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8/22/11 2:55 P

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all great suggestions here :) perhaps you need help outside of yourself. Perhaps Therapy? perhaps a support group, perhaps meetings like OverEaters Anonymous.

What we eat is sometimes eating us. Like me it sounds like something is "off" that your eating to satisfy some urge or to try and numb some sort of pain or discomfort. I do that all the time, I believe alot of us do. We have to find our own path and figure out what we need to do in order to be well.

chances are you already know some of it, if there are things you know you should be doing that would help you but you REALLY don't want to do them, chances are you may need to start doing them *chuckles* I always put off till tomorrow the things I don't want to do today.

Habits can be changed is just takes more work releasing a habit than it is to build one, however it takes time to build a habit so its going to take time to release it.

If you are indeed sick of sabotaging yourself then get up and do something about it!! you don't need to know what to start with, try anything and everything. Do what must be done, only you can ultimately decide what path is right for you, don't be afraid to explore and take chances, take some peoples advice and try it, if it helps keep it, if not then release it.

You will find your way just get moving and you can build it as you go :)

I have been where you are and I know how frustrating it can be, but i am working to do the things i need to do to stay well. i have readings I do mostly everyday, I pray in some fashion, I meditate, I swim for an hour in the pool. I do things like this on the computer, I talk to people on the phone concerning my 12 step program, i reach out to people and I do my best to make the most of my day. Some days i succeed other days I fall short. The wonderful thing is everyday at dawn yesterday is gone, its history, the book is closed. I have a fresh, clean brand new day to do WHATEVER I wish with it, what happens is up to me, and you have the same choice :)

Keep your head up you will make it through this as long as you do not quit :)

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8/22/11 7:20 A

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I think awareness is everything.If you are aware of doing what, all problems can be solved.
For one-second-taste, we destroy all our life

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8/22/11 12:27 A

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How about tracking the food before you go to eat it and make it a mindful decision. Sometimes I do that and realize that if I want to eat, it has to be carrots or nothing! And yes keep your mind off of it. I am keeping my hands busy right now because I really want to eat but am not hungry really.

I am not losing this fat - I am removing it for good.

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"Change your thoughts and change your world"

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8/21/11 9:36 P

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i can totally relate, either i am not even aware that i am eating which i think is simple my sub conscience taking over because some part of me wants to eat so if i am not aware and focused i will eat whatever and not think about it until it's over.
one of the other reasons i eat is simply out of habit. Stress eating is a Pavlovian response for me i mean my mouth gets watery and i am looking for something to eat! if i get upset or excited my first thought is to go to the kitchen for food. I am not blaming my mom but that was the way is was growing up but now i am learning new tools to deal with my emotions. I just have to figure out a way to stop the eating that comes on for absolutely no reason, no stress no worry no excited rush and also no boredom. that one is the hard one for me.

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8/21/11 8:35 P

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Are you on a food schedule? I tend to eat every 2-3 hours. This helps to curb the craving to eat.

When you find yourself getting "bored", try to DO something. Do you have a Wii? Can you walk in your neighborhood? Call a friend? Read a book? Pick up a new hobby (knitting/crocheting are good ways to keep your hands busy!!!)?

Just suggestions. I wish you luck!!!

Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health. - Julia Child

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8/21/11 8:20 P

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Welcome aboard.
None of us knows all the answers. How about reevaluating your relationship with food and journal about it?

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8/21/11 8:20 P

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Go take a walk or workout. That takes my mine off food.

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8/21/11 7:37 P

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Are you stressed about returning to school? I know that when I have been stressed that is when I eat without thinking. Try to find something else to, surf the internet, make yourself busy.

If the weather is good, go outside and take a walk or do something fun outdoors.

Good luck. emoticon

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8/21/11 7:28 P

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i do the same thing.

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8/21/11 7:21 P

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Why do I eat and not even think about it? I find myself going to the kitchen, making something to eat, and sitting down on my couch and I'm halfway through my food before I even realize that I'm eating and I shouldn't be. It's SO hard to get myself out of this habit.

I'm going back to college on Thursday and I don't want this to continue -- I gained about 20 pounds last year (yikes) because I just eat when I'm bored. Does anyone have any tips? I'm just so sick of sabotaging myself.

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