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11/16/12 10:35 P

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I am home, just finished dinner, and am going to go put on my jammies after a long, but good, day!

Debb, I hope things lighten up for you and you feel the cloud lift. I've lived with depression off and on over the years (I specialize in anxiety however!), and it feels endless. I lost my dad in 1996 and I miss him all the time. There is so much in my life that he would enjoy and be pleased about, and in fact, I am wearing a necklace right now that I bought myself for graduation knowing it was something he would have bought me if he were here. We go on after we lose someone, but it definitely changes us.

Woubbie, so sorry your DH lost his job - that kind of unethical management makes me so hostile! It creates a completely unnecessary loss.


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11/16/12 4:15 P

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last day of the workweek. but, i'll be working through the weekend because tuesday morning we are getting out of this burg and going to VEGAS!!!! yippee. we are meeting up with my 2 sisters in law. one with husband and one without. they live 1000's of km away from us, so, we rarely see them. when we do they are so much fun. i just love them. i hope it's warm this year. it was last year at this time. but, 2010 it was cold. but, not as cold as here, so, i'll take it. emoticon
it's hard to leave home though. i'm such a homebody and i hate leaving all my animals emoticon
but, i need a vacation. uugghh! i'm just so tired.
i am squeezing in a 3 day cleansing diet before i go. fri, sat, sun, 4 high powered smoothies a day. the first one this morning was tasty. i am hungry though emoticon

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11/16/12 1:24 P

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Woubbie- My husband and I just googled Hostess etc. Thinking of you and your family and all the other 18,000 plus that will be joining the already too many unemployed !!!! Words just can't express my concern for folks. I need to bump up my random acts of kindness.
Hugs to you dear Woubbie

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11/16/12 11:45 A

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This is also my first holiday season without my dad. Not easy.

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11/16/12 9:10 A

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Lots of issues today, aren't there? Hang in there everyone. The holidays are hard for so many people in so many ways. Leslie, good luck with today's tests!

Nothing planned for today except helping to pack the Thanksgiving baskets my church is giving. Working at the Food Bank, packing Thanksgiving baskets, working at the Homeless Shelter, being a Big Sister - they all remind me of how much I have to be grateful for!

This will be the first Thanksgiving and the first Christmas since Dad died. Unfortunately, Mom will be alone for Thanksgiving. It's difficult with the family spread practically from coast to coast and from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian border! But she'll be spending Christmas in Atlanta with my oldest brother and his wife, and another brother and me.

It's beautiful outside at the moment. The sun is shining on the frosted grass and making it sparkle. It's supposed to be a beautiful day all day - sunny and up into the 50s. Not only that, but the weekend is supposed to be nice and sunny, too!

Have a good day everyone. Memories of loved ones can be painful, but they can be heart-warming too. Remember the good times with joy as well as sadness.

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11/16/12 8:54 A

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My dad passed away on my sister's wedding anniversary in August 2005, but it's this time of year that makes me think of him with a pang. His ashes are at the National Cemetary of the Alleghenies, and every year Wreaths Across America places holiday wreaths on as many veterans' graves as possible. In fact, last year my younger son actually participated when one of his troopmates chose "Wreaths" as a fundraiser for his Eagle Project. He was actually the one who got to put the wreath on Grandpa's marker. :) That made me smile.

Well, just got the call from DH. Twinkies are dead. Hostess Brands pulled the plug on their bakeries this morning so very soon he's officially laid off. *shrugs* Meh. Whatever.

Please do not believe any corporate hype you read in the news. This whole process has been thoroughly planned by the Wall Street raiders who currently pretend to run the company. They were very careful to give themselves enormous raises (read: millions each*) just before they declared Chapter 11 (for the second time) last summer. Which they then followed up by ceasing all payments to pension plans, even though, in my DH's case, the "pension" was actually part of his salary. It's basically a direct deposit of $4. an hour into the pension fund.

So when the (mis)management tried to say that they wrangled an 8% pay reduction from the union employees they conveniently left out that they tried to flat out steal an additional 16%.

OK. Rant over. Belt tightened. Action plan in action. Bird flipped to company. Wry smile in place.

*"While the company was demanding major concessions from union workers (wage and benefit cuts amounting to 27- 32% overall), the top ten executives of the company rewarded themselves with compensation increases, with one executive receiving a 300 percent increase."

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11/16/12 8:54 A

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Praying for you Leslie!
Oh Debb will keep you in prayers also I know anxiety is not the same as depression but when mine gets out of control it spirals badly! Is there any way you could go home and visit you'd kids?
I went to the midnight showing of breaking dawn!!! May I say it was terrific!! That's all I'm gonna say so I don't spoil it but I'd go see again!

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11/16/12 6:52 A

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I agree that you never get over the loss of a parent. I've been through so many losses - parents, brothers, daughter and friends - they're all tough!
Today I will have an angiogram and hope it will show the location and extent of the circulation blockage to my leg, which is causing such pain. I hope it can be fixed!


"Any idiot can face a crisis. It's the day-to-day living that wears you out."
---Anton Chekhov

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11/16/12 6:38 A

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You never get over the loss of a parent. I think about my dad everyday. Christmas will be tough without him. However, overeating is NOT the only way to cope with depression. It is the only way you have found, but keep searching. I promise, there is another solution. Good for you for at least overeating on plan, that is a lot better than carbs and sugar.
Andrew is off school today. I need to buy him a snowboard at some point. They go skiing every Thursday at school, but he is doing snowboarding this year. And I need to get to the grocery store. Plus, a few good walks. And I have a massage this afternoon! Hurray!

11/16/12 4:28 A

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I love avocados, Crystal! I didn't know that the net carbs were that low -- I usually eat about 1/3 of one at a time.

Having a very tough time lately, once again. :( Been really overeating; it's the only thing keeping my depression at bay. SIGH Still no bread, pasta, flour, sugar etc, so at least that is "reasonable" for now.

Today marks 31 yrs since my dad has died. On one hand, it feels like 50 years, but on the other hand, it feels much fresher. This has been a hard time of year for me for a long while.. maybe 6 or 7 years? With my sons and grandkids in America, the only family I have here is my husband. And while I love him to bits, I still feel so lonely. His kids (also adults) are lovely, and very nice, and we all get along very well. But as you can imagine, it's just not the same.

Anyway, onwards and upwards, huh?

As usual, I've had the dogs out for a good walk at one of the local parks. And we'll have at least another 2 walks later, one of which will be after my daily post office trek. Thank God for the dogs, as they keep me outside for good walks, 3-4 times a day.

My heart rhythm acted up a few days ago, so I suppose that has had me a bit anxious, too.

Seems like lots of "stuff" at once, but isn't it just called LIFE? How do you handle it and not eat over it?

Well, back to ebay packing..

Happy Friday!


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11/16/12 3:06 A

Long walk planned today...I'll be traveling in less than three weeks, so lots to do before then.

I've got avocados on the menu today (among other things). Did you know that an entire avocado has only 4 net carbs?


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