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TOPIC:   What do you do when you feel like this? 

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CAPISTRANO's Photo Posts: 3,320
10/10/09 9:45 A

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I know how you all feel too. It has been a frustrating battle for me. I lost 100 pounds but it was such a battle for every pound, I wore myself down, then got to the point where I started gaining no matter how hard I tried. I've gained back 60 pounds. I still eat healthy everyday and have started doing tai chi and qi gong as a form of exercise since anything else wears me down. I've been told this is the best form of exercise for me.

I can't give up as I will gain even more and feel even worse. I can't listen to what everyone else is telling me how to lose, exercise, what to eat etc.
I need to do what is good for me. They don't understand how I feel with Lupus because our bodies respond differently.

I know there are a lot more people out there with immune problems, thyroid problems, who are on medication and are all having a difficult time losing weight.
I may not be able to lose but at least I can stay as healthy as I can by eating correctly, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep/rest and doing exercises that my body responds to.

Other Resource: Peace is to be found only within, and unless one finds it there he will never find it at all. Peace lies not in the external world. It lies within one's own soul.

 current weight: 223.0 

BWCAGRL's Photo Posts: 3,233
10/8/09 9:59 A

BWCAGRL's SparkPage
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I've been there too. Recently wrote a blog about wanting to quit...but I didn't quit because of so many encouraging Spark People. It isn't about anything but order to do it you have to make YOU a priority...make time to take care of enough about YOU to track calories and work out...ignore what others think or say and know what YOU feel and think. It sounds self-centered, but for women...when was the last time we were self centered...the crib maybe? You are the only one who can make the changes you need to make in order to lose the weight.
Use the wisdom and tools and support from Spark to help you keep going and not quit...YOU can do it!

Lupus-Team Butterfly co-leader

 current weight: 145.0 

102654's Photo Posts: 9,787
9/19/09 6:12 P

102654's SparkPage
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Hello well I know exactly how you feel, but the key ingredient is to not give up, do not give into temptation, I know it is hard, but you can do this, the key is not to give up, but also to try slowly to increase activity, by that I mean, just walk for 5 min, then increase gradually, it take us longer for the most part but we can, but it isn't easy, and yes no one that has not had lupus or like diabetes, and other things will ever understand just how difficult it is to lose, but we must be strong and keep the faith that eventually it will happen. Take care. Blessings, Diana p.s. I just had one of three surgeries in a row and I am in major pain right now but I cannot give up and I won't, but I just have to keep my patience with myself. YOU CAN DO IT,I KNOW YOU CAN, I have to keep telling myself the same. Take care.

Baby steps, one at a time, and you will achieve your goals. Never, Never give up.


DJ4HEALTH's Photo Posts: 36,910
9/19/09 5:56 P

DJ4HEALTH's SparkPage
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I thought that way once and now that I am 75 pounds lighter I will keep going on and losing this weight, yes it will take longer since I am on steroids but I will do it and so can you. I have been on steroids for the last 9 coming up on 10 years and I still have to fight with the flares that come every day. I don't know where the pain will be but I do know that when I work out I am not in pain. Exercise also seems to lessen the pain to and I can breath better. My lupus likes to hit my lungs and different joints or muscles every day. I don't know where the pain will be when I wake up but I do know that when I exercise that lessens it so I keep going. As for the skinny people ignore them or smile and ask them what they know about lupus and the affects that it has on the body and what are the effects that the medications have on the body too. That might shut them up.


 current weight: 224.0 

Posts: 37
9/18/09 10:45 P

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Hello! I was just wondering how everyone handled not giving up when you feel reality is actually a fantasy when it comes to weight loss. I get so tired of "skinny" people who has never had a weight problem telling me that I can lose this weight. Their reality I feel like is much different then mine and most of Americas.To me what I see in their reality is fantasy to me. I also feel like I'm running out of time so what is the point. Please don't feel as if I'm trying to be a downer or rambling on. I'm just trying to express my feelings the best that I can.


 current weight: 220.0 

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