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1/29/11 1:22 P

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I enjoyed watching her video.
I have mixed feelings about it though.
For me, it's not ok to be fat and I will never accept myself that way. I had two overweight parents and I'm still able to be skinny if I want to work at it.
I guess the bottom line is this; if your happy with yourself that's all that matters. To each their own...


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1/27/11 9:30 P

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Amen, NANCY2007!

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1/26/11 5:52 P

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Thanks for sharing the link. I watched all three rants and got some chuckles. We all need to be reminded to live each day fully, whatever our size and health. I took away a new motivational quote: You can't tell any more about a person's lifestyle and actions by looking at their body than you can tell how hard they work by looking at their bank balance. Perhaps even I, a fat person, has some prejudice!

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1/11/11 6:16 P

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I think the video is great. We should learn to accept ourselves no matter what the weight.

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12/21/10 11:03 P

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Boy do I agree! No matter our weight, we all need respect. We don't necessarily want to be obese and other don't know our genetic backgrounds so one person should not be disrepectful to others no matter what the reason.
Thanks for sharing the link.


Slow & steady makes a winner of us. Even if we hit pitfalls, get up. Know that a new day is right around the corner.
Try to be all that you can be. Work at it a day at a time.

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12/21/10 10:24 P

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My biggest issue with her videos was actually with her compulsive one, where she spends most of the video talking about being a compulsive eater/breather etc.--basically compulsive about basic things required for survival.

Her point was that a lot of people who are over weight eat moderate and healthy diets--it's not like we are all gorging on cakes and cookies and junk food. And she's right about that--I know that I was so irritated because everyone kept telling me "just eat less" and I was already eating a pretty low calorie diet! I was eating on average at the time about 1500 calories a day, and it was mostly pretty healthy. But I thought it wasn't very sympathetic to those who do have issues with binge eating etc.

But in general her message of feeling good about yourself whatever your weight, that you deserve respect, that being over weight is not a character flaw, and to live your life now were, in general, good ones.

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12/21/10 9:30 P

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I wasn't familiar with JOy I ended up watching all 3 of her fat rants she has such an awesome attitude about being fat - in that past I would be beating myself up for only losing 7 pounds this whole year of 2010 not this year it has been okay that the weight isn't going any where because in many ways I am so much healthier

Thanks for sharing I think more people need to see her rants

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12/21/10 6:45 P

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Joy Nash is adorable... she's also tall and YOUNG so she carries her weight well. I'm glad she has decided to live a full life now instead of waiting because this very moment is all we have and I truly pray her humor encourages other young men and woman to lighten up and "go" for it.... with that being said I have a five letter word I'd like to throw out there... knees. They will not last forever... you must take care of them so they can take care of you too and extra weight will destroy them. So, yes, I do hope someone turns Joy onto SparkPeople because she will probably live to be 60-70-80something and she's gonna need good knees emoticon emoticon

emoticon Linda

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12/21/10 5:28 P

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I thought the video had a lot of good things to say.

* Don't wait to live your life until you lose weight--live your life now. Go dancing. Go swimming. Learn a new instrument. Take up art. Whatever it is that you really want to do with your life--don't wait. You don't have to be skinny to enjoy life.

* Buy clothes the fit and get rid of clothes that don't fit. While I won't say that I've gotten rid of all my clothes that don't fit, I figure that 1) better to invest the closet space for clothes I'll wear and 2) I deserve new things when I lose weight anyway. Some people can find it motivating to buy clothes that are too small, and if that works for you, go for it. It just depresses me, so yeah I'd rather have clothes that look good on me now than clothes that may eventually fit me.

*Feel good about yourself as a person. You are not your weight. Your weight is a superficial part of who you are. Fat or thin, you are still you. Love the person that you are.

*Eat well and be active. She's not saying be a couch potato who eats a whole bag of Doritos every night. She does say that if you are active and eating well and still overweight, don't hate yourself.

I don't agree that I'm predestined to be overweight because both of my parents are overweight and one of my grandparents was as well. I don't think I need to be resigned to my weight now. I can do something about it. And if I can make this a real lifestyle change, not only will I lose weight and hopefully keep it off, but I'll be all around healthier. And if I can't lose the weight--or at least as much as I would like, I'll still be healthier and fitter. So it can't hurt to try as long as I go about it in a healthy manner.

Zanna (or Zannachan), from Michigan

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12/21/10 5:25 P

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It was amusing but actually made me feel bad about myself as I'm even heavier than she is!! The Stats on keeping off the weight were scary. I think we need to tell her about Spark Peopl!! emoticon

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12/21/10 4:54 P

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Well, like you on some points I agree with her.

I think we should all be living our life and doing it
with gusto while we work on getting healthy. I also
agree about shopping where you can get some kind of
decent looking clothing, and that is how I shop.

However, I am not going to sit around and keep this
weight on just because I was genetically engineered
by a long line of short stout people, because it has
already affected my health in a negative way, and I
refuse to give up on myself.

PS: Thanks for posting this. Thought provoking...

If you always do what you've always done,
You'll always be who you've always been!!!!!!

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage
is the quiet voice at the
end of the day saying "I
will try again tomorrow!"

Mary Anne Radmacher


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12/21/10 4:32 P

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I just came across this on youtube -

The woman, Joy Nash, rants about our (America's) view on "fat." Part of this video encourages people to not put off living until you lose weight (a message I agree with) and to patronize businesses that sell clothing in more than single digit sizes (another thing I agree with) but... if you watch the whole video there may be a few comments in it that I'm not quite on board for.

I think it's well intentioned, and funny at parts, and even really thoughtful in others... but I wanted to throw this up on team page and get a discussion going about it. I mean, we're all here trying to get healthy and lose weight so really we're probably her target audience... so, what do you think?

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