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7/7/12 11:36 P

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Oh please don't get so down on yourself! It sounds like you're doing a great job! I know it's frustrating when you're super tired and you know you should exercise and can't. It's also tough with kids. What about going to the playground or something? You can chase each other, walk to the park and back, etc. Is she young enough to be in a stroller? a wagon? I know how hard it is to do something your kid doesn't want to do, but you're the mom and she's the kid. I know you probably don't feel like arguing with her, but it's your health and by doing it, you'll be able to do more with her in the long run. You'll be better for both you and her.

I wish you lots of luck with this. I remember how hard it was when my son was little. That's probably why I gained so much weight then and am still trying to lose it (he's 12 now!). Somehow it keeps finding me. emoticon

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7/6/12 1:59 P

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I love your story cause right now, I'm living it myself. When I was off work I was able to exercise all the time and lost some weight, but now that I've started back I cant loose anymore and I need to loose another 30-40 pounds to be at a healthy weight.
I work at a grocery store, and most times I stand in the same spot at the register cause we stay packed with people, and when we're empty we have to stock so I cant really exercise at work. I tried the push ups on the register once, just to stretch my back out, and my boss got on to me.
Anyways.. It seems like I've just lost ALL my energy when I'm not at work to even try to get dressed to exercise. I just dont know what to do to get back in the swing of things. When I"m at work, or laying in bed to go to sleep I get this want to get up and run this weight off, but the mood only comes when I know I have to do something else, never when Im free. I hate it.
Maybe if I had a friend or someone to come over and push me off the couch to run then maybe it will happen, but my only friend lives in Henager and I only see her once a month..
Wish I had a real life workout buddy.

But I'll be praying for you hun, I hope you can find the time to exercise as well. I'm so proud of you for managing to loose a good portion already- rejoice cause thats half the battle! Just try to remember how great it felt when you saw the weight comeing off, and know that you want to feel that great again. Hope you can keep up the effort. Good luck.

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6/21/12 7:41 A

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emoticon make time for your self. Think of things you can do not what you cant do. Any kind of movement is exersice.

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6/20/12 7:51 P

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Thanks everyone :-)

6/20/12 7:46 P

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Just push through it...well deal with this. How badly do you want to do this? Then get up and move it!

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I wish you all JOY and the fulfillment of your dreams.
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6/20/12 5:36 P

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It's the yo-yo that you need to avoid. I yo-yoed myself up to 262 lbs., gaining and losing 100 lbs. twice and small amounts in between. The yo-yo resets your set point higher and higher. Set point is the weight your body settles at naturally. That's why I like SparkPeople's approach. It's about finding food and movement you can live with, with lots of good info and support.

I wish you luck! emoticon

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6/20/12 11:29 A

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It's great that you lost 'a good bit of weight' so far while off work. Good job! Now, while on the job, there are exercises you can do at your desk (if you work in an office). Every 20 or 30 minutes, stop work and start twisting from side to side in your chair for 15 times; hold onto the arms of the chair and lift your knees 15 times; stand up-sit down 25 times; walk fast to the ladies room or to your car and back to your desk. Your heart will race and you will burn some calories.
If you are not working in an office, and you're standing in retail, march in place between customers; hold onto the counter and do some squats; do some push ups against the counter, lift some heavy products and do some arm curls.

No more excuses. Eliminate the word 'can't' from your vocabulary. You have fibromyalgia and you work. That's amazing!

If you eat 1200 - 1300 cals a day you have to burn at least as much through exercise or movement of some kind or you plateau. If your daughter won't walk with you, will she play with you? How about Tag-You're It?

Welcome to Fighting Fibromyalgia.

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6/20/12 9:09 A

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I have lost a good bit of weight. But I hit a plateau and quit for a while. I am starting to put weight back on so I want to start up again. So I start up again, do good for a couple days, then the food cravings come and I give in to them. I don't know what is wrong with me! Also, I am having a hard time finding time and energy to exercise. When I lost the weight, I wasn't working. But when I hit the plateau, I had recently went back to working full time. So I think that is why I stopped losing weight, because once I started working, finding the time and energy to exercise was next to impossible. But what I don't get is, even if I wasn't exercising as much, I was still only eating between 1200-1300 calories a day. How can you not lose weight eating that little, even if you aren't exercising that much? I was losing weight when I was exercising and eating only 1200-1300 calories a day. It's just that, once I get off work, I am too tired and hurting too much everywhere to go home and do the elliptical or an exercise video. And I can't go walking after work because I have to pick my daughter up from the babysitter and she won't walk with me. And I can't afford a treadmill. And I cannot wake up any earlier than I already do now because I barely get any sleep as it is. I think I just need to accept the fact that I will never reach my goal and will always be fat.

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