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4/17/13 12:42 P

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Suzanne, your WOE is looking more and more appealing, just for the simplicity.

I took yesterday off from work as when I woke up my left arm was extremely painful. No idea why, hadn't done anything in the last couple days that might have strained it, but I couldn't move it without pain. Even more weirdly, it's basically OK now. It will still very slightly painful when I straightened my arm fully this morning (inside of elbow), but now nothing.

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4/17/13 9:49 A

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LOL, Suzanne! You make me smile! I'll be heading to the store myself to pick up some more burger meat. I am quite addicted to cheeseburgers, but I'm trying to balance everything out.
Today, I will go to the gym for my workout. I am trying to go M-F in my quest to break into the 140s before I leave on my trip to CA on May 6th. I am SO close! I lost another lb (if it stays off!) and down to 151. I still have 2 weeks left and this CAN be done! :) After gym, need to go to the bank and Walmart for a couple of things. Then, home, and maybe I'll get outside to put the mulch down in my garden. Looks like its going to be a nice (60s) day. Threat of rain later. Have a Blessed day everyone!

4/17/13 9:33 A

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Oh Maw, I certainly understand (and relate) to the AF stuff. no fun. :( My rhythm went off last night too (stress, no doubt, this time), but sorted itself in a short time, for a change. My ablation, almost 3 yrs ago, was not a guaranteed cure, but it has sure helped a lot.

That said, I told the landlord about our search/need for a house/workshop together, and she agreed to work with us as best she can. Of course, she doesn't want the house empty, nor do we -- as we would have to pay until she found a buyer or renter (a renter is much more likely, but who knows?). So she has decided to put it up for sale, expecting little or no interest; her price is VERY high for this area, but she doesn't want to budge. It is a lovely home, but the neighbourhood, while quite safe with nice neighbours, is not exactly full of these types of houses. This lovely and large, 1 story home is surrounded by terraced houses (called Row Houses in parts of the US), so its value is less than she is asking. On the other hand, the house is really lovely and it may appeal to someone. It will be a matter of that buyer being out there and finding this home.

So, we will continue to look. If she has a buyer, she will discuss with us - it takes 10-12 weeks for houses to close over here, so I was told, so we'd still have nearly 3 months to get sorted elsewhere.

If we can't find what we want, we'd have to move to a house on its own again, and pray we wouldn't have to leave again (the previous 2 houses to this were supposed to be renewed for several years, but in each case, it didn't happen; the first time, they moved back into the house, and the 2nd one decided to sell rather than rent out).

My hubby is really worried and upset, to say the least -- he is afraid we'll keep having to move houses every year or so. I can't blame him, as that is unappealing (abhorrent) to me, as well. SIGH

If/when we find a place, and this house has not been sold, the landlord will then offer it for rent (if she doesn't do that before we find a place, but she DID say she isn't in a rush on that at the moment). I'm scared too, but I know we will be okay.. I just pray we won't need to keep moving.

So here we go -- I guess I keep bringing my own stress into my life, but I certainly don't intend to! :( At least I am not eating over all of this!

Gotta finish packing orders and then make my post office run, adn FINALLY get the dogs to the park. Phewww what a day.


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4/17/13 8:51 A

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Maw glad you are ok! Have you ever tried magnesium? For that ? I've heard done scientist on Jimmie Moore talk about it!
I was gone for 14 hours yesterday in the car with work yuck!
I got happy family from a Chinese restaurant for to go for dinner asked no sauce, guess what SAUCE! It prob had gluten an sugar in it! I hate it when they don't do what you ask!
On the road again ! Have a great day!

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4/17/13 8:33 A

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Good morning, all! Have a great day today - halfway through the week!

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.

—Erica Jong

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4/17/13 7:37 A

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Looks like the sun is out today! Should be able to spend a lot of time outside. I need to pick up more steaks today, as the special ends today and there are no good specials next week. Only extra lean ground beef, that will just not do!

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4/17/13 7:29 A

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Lots of thunder and lightning last night. Some was right immediately overhead and very loud. Occasional downpours, but I don't think we got as much rain as it seems like we should have.

Rainy with thunderstorms again today, tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Will stay in today and work on a presentation I have to give next week.

Hurray! I went into a-fib last night, and woke up still in it, but it just converted back to a normal sinus rhythm.

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