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2/26/11 9:32 A

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It's not easy to detox, and it takes awhile. Sugar, fat and salt are addictive. They create a vicious cycle. If you fill up on clean, non-processed food, drink plenty of water, and cleanse your body, the cravings will diminish. You never need to go hungry. Just pick up some vegetables or a fruit, and eat all you want. It's the processed carbs and high-sugar foods that cause cravings. Learn all that you can about clean and healthy eating. It's a whole new way of life that I'm just learning about myself. emoticon

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2/21/11 1:55 P

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Actually made black beans & rice from scratch last night instead of making it from a box. I had a can of black beans drained a little added to all natural brown rice. Just added some spices and wahla! Felt good to eat so natural! I figure if I can try to incorporate something natural in a couple meals a day that is progress!

2/20/11 7:02 P

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The thing that works for me is allowing myself some dried figs and/or some crystallized ginger. Just a little bit and within my calorie range. The sweetness really curbs my need for other sugar (i'm not sure crystallized ginger would be considered a whole food--I took the suggestion from Dr. Weil and it has worked for me)

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2/19/11 12:11 P

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I like the idea of doing pureed white beans instead of cream cheese in the spinach dip. Do you use a full can of the beans, rinse and pureed in the food processor?

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2/13/11 12:07 P

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I love Sparkpeople. They have given us this forum to vent off this negative generating sugar addition withdrawal anxiety. If you feel it you are probably doing a good thing for yourself. Remove the wrong rewards off the table they will only confuse you. Vent the feeling here and in exercise and talking about and exploring those feelings. High blood pressure, weight gain, immune suppression, and the need to express anger are all parts of this sweetness addiction recovery. The liver needs some time to get away from that monster. Buy a trinket. Pamper yourself with a body buffing, manicure, soak bath; planning for a new bling or big goal can help the emotional control overcome the negative side of this positive change. Journal those feelings to see your progress and to see how much effort it did take to get there. Maybe it will detour you from going back to eating the –less healthy- choices when you re-read your entries. A moment on the lips; forever on the hips. emoticon

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2/10/11 9:53 P

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Trying to do everything perfectly all at once can be daunting. Make small changes - hey you lost over 6 pounds, that's fantastic! You've cut out soda, maybe for the next 2 weeks focus on eating wholesome breakfasts or lunches or dinners, and then 2 weeks after that start on the next meal and so on, you get the picture... those small changes that will become lifestyle changes is what will get you success.

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2/10/11 9:49 A

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Increasing my protein helps me keep cravings at bay.
Also, five or six meals a day, spaced every 3 to 4 hours helps keep blood sugar levels stable.
Make sure you eat breakfast. These are calories well spent.
Wishing you well on your journey.

Kendra GA

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2/9/11 10:20 P

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Two things that worked for me:

When I'm faced with a craving, it's important to my willpower that I not try to give it up forever. I'm not giving up tiramisu forever, but right now I'll drink a glass of water and if I'm still preoccupied with tiramisu 15 minutes from now, I'm eatin' some tiramisu. I'll make it a small serving, and I'm going to SAVOR every taste.

Also, I find it easier to increase my consumption of good-for-me foods than to decrease my consumption of less healthy options. I haven't given up my creamy artichoke dip, but now I make it with pureed white beans instead of cream cheese. And I'll dip some bread in it, but I'll also dip a bunch of carrots and celery. And I'll eat a big bowl of very brothy soup and maybe an apple. Then if I'm still hungry, I'll allow myself another serving of bread. No drastic changes and no denial for me. Small and sustainable.

Took me eighteen months to lose thirty pounds, but now I've had another eighteen months of maintaining that are just effortless.

Best wishes - there are lots of SparkPeople rooting for you.


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2/9/11 7:35 P

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Eating clean eventually changes your tastes and does take a while. Especially that desire for 'creaminess', it's pretty much totally gone for me. So keep your eyes on why you are doing this. Little niggles along the way but in the end it will all be worthwhile. And along the way, perhaps take some time to enjoy the positives and congratulate yourself. Sounds like you are making major progress. And have probably discovered some foods you previously didn't eat much of or at all.
all the best,

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2/9/11 5:14 P

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I second the hang in there part too. My down fall is chocolate, fortunately I love dark chocolate so I have a little stash in the freezer and allow myself two small pieces a day. That works IF you can hold yourself to the two pieces

Also are you doing any exercise? you would be surprised of how 20-30 minutes of walking can life your mood and help with carvings. emoticon

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2/9/11 3:59 P

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Try adding a good aged balsamic vinegar. Good balsamic is sweet and can be used in salad dressings or to cook with.



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2/9/11 2:49 P

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Good Idea!!!!!! I need some seltza! On the list! LOL! :)

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2/9/11 1:48 P

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Just keep at it! It will get easier, I promise. And nothing says you can't turn those clean foods into decadent foods. I do it all the time. Take the unhealthier whole foods and use them in recipes in moderation. How about instead of sodas squeeze an orange into some sparkling water? Or make smoothies?


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2/9/11 1:26 P

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Recently in an effort to kick this sugar addiction and get more healthy (and subsequently loose weight) I have been adapting a whole/clean eating lifestyle and putting down the soda ... one by one...

It has been about 4 months since I've been preparing my mind for a change and about 3 weeks of actually making the changes.

Some days have been GREAT but others' NOT so easy... Right now I am frustrated and scared... I have that feeling of running on a moving sidewalk and gradually going backward... I feel the familiar feeling of sabotage and fear gripping me...

My main struggles are portion size, eating 5-6 times a day and also with 'indulgences'.

It is like I HAVE to have the creamy/rich dessert or have too much clean foods... Ughhhh!!!! (I will say I've made better dessert choices... though rich they have been whole and/or vegan).

* I have been drinking close to 64 ounces of water each day... But the days I don't reach the 64 ounces my body pays for it!

Basically it's been 3 weeks since I've had a soda... BUT... I feel sad, angry and discouraged.

I know changes don't always happen fast but it's like my moods are NOT stable... My body STILL feels like it's kind of whoosy and detoxing... I have only lost 6.5 pounds and I am CRAVING sugar like mad...

I was ill a couple days and, to my pleasant surprise, still tried to eat clean... :) Put it this way, I ate as clean as I could based on what I could keep down, what was available to me and managing my cravings.

Now that I'm back (to work and moving) how do I continue on this path? I am REALLY craving soda now!!! And while I desire to eat clean (still) my body feels like it's begging for huge portions of food!

Thank you so much for any advise you can give!

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