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TOPIC:   update on my knee 

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BETHANYBOO's Photo Posts: 1,998
9/15/08 9:34 A

Aww, that sucks. Good luck with everything.

Strong is the new skinny!!

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CORINA-MOMOF4's Photo Posts: 14,459
9/5/08 9:34 P

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Thought I'd update on my knee. I finally went to the specialist today - good thing I did...

First a little background - it all started about 3-4 months ago, I was experiencing GREAT pain in my left knee... it wasn't an all the time thing, nor when I walked. It only happened if I put any pressure at all on my knee, and if I bent my knee too much. And of course if ANYTHING bumped/touched it at all it would cause tremedouse pain.

Anyway, a couple months ago I went to the dr - he said it was a pre-patellar bursitis - he gave me a steroid pack (6 days of meds) to take. It did NOTHING at all... I put off going to a specialist, hoping it would just get better on its own... but no, it was only getting worse.

Finally I made that dreaded appt with the specialist... which leads to today...

He confirmed its definetly a pre-patellar bursitis...
he said that I basically have 2 choices:
1) surgery - having it cut out. But there is still a 10% chance it would come back. or...
2) try a lidoderm patch. (which also has no guarentees and my still end up needing surgery if this doesn't work) I would have to wear the patch 12 hours every day and off 12 hours every night. The patch will help ease the pain, as well as help cushion the area from things that bump/touch it. It also should help the bursitis to go down.

Of course, I choose option 2 (I HATE needles like you can't imagine LOL)

I'm allowed to do anything that doesn't put any pressure on my knee or causes the skin around it to "stretch" (bending it too much)... basically, as long as it doesn't hurt, I'm fine... but I'm not to do anything that "may cause it pain" b/c the pain is telling me the skin is being messed with, which is not a good thing.

So now just praying it goes away on its own... I have 60 days to try the patch, and if no progress, then I have to have the surgery.

Ok, sorry this is long! btw, he said that if I'd have continued to put off the appt, the bursitis would have only continued to get bigger and making it even more difficult for healing. Guess I should have just done this 2 months ago and not waited...

Homeschooling mom of 4

Dec 2008-Dec 2009 I faithfully maintained a 107-109... Unfortantely after Dec 2009, I let myself get back to a 115.6 - I'm back on track and am going to get back to my maintaining range again!

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