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9/22/11 9:06 P

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I have to say that weather is a large part of flare ups for me. But sleeping and stress play their parts in it also.

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9/20/11 3:12 P

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My flareups can happen pretty much any time but weather changes from one extreme to another will make it worse. Not sleeping right is a definite problem too. Over do it physically and when I don't get any physical activity it will cause pain.

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9/19/11 3:38 P

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Stress is definitely a factor as is being too sedentary - really!

From a Mayo Clinic article, Still's leads to arthritis, however, Still's can be episodic. Your triggers may be more affected by what triggers Still's episodes.

Good luck!

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9/19/11 12:32 P

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Weather changes trigger me too. Haven't noticed anything about food. Also, if I physically overdo it I pay the next few days..

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9/19/11 12:17 P

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So sorry about your diagnosis and I'm glad the medicine is giving you relief.

For me, (I have all over-body osteo, really acute; fibromyalgia; spinal stenosis; disk problems of every type....just to name a few) triggers are definitely weather related. Whenever the barometric pressure takes a dive or rises quickly - a flare-up is guaranteed. Also, lack of sleep. If I sleep poorly for a night or two (or sometimes stay up all night due to insomnia) - another flare-up guarantee.

I know stress plays a supporting I try to keep stress out of my life as much as I can.

But for me, it's sudden weather changes, and lack of sleep.

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9/19/11 11:18 A

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Gary Null has some interesting articles about arthritis... He mentions stress as well as some foods triggering flame-ups. He states that some who have arthritis were allergic to foods in the nightshade family..which should be avoided. He also recommends non-medicinal/home remedies. I don't know if any work...but they are worth a try.

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9/19/11 11:00 A

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My arthritis is a symptom of a chronic, rare disease I just got diagnosed with called Adult Onset Still's Disease. I just started taking Enbrel a couple weeks ago and I think it's working. I still have some pain, but I was able to work a full forty hour work week last week for the first time since this all spun out of control in February!

So I am new to this whole world of arthritis. I remember my second doctor's visit in March the doctor was talking about referring me to a rheumatologist and I had to ask him what a rheumatologist even was.

Here's my question for all of you: are there some classic signs or triggers that you're going to have a flare or a bad day, such as stress, particular foods, weather, etc? I know it will be different for everyone but I'm just interested in knowing what kind of things I should keep an eye out for.

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