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TOPIC:   Biggest Loser Kinect or Your Shape Fitness kinect 

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RAINESSA's Photo Posts: 1,628
3/26/11 4:28 A

RAINESSA's SparkPage
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Well how easy Your Shape is depends on which of the many workouts you select. There are some that are easy, some intermediate, and some hard. Some depend on what you put into it. The beginner's cardio/toning/sculpting can be pretty easy but you can advance past beginner levels. And there are a variety of other workouts, for example, one from Men's Health magazone (I think) is: (general set up is a set of 3 exercises, a chance to rest, next set).

*Split Jump, Straight-Leg Deadlift, Shoulder Press
*Straight-Leg Deadlift, Lunge, Dumbell Row
*Arms-Out Squat, Back Lunge, Scaption
*Split Jump, Straight-Leg Deadlift, Shoulder Press
*Straight-Leg Deadlift, Lunge, Dumbell Row
*Arms-Out Squat, Back Lunge, Scaption

I think that could be challenging for a variety of levels from just bodyweight to using dumbbells or resistance bands.

I tried the New Year New You downloaded workout once and I found it intense. I was begging for it to be over by the end.

There is a pretty good wiki set up for it where people have been listing what makes up the various workouts.

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SHYANDKEIRASMOM's Photo Posts: 405
3/26/11 2:46 A

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I have ea active and BL,love them both.Yes BL menu is a giant pain in the butt,but I got past that pretty quickly,and it made me sweat like a (i'll leave that part blank).I like Ea active too because I like to choose my own workouts somedays,and skip some depending on if I had injuries or not.I dont mind that it wont go ahead until I correct my form.All I care about is when I hit the end and i am breathing hard and sweating my tail off.Cant comment on the your shape friends had it and said it was kinda easy.....but great for begginers.So I didnt bother with it.

" May your Courage be Stronger than your Fear." (Tattoo on my left Forearm)

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RAINESSA's Photo Posts: 1,628
3/26/11 1:35 A

RAINESSA's SparkPage
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I have both (and EA Active). I prefer Your Shape Fitness Evolved. The Biggest Loser isn't bad for exercise, but I found the control of the game to be beyond irritating. The icons are not labeled so, unless memorized, you have to hover over them to see what they are. However, hovering over them also triggers the selection count down, which can go pretty fast when you are trying to read the icons. Next thing you know, you are on a selection that you did not want and it takes forever to get back to where you were. I like the controls of Your Shape *much* better. There is a selection button and then once you hover over it, a confirmation button shows up for you to hover on for the actual selection. Your shape has also had several downloadable workouts already added (costs money/points, of course, but they are adding new things). I think Biggest Loser has had one workout added for a download but Your Shape has had at least 4 so far, not counting opening up new workouts for completing things.

I would also pick Your Shape over EA Active. While Your Shape does have its annoying "squat lower" "spread your legs wider" when the only way you can go any lower or wider is if you were hitting the floor or in the splits, the only downside of it is not getting a 100% for your score. The game still continues, allowing to you continue doing it correctly, modified, or whatever else you may decide to do if you have problems with the movement. With EA Active, if it decides you are not doing something correctly, it can stay there on that rep until you get it right. Frustrating when it wants you to lower your hands when you already did, several times, but its just not reading it. However, with EA Active, you do have the option of creating your own workouts or going through premade workouts and unselecting exercises you do not want. Your Shape does not give you the option to remove unwanted exercises, but if you do not care about your percentage score, you can just march in place or do whatever during unwanted exercises.

Edited by: RAINESSA at: 3/26/2011 (01:37)

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ALYSSASMOM85's Photo SparkPoints: (3,303)
Fitness Minutes: (786)
Posts: 28
3/25/11 11:05 P

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Personally I like the EA Active. It's a little more spendy but it is like having your own personal trainer! It gives you between 20-40 exercises per routine (the first 4-5 are stretches and the last 4-5 are cool downs). The exercises range from boxing to dodgeball to soccer to running to mountain biking to pushups to rows to jumping to many more. Trust me you will never get bored and you will work up quite a sweat!! The routine takes about 20-30 minutes. It has you doing the workout four times a week. It has a 6 week jumpstart cardio or a 12 week longer program. It also gives you a heart monitor and the game will track your HR to work out to your max potential. I love this game!!


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AROUET's Photo SparkPoints: (4,408)
Fitness Minutes: (3,832)
Posts: 375
3/25/11 9:59 P

AROUET's SparkPage
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I have both, although admittedly I haven't gone too far into either of them. If you're only going to get one, I'd get YSFE. From what I've seen, the workouts on biggest loser are a bit tougher than your shape, and work great once you're there, but the interface is maddening!

In your shape you can have a lot of fun and get a great workout just from the gym games. The interface is much better and they seem to be coming out with regular updates.

I like having them both, but as I said, I'd get YS before BL.

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MAXFOCUS's Photo Posts: 5,734
3/25/11 9:21 P

MAXFOCUS's SparkPage
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I have them both.

I really like to do the fitness games on Your Shape - they are fun. I don't like how the first ten workouts have all been exactly the same. Guess I have to kick up the difficulty level or something.

Biggest Loser is nice for the freestyle mode - where you pick the exercises you want to work on. The hand controls are a pain in the butt though. Hard to keep the cursor in the right spot long enough for it to recognize that you want it to choose something.

If you like the Biggest Loser show you would probably like the game. I have never actually watched the show so I have no idea how everything is calculated out.

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MOUSTER's Photo SparkPoints: (54,545)
Fitness Minutes: (57,576)
Posts: 7,635
3/25/11 8:09 P

MOUSTER's SparkPage
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i think you can still demo the biggest loser.. i wasn't that impressed with it.. but you might like it.. i have your shape and like it.. with biggest loser i had issues with the hand controls.


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SUMDUMBGI's Photo Posts: 466
3/25/11 7:46 P

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I'm going to pick up one of these games tomorrow or snounday. Which one would you recommend? which games is better for weight loss? Pro and cons of both please.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrafice the gift -Steve Prefontaine

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