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1/18/12 10:15 P

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I have a Garmin. I think it's a FR60. Has a chest strap and also a foot pod. So it tracks heart rate, distance walked/ran, mph, pace, and a whole bunch of other things. It took a little bit to configure it the way I wanted, but I like to do that kind of stuff (a bit of a geek I am). So now it's set where I can quickly choose which sport - running or general (I do general for all kinect stuff). It will also tell me what zone I'm in for my heart rate. I use it all the time and find my calories burned are roughly twice what kinect tells me (depending on the game usually). I like it also because it keeps a graph of each workout and puts my workouts on a calendar. You can have that either on your pc only or on their cloud storage or both. I can compare last week's kinect workout with this week's (or even last month's), which I do once in awhile. I also really like the ability to start the watch and then concentrate on exercising and not pay attention to the time. The watch tracks all that for me so I don't have to remember what time I started, etc. Love that part. When I am done it uploads automatically (wirelessly) as long as I'm in range of the computer. When I was running last summer I loved that I would come in the house after a run and it would upload while I was walking to my computer and when I sat down there all the info would be!


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1/18/12 10:22 A

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I love my Polar. I have had a couple different ones, and the one I have now is going on 5 or 6 years old. They have a lot of different styles, and the chest bands are not bulky or uncomfortable. It tracks average heart rate, max heart rate during a workout. It tracks duration of the workout and calories burned. And it does a whole bunch of other stuff that I honestly don't use, like a fitness test and things of that nature.

And it's a great watch. It is my official timekeeper, never running slow or fast.

I have read that exercise equipment and HRMs can overestimate calories burned. Of course, I can't know if the Polar does or not. I generally burn 2 1/2 times what DC2 says I burned and 3 or 3 1/2 times what YSFE says I burned.

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I have an Inventum HRM with chest band, I like it. It works but it's pretty basic. That said - it was only 29 Euro so I don't mind. Inventum is a brand over here - sort of cool gadgets and things that work well but is more of a C or B brand. Apparently a Dutch brand?

As for FitBit - I have one and I love it for things like walking and monitoring activity during the day. It's not a HRM but does take your weight and calculate cals based on weight, age and activity. As for accuracy with walking - I must say that I've been pretty impressed with it's +/- 5% accuracy (ok - sometimes +/- 10%) with distances walked and stairs climbed. If i don't have my GPS available on my phone - I use the distance from it.

If you are wanting a simple reliable activity/step monitor then you could do a lot worse. And at 99 USD a pop - not bad. They also offer a web site to track food and things. I used it for a while and think that Spark could benefit from looking at it - and even incorporating FitBit...

For the technically minded - FitBit has an API that you can use to access the data in the FitBit and use it to populate your own tables.This can be extended to a web application (like Spark). Something to think about.

Speaking of which - is there a forum or mail for improvement suggestions for Spark?


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1/17/12 11:00 A

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Also I tried the fitbit and didn't find it all that impressive....while it does track sleep patterns it's not a heart rate monitor....unless that's something you're looking to track I wouldn't get that

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1/17/12 10:58 A

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I have tried a few HRM and found this one to be my's the sportsline solo 960 I really like the features on this can track calories, distance walked, exercise time, heart rate, speed of your walk, the time because it's also a watch and most times amazon has them on sale....although I just checked and it's not on sale right now.....check out the link below and see for yourself

If You're tired or starting over stop giving up

Tema - Matteson IL

"Tenacity is the quality displayed by someone who just won't quit -- who keeps trying until they reach their goal. Anything really worth doing takes persistence, perseverance, and stubborn determination! I AM a Tenacious Jungle Tiger and these are my survival skills!!"

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1/17/12 6:46 A

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I think the whole calorie thing is for achievement and contest purposes. Sadly, a few rotten apples spoiled the bunch. In the last Your Shape Fitness Evolved, there was a contest to win a white water rafting trip and it was based around calories (not to mention all the calorie related achievements). Many folks upped their weight to 999 pounds, which made it easy to burn hundreds of calories.

As for HRMs, there seem to be many good ones out there. I've heard awesome things about the Fitbit--they even teamed up with the Xbox 360 for some giveaways. If I get a chance, I'll ask some of the cardio doctors I work with, but I would bet user experience trumps opinion. Hopefully Tema will chime in too; I think she's worked with a few different HRMs.

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1/17/12 6:32 A

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I really like my Polar. It has a chest band but I seem to have to replace it only once every 10 years or so.

Yvonne ;-)

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1/17/12 3:01 A

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There's been a good bit of talk in other threads around here about how well our games track calories burnt, and the consensus seems to be not so well. Given that it seems most recommendations are to play and use an HRM to track - anyone want to offer up their opinions/recommendations for HRM's?

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