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9/30/12 6:56 P

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You have already been given some wonderful insights on things that might help.

I would like to add that the longer you stick to what you find works, the easier it will be to maintain the changes you have made.

God bless!

Something to know about this gal "Ima" - I follow the Savior of the world!

I stand in awe of the salvation, through Christ Jesus, that Creator God has granted me. May you enjoy the same!

I am so very thankful that the door of access is permanently open to The Creator & His beloved Son, Christ Jesus!

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord." ~ Psalm 33:12 --- IN GOD WE TRUST

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9/30/12 11:44 A

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welcome! Totally agree with journal or blogging. It takes you out of the moment & redirects your attention. Good luck & you have back up emoticon emoticon

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9/30/12 12:24 A

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First, welcome to the team.

Second, ME TOO! I have always turned to food for comfort when I was stressed. I am reaching the end of my second year on SP, and although I haven't changed my weight significantly yet, I have made some pretty awesome changes to lifelong habits. The last 5 weeks of life and been very stressful for me with constant problems occurring, but when I reached a real low two nights ago and went for a long drive to think and escape my household for a while, I found something really interesting. Usually when I take those drives, I hit a drive through 2-3 times before I am done and come home. This time I didn't crave food, I didn't WANT food, I just wanted to drive and think. With the tools I have learned here I have changed an unhealthy choice into a new and healthy unconscious habit.

Here are some things I did to get to this place in my life when stress hits;
- I drink a glass of water with soluble fiber in it
- I tell myself I will wait 10min and see if I am still hungry, I mean the food isn't going to disappear, right?
- I go for a walk and tell myself, "just 10min and if I am hungry I will eat then". Of course I end of walking for 30min or more and usually don't want to eat anything once I am done.
- I get online and ask for help from one of my teams
- I get on Pinterest and start pinning - that will divert you!
- I work on a craft project
- I write in a journal. I tried this in various forms and found that for me, it's works best when I am down to get online and find something inspirational that pertains to my current troubles and I add it to my Healthy Inspirations Journal. I now have a journal that I can turn to anytime I need a life, feel down, stressed out, etc that reminds me what to focus on in life, what my goals really are and how far I have come to reach this point in life.
- lastly, If I find I still want to eat - fill up on healthier options. If you want something sweet, eat gherkins or bread and butter pickles or dates. If you want something salty eat green olives, if you crave something crunchy slice a cucumber or carrots and munch on them
- I was a drive-thru junkie and for a long time, I would want to hop in the car and hit the nearest drive thru for something. I took the time to find out the one or two things on each menu that I could have that were as healthy as possible. Even now when I get a in a time crunch and need to hit a drive thru, I can go guilt free because I know I am picking the best thing I can from the menu.

Eventually you will get to the point that you crave the healthy stuff and not the junk. Seriously!


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9/24/12 7:37 A

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Wow, I have had those days. Is there anyone you can visit or call when you feel like that? Sometimes just being around someone will take your mind off your problem/stress long enough to get you over that hump. Even if you don't talk to them about your stress but maybe just being with them, laughing, shopping, anything. I also will get up and start cleaning until the moment passes, do anything to keep you busy even if it means just getting up and leaving the house. Sometimes being alone/isolated only helps to entice me to emotionally eat. Hope this helps!

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9/23/12 8:11 A

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I know what you mean. My emotions got the best of me yesterday. I tried to quit smoking (for one day).... and a lot of stuff was going on. We didn't have money to go shopping. I'm a teacher and get paid once a month, so this is the last week of the month. We stretch it, but it's still difficult at the end of the month. So, I felt sorry for myself and mad..... and I ate lots of carbs. But, this time, I'm getting back on the horse immediately. Wish me luck. And I wish you luck too! Don't give up!

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9/22/12 8:49 P

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I find that the time that my emotions get away from me and start dragging out the food is when someone or something HURTS me or mine - even unintentionally. When I expect the hurt or am not surprised by them, I can deal with them. When I am blindsided by something that really hurts me, I have a hard time behaving rationally around food.

With love and caring from Nancy ... wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed, and precious day.

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9/20/12 7:25 P

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Oh, me too...and stress is definitely my trigger too...usually work related stress for me. I'm glad to see you here...this team is so supportive!


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9/20/12 7:10 P

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I've had days like that recently...I too, am an emotional eater & my trigger is stress....Things will get better...We are here for you.. emoticon

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9/20/12 3:54 P

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Well said, A_WISE_WOMAN!! Thanks for the insights! emoticon

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9/20/12 2:57 P

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I don't want to tell you what to do. There are many good ideas that have been written here and are all over SparkPeople, so I will just tell you how I'm handling it.

I, too, have found that the foods I go to when I'm feeling emotional are those I'm sensitive to and just leave me feeling sick. Guess what? When I'm feeling sick I don't have to think about or feel whatever drove me to them in the first place! Voila! Problem solved--or at least exchanged for one I'm more familiar (and therefore comfortable) with, with the additional benefit that this problem I can easily solve (at least I have that belief)--just stop eating those foods! The emotions, however, are much more difficult to 'solve', but again, I don't have to think about that any more...Why do you choose the foods you do? Why do you choose foods at all?

I am training myself to reach for foods that satisfy the basic craving without triggering any sensitivities. Crunchy? Carrots! Crunchy and salty? Put some salt on the carrots! Sweet? That's the one I'm dealing with now...I'm stepping it less of what I used to go for, then switch to fruit. It's really hard to eat lots and lots of carrots and/or fruit at a sitting, so I don't, but the act of chewing calms me down enough to see my situation much better for what it is, and gives my emotional thoughts a break so that I can get out of that loop and start thinking about answers...Without the artificial calm from the sick-making foods, I find I can discover new perspectives on my situations much more easily, and now that I'm not eating those foods, I don't turn inwards to deal with the dullness and sickness, so I'm actually much more likely to reach out to others for their input! An unexpected (and very wonderful) bonus, which is improving my relationships, and becomes a positive spiral!

I hope this helps!

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9/20/12 2:50 P

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Welcome friend!

Many are just like you. Have a self talk with yourself in the bathroom with the mirror as your friend. Be your best friend. Be gentle to you and love yourself. No beating up on you. Move on. Accept things that you can't change but compromise. find a plan that is right for you.

I'm allergic tos trawberries but still love em and eat them big deal if I sneeze and itch like crazy and get watery eyes. It tasted good to me. But that's as severe as my allergy goes. Yours might be more difficult and challenging.

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9/20/12 1:56 P

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Hi, I'm an emotional eater, too, and still struggle with it. It helps to reach out to others on Spark and let us know when you're tempted to emotionally eat - let us know you need help, support, and encouraging words immediately.

It also helps to journal or blog on Spark - you don't have to share your journal and you can just pour out all your frustrations, fears, anxiety, anger, etc. Sometimes just writing about it can really get you in touch with your feelings. I know it helps me because when I emotionally eat, it's usually because I'm trying not to have to feel feelings that I don't like (fear, loneliness, hurt, anger, etc.) Getting it down on "paper" is very cathartic.

Just this week, I had to reach out to a team for help and I got it immediately and it helped very much. I ended up crying for about 15 minutes (I hardly ever cry), and I felt much better afterward - I think just asking for help and writing about what I was going through helped me to work through those feelings and become motivated again.

You're not alone - we all have bad days. Let go of yesterday, don't beat yourself up about it - just try to eat more healthfully today and maybe go outside in the sun or take a short walk (5 or 10 minutes) if you can.

Hang in there! emoticon

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9/20/12 1:39 P

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emoticon this is an awesome and supportive team and an amazing site. I find the nutrition and fitness trackers invaluable. When you find yourself craving foods or think you will be eating out of control, count to ten and think about what you are going to do. Take a drink of water. Try other activities, go for a short walk, read a book, get on the computer.

Try to take one day at a time and remember we are all in this together!

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9/20/12 1:05 P

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I've only recently come to the realization that I am an emotional eater. Yesterday... not my best day. I was stressed out and ate everything in site. To make matters worse I have a lot food sensitivities and when I emotionally eat I chow down on all the foods that make me sick. Any suggestions on getting over these kind of days? And getting through them?

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