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12/27/10 2:47 P

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I joined spark and the big changes--like exercising 5 days a week, strength training 3 days a week, watching what I eat, drinking more water, etc. all happened in 2009.

for 2010:

I have branched into new activities as my body can now handle them--for example I started playing soccer for the first time in over 15 years (eep!), went sledding for the first time since I was a kid, and started fencing for the very first time and love it!

I got even better at portion sizes.

I am better able to keep up a work out schedule even when life makes it difficult.

I may not have lost a lot of weight this year but I'm losing weight again (I gained weight over last year's holidays, lost it again in January only to put it back on in February/March).

I have some new foods in my arsenal, including a wider variety of snacks that have protein.

My hip still hurts but not as often or as much (happy dance!) and I can do things I couldn't do before.

I have a bike now

What hasn't changed:

My weight (net at least)

I still drink 8-10 glasses of water every day

I still eat vegetables, watch my portions, get more protein than I used to, etc.

I still eat at least 3 meals a day most days. I still struggle with eating breakfast but I eat it anyway most of the time.

I still have to sometimes bribe myself to work out.

I still aim for moderation in all things. Including moderation *grin*

I'm still addicted to caffeine and while my soft drinks are still limited mostly to 1 a day, I haven't given them up entirely.

I still work out in some form 5 days a week/strength train 3 days a week--and I still respect my rest days.

I still am too stressed and need to learn to manage stress better.

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12/27/10 9:37 A

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Pretty much the only good things for 2010 are:

- I am doing better with portion control and eating schedule.
- My youngest got into preschool three half days a week through the generosity of another.

What has not changed, pretty much everything else. Overall things have not been good. Gained weight instead of lost, our financial situation went from horrible to worse than horrible after my husband and I lost our jobs. Still have not gotten past emotional eating but at times seem to eat less during those times.

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12/26/10 11:18 P

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I made BIG changes in 2010...especially in the last 2 months....
HAveing changed to a Vegan diet and have my health considerably improve has been a major for me....

reaching my goal weight also was a biggy for me....

Having joined SP was the start of all these changes and I know they will continue....

Non Chnages....
I still enjoy a red wine ....

N.Z time plus 19hours....


We can all do this,.....

We need to keep going and not give up is not an option!!!

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12/26/10 10:11 P

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What changed?
Better portion control
More walking as I am able
Weight loss was fast in the 1st part of the yr.
My love of self and my accomplishments

What didn't change?
My love of chocolate, although I eat much less
Procrastination with exercise

What I am working on?
Better exercising program
Continue to try eating less sweets
Getting out and doing volunteer work (I start 2/1 in a new facility)


Slow & steady makes a winner of us. Even if we hit pitfalls, get up. Know that a new day is right around the corner.
Try to be all that you can be. Work at it a day at a time.

"Be not afraid of going slow; be afraid if standing still" (Chinese Proverb)

With God all things are possible.

If you have the courage to begin, you have the courage to succeed.
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12/26/10 7:07 P

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What did not change

-I still like to indulge
-I still struggle with cheap vs healthy when eating out

What did change
-I've lost over 50 pounds
-I really do try to make healthier food choices
-I drink more water than I ever remember drinking
-I make time to exercise at 30 minutes daily
-Almost my entire wardrobe (keeping your pants/clothes on at work is important)
-I know that as my weight gets lower, it will take longer to lose but it will come off eventually
-I log all of my food, good or bad
-If I go over or make mistakes, I can try again tomorrow
-Even fruit juice has quite a bit of sugar
-If I don't eat enough protein then I'm hungry all the time and my blood sugar is higher

-Logging exercise in fitness tracker
-Logging food in nutrition tracker
-Using Other Goals as a daily checklist
-Being active on SparkPeople (so important)
-Come up with a back up plan for exercise
-Pre-planning my meals


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I'll keep working at it. I'm worth it. You're worth it too.

Every day is a new day. Gotta keep on keepin' on, no matter what!

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12/26/10 6:15 P

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what changed for me in 2010?
I have alot more determination. If I fall back, or mistep I just pick myself up and keep going rather then keep going into a downward spiral. I am still at the same weight, and would like to change it. I get alot more exercise in and am determined about that.

What didn't change was my eating habits, and drinking habits. I still tend to drink my calories, and not measure my food. I also eat too much, and haven't cut out sugar and salt completely. Those will be my goals for 2011.


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12/26/10 6:02 P

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Oh my goodness How did I fare 2010 with my lifestyle changes? What did not change? What changed? What were my obstacles? What helped me the most to make your changes? Very hard questions

I honestly would have to say I did will in 2010 though I did not get where I was hoping to be - but I stuck with it.

My resolve to be fit & healthy did not change though I had to make some adaptations tomy goals/ hopes/ aspirations. What else did not change my emotional eating.

What changed for me? Quite a bit changed I have a better self image of myself - I lost 9 pounds this year 2% of my body fat lost inches (though not as much I as I would have liked - but I did make progress. I joined a gym in March made it to gym pretty regularly. I am more willing to try new foods out that I would not eat before.

What were my obstacles? There were many this year that put a monkey wrench in things throughout the year CAr breaking down unexpected Veterinarian bills, Washer breaking down and having to go to laundry mat, tree falling and hitting small part of the house, health issues (still doing test on them), car accident.

What helped me the most to make your changes and stay focused? Spark people was and is a God send, SP teams and emoticon 's support and encouragement I could not have done it without Spark people. emoticon

Sorry so long think I should have done a blog emoticon

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12/26/10 5:55 P

What did not change?
I still have a hard time resisting good dinners, my favorite treats and holiday foods.
eat too much evenings.
eat when upset.

What changed?
I drink more water
Eat breakfasts
Working on eating regular meals
Working on eating more fruits and veggies
Working on consistent exercise

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12/26/10 4:27 P

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Its really hard to evaluate JUST the 2010 changes as distinct from my total changes - that are so great!!
I am planning a blog - on this subject to coincide with my 2nd yr anniversary at end Feb!!

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12/26/10 4:18 P

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What did change:

Better portion control
Going for healthier choices when eating out (not always successful, but getting there)

What didn't change:
Consistent exercise
Mindless eating
Eating just because instead of being hungry.

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12/26/10 4:15 P

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I decided to blog in answer to these good questions. If you're interested, you can read my review of 2010 here:

Healthy urban living in Chicago (Central Time)--lots of walking, train & bus commuting, neighborhood involvement, cooking from scratch.

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12/26/10 2:20 P

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I started out pretty good, the first half of the year, I at least maintained my weight and was doing a lot of walking. But the second half, not so good. My biggest obstacle? ME!!! I don't make new years resolutions, but my goal for next year is to get back on track - this is getting very tiring :-)

"Patience, practice and persistence"
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12/26/10 2:10 P

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I started late in the year, but my biggest change is that I am more mindful of what and how much I put into my big mouth. I love tracking my meals-almost an obsession but my PC isn't cooperating enough for me to do it now.

I also have lost a couple of pounds since starting.

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12/26/10 1:35 P

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Am planning a blog "2010 in Review" bur I did lose 20 pounds, eating better. Must concentrate on more diligence in the exercise department in 2011.

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12/26/10 1:15 P

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I began in August so I have been at this for only four months. Still I have noticed some changes.
I am able to stop eating when I am full.
I walk at a faster pace.
I prefer nutritious food to empty calories as long as the empty ones don't get there first!
I have more interest in socializing and I am not shy about meeting people.
So that is some progress. I have lost 10 pounds or so.

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12/26/10 12:35 P

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What did change:
Lost around 20 pounds
Consistent at tracking nutrition and fitness goals (when not on vacation and away from computer)
Learned to eat until satisfied, then stop
More conscious of food choices
More regular about trips to the gym
Stay away from vending machines at work
More organized in other parts of my life

What did not change:
Still struggle with food choices when eating out

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12/26/10 10:17 A

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What did not change:
I'm still overeating in the evenings
I didn't lose as much weight as I had wanted
I still doubt my abilities

What did change:
I lost 37lbs--almost my halfway point
Although not as confident as I would like, I'm better than the year before
I have muscle tone ALL over
I dropped a pant size, a shirt size, and a cup size emoticon


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12/26/10 9:36 A

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What did not change:

exercise at the gym consistently
not as successful as I wanted in weight loss

What did change:

did lose 8 lbs
am getting up more at work and walking through the clinic and up and down hallways
eating more veggies

Every day I am on the verge of making slight changes that would make all the difference in my life.

If you wait, all that happens is you get older.

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12/26/10 9:20 A

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I eat way more fruits and veggies now. I have cut down on meat and dairy products. I also walk more.

Nothing changes unless something changes.

I am a treasured child of the most High God

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12/26/10 9:19 A

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2010 was a very good year for me.
- got a gym membership and going regularly
- lost 17 pounds
- increased aerobic endurance
- because of this, and increased strength, improved my karate

Still working on:
- mindless eating while doing other things
- drinking enough water on my days off (it's easy at work)
- getting rid of another 15 pounds or so
- that spinning jump

- signed up for weekly boot camp starting January 13th
- we'll be starting up sparring again which is a great aerobic workout
- be more diligent with nutrition tracking

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12/26/10 8:26 A

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In 2010 I kicked the soft drink habit. I now only drink coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day. I look for ways to increase my activity, although my eating habits have taken a turn for the worse. I quit smoking in September and I am proud to say it has been four months without that habit. This will help me to increase my activity and become healthier in 2011.

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12/26/10 6:42 A

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How did you do in 2010 as far as your lifestyle changes? What did not change? What changed? What were your obstacles? What helped you the most to make your changes?

For me:

What did not change?
My weight. Most of the little loss that I have had was before 2010.
My emotional eating is somewhat controlled but emotions still "attack" and I overeat.
I still like to eat and I still sit too much.
I still do not like to drink plain water.
My determination did NOT change. I am still determined to lose weight and get healthier!

What changed?
I walk more and look for ways I can increase my steps (I wear a pedometer).
I have started walking with Nordic Poles three times a week.
I like motivating others to good health.
I love leading the Slowest Losers' Team.
I am eating more veggies.
I stopped buying soft drinks to keep in my home and have mostly stopped drinking them.

What about you? How would you evaluate your 2010 lifestyle changes? Let us know here on this thread or else in a blog entry. If you blog your response, let us know the title of your blog. Thanks.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

The above is my evaluation of my 2010 changes. I will write my 2011 plans in a blog sometime soon.

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