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9/18/12 5:44 P

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Possibly when you have to take food with a pill, it means not on an empty stomach. If you are have dinner and snacks in the evening then it should be ok to take the pill as it is not a full 8 hours since you ate, that way you may be able to avoid another meal that sets you off snacking. I keep jello in the fridge it is not bad, and satisfies the moment with out to many calories. Also keep low snack foods around, then if you start to eat, just make a small plate with say 3 different snacks and then the following week cut it to 2 choices, following week
one and stay at the one,just a suggestion

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9/18/12 10:44 A

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Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The original idea of not eating at night was that people should stop eating several hours before bed. Going to sleep on a full stomach may make sleeping uncomfortable, as the body is simultaneously shutting down to rest while still exerting energy to digest the food. This may lead to fitful sleep as well as gas and indigestionóbut not weight gain. Your body is smart, but it doesn't know what time it is when you eat.

Your body needs fuel steadily throughout the day and if you are trying to maintain healthy blood sugar levels as well as reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, it needs it every few hours. It sounds like you need to set up a meal and snack pattern that allows you to do that and fits your schedule instead of worldly idea of what time a meal "should" be. That may mean your planned schedule includes two bigger meals early in the day followed by several smaller snacks (at work and then once you are home). If you need help with planning a schedule we will be happy to help if you give us an idea of your typical daily schedule but more than likely if you throw out traditional ideas and break your day into meals and snacks based on your schedule, I think you will find things falling into place very easily.

Coach Tanya

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9/18/12 9:59 A

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after 7p.m.if you get hungry have crackers & water emoticon

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9/18/12 9:23 A

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How does one over come eating at night. I say to myself every night I'm not going to eat but I do. I'm trying to find ways to keep it under control. I work til 930 when I get home I'm hungry I try just cereal but that leads to something else, I feel I have know control once I start eating at night. There is a pill I have to take with food at night,

With my job I don't get a supper break so I have to take finger foods with me for ex: apple cut up, a bagel, water, sometimes it's veggies if I can eat and drive. I try to eat my main meal before I go to work, something not to heavy because I drive bus for a living and I don't like to have anything to heavy while sitting driving.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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