending moratorium, so to speak. After losing close to 60 pounds rather quickly, I have been on a plateau for an extended period of time, but I do still see changes in my body shape.

I have a feeling that my "banker" is topping me up with fluid to replace the fat I have been burning. Let's hope that I will see that "whoosh" anytime soon now!

Highest weight ever: 220 pounds. Followed the IP protocol from June to December 2012 and lost 58 pounds.

In Maintenance mode since January 2013. Have been able to maintain a lot of my weight loss, but regained about 20 pounds over 2 years

Time to take another run at "reducing"

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6/8/13 9:07 A

Maw - thanks for the post - I really appreciate your input on this stall thing. emoticon


George S. Patton-You're never beaten until you admit it.

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6/8/13 7:48 A

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That's where I am now. Each week during the first 2 weeks, 3 pounds dropped off quickly, now I'm at a trickle. Patience is not my virtue! LOL!! Thanks Maw for the pep talk!

My weight fluctuates a lot due to fluid retention. I hope to quit my diuretic soon. Especially since I've lost a lot of fluid eating LC. Right now I can weigh quite low before breakfast, but then after my water and food I go up 3 or -2 pounds up and down all day. So I pick a number in the middle, not the lowest number, not the highest number. Clothes are loose that's a plus!

I still tell myself- remember how much pain you used to have!

Joyfully~ Eliz in Minnesota

my WOE is up to 50 g. carb, moderate protein, no sweeteners of any kind, high in good fats, and only REAL food!

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6/8/13 7:25 A

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After James was born, the weight was coming off very easily. Then it stopped...for four weeks. I even bought clothes because I thought this was my new size. I was eating healthy, so I was not going to change my menu. Then , the rest of the weight suddenly fell off. I made no changes.

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6/8/13 7:17 A

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A couple of new members of the team have expressed concern that they weren't losing after their first two weeks on Induction, and were wondering what they were doing wrong. In all likelihood, nothing. They are simply experiencing a common phenomonen, the Post Induction Stall.

After losing well during the first two or three weeks, many people find that their weight loss stops cold in the third or fourth week. They get anxious and frustrated and, unfortunately, many people give up at this point. DON'T DO IT! This is perfectly natural and is simply your body's way of adjusting to that initial big change in weight.

After a few weeks, your body will decide that all is well and that it has adjusted to the new weight, and will probably let go with as "whoosh." Also known as a visit from the Whoosh Fairy. You may lose two or three pounds overnight, then continue on at a slower rate until the next stall or plateau.

Don't worry about it, and don't fret, and don't start trying to tweak your diet. Keep on doing the same things you were doing before when you were losing so nicely. You know that worked for you. If you start tweaking things now, you won't know what is working and what isn't, whether you are experiencing a Post Induction Stall or a visit from the Whoosh Fairy. If things haven't started moving after four weeks (an eternity, I know!), then it's time to consider some tweaking. But unless you have gone over four weeks with no loss of weight OR INCHES, then you haven't stalled and shouldn't mess with success.

It is so much easier to tell you not to worry when your weight loss stalls for two or three or four weeks (or even for a couple of days!) than it is to follow my own advice. But get used to it. You will experience the occasional plateau as you continue to lose. You'll do better in the long run if you just accept that they are a part of any weight loss program. In the meantime, concentrate on the other positive changes that have occurred as a result of following this way of life. More energy, better blood work, inches lost, or whatever. Just hang in there!

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