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4/29/12 9:52 A

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Thank you for the info!!! I have many places to start. I usually just throw almost everything in the refrigerator, and I have no idea how to work the moisture part. Looking forward to more fruits and veggies and less waste, once I get the hang of this!!

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4/22/12 10:26 A

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I recently found a solution to some of my produce storage problems that are described here. It's a collapsible "produce keeper" made by Progressive. My fridge is old and small, and depending on the weather would freeze or rot veggies and fruit. The 3-piece container has a vent that can be opened or closed depending on what you're storing, with an instruction chart printed right on it. It has holes in the bottom like a colander, with a tray that attaches to hold moisture if needed. I can now enough grapes from the farmer's market to last a whole week, for instance. It's very versatile and has saved me $$ already. (You can Google it for a better description and cost info,) I just bought a 2nd one, smaller size. LOVE them!

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4/20/12 9:12 A

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I buy bagged salad and in a couple days it turns dark ! I like the mixed salad what can i do to prevent this ? emoticon emoticon

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4/18/12 9:04 P

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Yeah, Kosherhotie is right on that point.
Here is a practical food investment a valuable storage tool. Select a cool dry place for storage as well. A dry storage practice is a wooden or closable plastic bin. They can sometimes be a handsome tower of bins. The time saver and dollar stretcher is using green gas eating bags on the thinner skinned and thinner density of fruits and vegetables and fresh herbs.

Most modern refrigerators have a mechanism that allows moisture to escape out a vent. The vent is usually in the lid or part of the meat/vegetable keeper drawer. Next time you take out the drawer for a wash of warm soapy water using a soft cloth for surface cleaning look around the cabinet interior. Or ask you appliance dealer to look up the specifics on your make and model using the individual series and model numbers. They are often on a sticker on the door or located on or near the thermostat controls. The dealer will not have details for which food requires which vent opening action setting but they have safety and seasonal inspection tips.

Refrigerators are designed to perform in 2 ways; one is to raise/ lower temperature and the other is wet/ dry control. Open the vegetable keeper vent wider.

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4/16/12 2:06 P

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All fruits and veggies don't need need to be put in the fridge. You should never put tomatoes and potatoes in the fridge. And onions, apples, pears, melons and citrus fruit can all be left at room temp. You may also want to change the quantity of the fruit you buy so that it doesn't go bad so fast. I have even bought fruit when it's underripe so that I have a few more days before my fruits and veggies start getting soft.

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4/16/12 12:27 P

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I haven't introduced myself here yet, but I'm trying to eat "cleaner" and trying to eat more fruits and vegetables. The problem is STORAGE. My specific question today is, why do my vegetables get frozen in the bottom drawer of my refrigerator? It says "meat/veg" on it. It has a sliding "temperature" bar with meat on one side and vegetables on the other. Logic would suggest that I should slide it to the "veg" side, but I keep getting iced veggies and sometimes fruit. :/ Help! I don't seem to have enough room in my refrigerator for all of my produce, and I KNOW that people years ago had smaller refrigerators and ate more veggies, so this makes no sense to me.

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