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2/6/13 6:19 P

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Russell, you have done an amazing job so far. Congrats on the 212 mark!!! You've come a long way and I know its not easy because at one time, I had lost over 150 lbs! So, keep on keep on and you will definitely hit your goal! You are getting SO close!!

Debb, I was going to say the same thing that Woubbie did. Organization and setting things up is my #1 skill strength! I used to be the Administrative Services Manager for 24/7 County Crisis Center and loved every minute of it. I'm sure that Woubbie is probably way more qualified than I would be to help you though. At least it sounds like it.

Great day at the gym this morning! I told my trainer that I wanted him to be more like those ones on that tv show "The Biggest Loser". Wanted him to make my cardio get up and make me sweat more!! lol He did!! lol And, said from now on, I WOULD!! (sweat!) LOL I might regret this! Smiles! but, I heard that good cardio and wt training will get this belly fat off of me. Looking forward to Fridays workout now...or....maybe

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2/6/13 11:21 A

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Russell, you are an inspiration to me!

I've been trying to clean up my eating lately and finally feel like breads aren't calling to me again. Do they make earplugs that block out cake and bread calling? Yes, the earplugs are made of meat and you don't put the meat in your ears, you put it in your stomach!

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -- A. Einstein

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2/6/13 11:14 A

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Good for you, Jenna! You did her a big favor!

Debb, too bad we don't live closer. Organization is what I do! People have asked me why I'm not more ambitious, taking on more challenging work, and I tell them that I'm doing the work that both makes me happy and that I'm good at. The last thing I want to do is wake up every morning dreading going to a job that I suck at! My Senior Manager has been trying to push me into sourcing work forever and I keep tell him that I would hate it and will stay on the admin side thank-you-very-much.

On the work topic, we had a meeting with the CFO this morning and we are, indeed, going to be reporting to a new operating company come September. Not much else is going to change in the immediate future, although my job WILL probably morph over time as the changes roll out. My desk location may change to another area of the building, but my commute will be the same, so I'm not complaining.

Have a great day, all!

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2/6/13 10:24 A

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Today I am super excited that my best friend has decided to give the low carb lifestyle a try. Food has been a big connection for us and its been more challenging lately when we hang out because she never had any low carb acceptable foods. I'm looking forward to going through this journey supporting and cheering each other on. :)

I had a lovely vegetable cheese omelet this morning to start off my day. Having stir fry for lunch and sausage and salad for dinner.

I'm feeling quite energetic today, although my work motivation is pretty low today. Better get back to it.

Everyone have a fabulous day!

2/6/13 7:53 A

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emoticon Russell - you go!

had 2 HB eggs and mayo for brekkers, not sure about lunch yet, but steak for dinner.

Had the dogs out for a park visit about 8:15 am today, quite a bit earlier than usual. I am trying to get out of bed earlier, so my day starts earlier. The laying-in-bed thing feeds my depression.

Probably get to the post within the hour, and then to the park again.

Trying so hard to motivate myself to get business organised. Not my strongest point, this organisation and setting things up better. SIGH Wish we could afford to pay someone else to do it. ARRGGHHHH

Anyway, low carb is going well, though I really want to eat today. My guess is, it's the business stuff. While I do want it to grow, I am also at the point where I don't want to work more. Never an easy answer, I suppose...

Meanwhile, it's Wednesday, and I am catching up with the bookkeeping, as this computer was out for several days.

Keep smilin'

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2/6/13 7:35 A

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No problem starting the thread, Russell. Whoever gets here first does it.

Way to go on the loss! That's fantastic. And glad you're not having shortness of breath any more, too.

2/6/13 7:35 A

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Great job Russell. You sound like me....get up early and get it all done. I've just finished my first of two 30 minute bike rides for the day. Have a great rest of the day, your off to a great beginning.


"Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do!"
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2/6/13 7:28 A

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I had a dream that I was in a buffet, and stole the hunk of meat, and ate the whole thing last Now I am dreaming low carb.

I woke up at 5:39 a.m., and have done dishes, and I already cooked up chili for my brother and I. His has most of the kidney beans, and 2 cans of chiles. Breakfast is next, and I will be done cooking by 8 a.m., for the entire day. I had to cut out macadamia nuts to fit the kidney beans in, but I can't do chili without beans.

So probably going to clean the entire apt. after going to gym for 90 minute walk. My shortness of breath is not a problem since Monday night, but I am still skipping basketball for the week, just in case.

Hit a new low of 212.2 today, and I am very close now to 150 lost.( 211 ). Hope its okay that I started the daily thread.

"We can't solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them "

- Albert Einstein

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