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10/3/13 4:20 P

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Okay, I am not sure if I should be putting this here, but, do not know where else to put it without starting another new thread here, so here goes. Question: Have you ever bought anything from a 2nd hand store, only to later decide that you didn't want it or like it aas you thought you did? emoticon And/or even new from a Cloting Store, I sure hope I am not the only one that's done this, Please tell me I'm not emoticon emoticon I know it is a waste of "Money"!!!!!


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1/31/13 5:59 A

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I dealt with organized interiors last year. We installed our bedroom closets with the help of them. It is pretty good to deal with them and their service was excellent. Good quality products and reasonable rate. Hope this helps.

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10/16/12 4:17 P

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I lined up three laundry baskets on the floor of each child's closet. Toys were sorted into the baskets. When the baskets got full, something got donated to make room for more. This was a simple, inexpensive system that worked for years.


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10/14/12 11:30 P

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Thank you!Where did you get the standards from? What do they look like? Thanks!

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10/14/12 10:10 P

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We just completed a major bed and bath remodel in our home. By enclosing a small porch off the bedroom, we created a walk-in closet. Boy, did I learn a lot that we incorporated into the other bedrooms!

We purchased "standards" to formulate the perpendicular rises that held up the top shelf. These vertical shelving walls created sections for hanging clothes or shelves. The beauty of it is that it is very versatile and can easily be changed around.

So, in my ordinary closets, instead of one clothing rod, I put up a vertical standard to section the closet in half. One half has many open shelves in it with baskets, and the other half has two rods for hanging clothing. Instead of closet doors, I hung fabric or curtains to create warmth in the room and not take the space or expense of closet doors.

The results are amazing. I can change the height of the shelves, or the rods at any time. Shoes have a home at the bottom. Wish I had thought of it when my kids were young.
It also was fairly inexpensive since all materials are mellamine,(pressed board) and not hard woods. My husband did the screwing of the vertical and horizontal boards.

I hope this idea can work for someone. Works Better and is significantly cheaper than Calif. Closets.

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5/7/12 8:28 A

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Right now, my child is rather little, but we have a wooden cubicle organizer in her closet to hold baskets for socks, shoes, and some other items. I can't think how to describe it other than - think of milk crates tipped on their sides (about 9 of them, but much more sturdy).

She can easily get into the baskets if needed, and I'm thinking eventually, I'd like to stack her shirts, pants, etc in each of the cubicles for easy access.

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5/6/12 10:33 P

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One of the best ways I found for organizing their clothes and other items is to reduce what they have, and the space in which to keep the items. I go through my children's closets with them, and ask:
1. Does it Fit?
2. Do you Like it?
3. Will you Wear it?
4. Do *I* like you in it?
If the answer is "no" to Any of those, the clothing item is removed. It is passed up or down, or given away or sometimes, seldom, stored for a future child or granchild.

As for sroting and storing the toys, I have multiple times sorted through them , created buckets and labeled contaniers, and so on, and I always end up with big messes, probably because I do not stay on top of it all the time.

Anyway, if you reduce, then limit the area for storage and playing so that there is less area to destroy, there might be an organized future in sight!

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5/6/12 5:34 P

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Not sure how old your child is or if this would apply, but when my son was in preschool and early elementary, we had a DAY OF THE WEEK organizer that hung in the closet. At the beginning of the week, the clothes, etc, for each day were put in the respective slot (e.g. - if there was a field trip, the school shirt was ready to go on the appropriate day) and it taught him a LOT of independence as well as gave him the organizational skills and control over what he would wear. Maybe he was just easy in this way, but we NEVER had a ny argument over what he was wearing or fuss over not being able to find something. I HIGHLY recommend this, or a similar method to organize your week, to all moms of young ones.

Now that he is older and wears a uniform to school and needs a PE uni. each day as well, he has ONLY his school clothes on a shelf in his room. They are all there, it is easy and again, we never (or rarely) have a "where is my ________" moment during the morning crunch to get out the door to school on time.

Hope some of this is helpful.
Good luck!!

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5/6/12 5:06 P

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Better Homes and Gardens has some great closet ideas, even have a lot of childrens closets. or

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5/6/12 5:05 P

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I don't have a child, so I don't know how helpful I'll be, and I don't know what your child's organizational abilities and challenges are.

I work with adults with developmental disabilities, and one of my clients finds it challenging keeping her clothing organized and with picking out coordinating outfits. I helped her buy a 6-shelf hanging sweater storage unit (we got one at Walmart for a lower cost than the one in my link).

I (or another staff) help her pick out the outfits she wants to wear for a week, and since she likes to have the next day's outfit on a chair, we have space for 7 outfits. This way, we can ensure she had matching outfits for every day of the coming week. All she has to do is pick out one whole set to wear the next day.

This might work for a child who had trouble deciding what he wants to wear each day.

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5/6/12 11:00 A

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I would love if you can post links to the best closet organizers you have found for your child's closet, to include toys and clothes. thanks!

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